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Best colleges in California to attend

Choosing the perfect college seems like the most difficult decision – both for the student and the parents. It costs a lot and it shapes the future of the student. That’s why you need to be careful when choosing the best education program. However, don’t you worry. We’ll help you with that. Let’s go through the guide of the best colleges in California and how to choose the right one for you.

College graduates.
How to choose among the best colleges in California?

How to decide which college is the best for you?

Searching for the perfect college is not easy. It takes time and research. Let’s see what you should do before you start looking for reliable movers!

Decide on your priorities

Having a clear image of what you really want from a college is the first step in finding the right one. There are a couple of factors that can affect your decision, but you should decide which one are the most important for you. Think about the size, the programs you are interested in, the location of the school and finally – the costs. If any of these is a priority, make sure your future school corresponds to your needs.

Do an online research

Use the internet to find out as much information as possible about the colleges you like. There are various websites to help you research colleges and offer many details about them. Others can help you match your preferences and profile to the corresponding colleges. Cool, isn’t it? Also, make sure to do some research on the degree a certain college provides, and it’s standing for future jobs.

Choose what you like

Choosing the perfect program is not easy, but it is way easier if you search for the things you are interested in. Some colleges are great, but if you have to study something you really don’t like or you are not good at – what’s the point? You’ll only have troubles passing the exams and not enjoying your job in the future. Your field of interest should be the strongest priority of all.

Ask for recommendations

Hearing other people’s experiences can be really helpful in this situation. You can always read students’ reviews online, but also ask older friends or family members about their opinions. However, don’t trust these completely. Remember that you are a different individual and the things that work for you may not be so great for other people.

People trying to do an online research on the best colleges in California
Ask for recommendations and do an online research on the best colleges in California!

Attend the college fair or college tour

College fairs are the perfect opportunity to find out more about the college you like. Also, if you have the possibility, visit the college and have a tour around it. It will give you the idea of how it is going to look like attending it, and maybe you meet somebody that you share your experiences with.

A girl visiting college
Visiting the college is the best way to see if you like it!

What are the best colleges in California?

Here are some of the best colleges in California in the last year. Hope you can find something you like on the list. However,  be sure to do your own research and explore the colleges around California.

  • Stanford University – with the graduation rate of 95 %, Stanford University is one of the best colleges in California. Its acceptance rate is only 5 %, and it includes 5 online programs. The average annual cost is around 17,000$. It has a great campus located just 30 miles from San Francisco, where most of the students stay, even though only freshmen are required to stay for the first year.
  • University of California, Los Angeles – a college with the perfect location, just a couple of miles away from the ocean. It has so many different programs, and some of the most popular schools include School of Law, Anderson School of Management and David Geffen School of Medicine. You can stay at the UCLA campus for three years, and be part of one of the more than 1000 student organizations.
  • California Institute of Technology – if you are a person who likes technology, engineering, and science, this one may be good for you. Founded in 1981, it is located 11 miles away from Los Angeles. Even though only freshmen need to stay at student houses, most of the time students stay there through all four years. The most popular programs are in computer science, engineering, chemistry, and mathematics.
  • The University of California – Berkley –  founded in 1868, this university has a big campus and undergraduate enrollment of around 30,000. Total of 14 schools and colleges are offered to students, along with more than 1000 student organizations and much more. The highest ranked programs are those in Haas School of Business, College of Engineering and School of Law.

What NOT to do when choosing a college?

When choosing a college sometimes we are too excited and do something we later regret. Here’s what to avoid:

  • Decide too quickly – rushing the choosing process is the number one mistake. Be sure to think about your decision and choose the best college for you.
  • Don’t listen to your parents – it is true that college should be student’s decision and no the projection of parents’ wishes. However, don’t choose another college just to disagree with your parents.
  • Follow somebody else choosing the same college as your friend, girlfriend or boyfriend is a common mistake. Remember that your preferences are different from everybody else’s and you should pick something that you really like.
  • Location is not everything as we mentioned, the location of the college is just one of the factors. You shouldn’t choose a college just because it is close (or far away) from home. Be true to your interests and wishes for the future.

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