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Best neighborhoods to move to in LA

Moving to LA is very exciting and you must be thrilled. You will have a lot of work ahead of you, finding and hiring moving companies Los Angeles and much more. Still, even before all of that, you will face a choice regarding your move. You are wondering, what are the best neighborhoods to move to in LA? This choice, or, better said, this question is one we will give you an answer to. Once we give you the answers you need, only then will you be able to make a choice according to your wants and needs.

Are there only a few best neighborhoods to move to in LA?

Well, to start at the beginning, the best neighborhood is the one you find to be the best. There are so many neighborhoods and districts in LA, you can find a list of them online. There are some that are universally great, but that still does not mean they are the best for you. Because of this, it is important to know what you are looking for. Most people like to have their homes in safe environments without a high crime rate. Others like it when there are a lot of parks and the schools are close enough. You might want your future home to be in a neighborhood close to your job. Whatever your criteria are, we are here to help you decide which neighborhood is the best choice for you and why.

LA- best neighborhoods to move to in LA
There are many parts of LA that are considered the best neighborhoods to move to in LA but only you know what you are aiming for.

The best neighborhood to move to in LA for you

Since we have mentioned that it is important what your criteria are, we will be giving you advice on what to look for and look out for when deciding on the best neighborhood. In the same way, we will give you advice for the best local movers Los Angeles. Always aim for the best.


If you are looking into crime rates, you will be disappointed and maybe even alarmed. When looking at numbers, LA might seem dangerous. Still, considering that LA is a big city, you should keep in mind that it is impossible to avoid crime in such a huge place. If we look at it through logical eyes, then LA has got a fairly normal crime rate. If we can call a crime rate normal. You cannot expect LA to be a zero percent crime rate kid of place. After all, that does not even exist. Even so, not all neighborhoods in this city are all glamour and flashy lights. You can find more than a few places that are more than perfect 60’s suburbs for family life. Those kinds of neighborhoods tend to have a very low crime rate. That is the great thing about LA, you can find everything and more.

Raising a family?

If you want to raise a family, as many people do, you should consider your options wisely. The thing is, not every neighborhood in LA is good for raising children and you should take that into serious consideration. Glendale, for example, is a wonderful place and is almost ideal when it comes to having kids. If your move to LA is already a long-distance move, then you can choose whatever part of LA you want. Still, it is not the only neighborhood suitable for this lifestyle but it is the most popular one. So, the point is, do not be hasty and consider your options carefully before you come to a decision.

If you want to raise your family in a more quiet neighborhood, LA has some great choices for you.

Are you looking for some fun?

When it comes to having something to do on Saturday nights, you will probably be very pleased because LA is always bursting with events. Some places more, some places less, but everyone knows that this city is the center of happenings. Downtown LA is the business part and it is a real picture-perfect kind of busy city from the movies. Still, this does not mean it is deprived of other things such as clubs, bars, and maybe some art shows or different kinds of happenings. Santa Monica is all to close to downtown LA and we all know how beautiful and fun the beaches are there. If fun is your main concern, do not worry at all.

Jobs and opportunities

Now, if you are looking for a job and are currently unemployed, you will have a problem if you are not physically present in LA. There are ways to get a job over an online interview using Skype or something else but it is very difficult. LA is a city overwhelmed by people and the competition is harsh. So, unless you are ready to show up and prove why you are the best person for a job, your chances are kind of slight. Again, it is not impossible, just difficult, a lot. This is the only problem, besides this, finding a job in LA is a piece of cake because this big monster city offers various opportunities for different kinds of professions. Whether you are a lawyer, a cook, or a cleaner, a job you will certainly find. Now, if you already own a business and are just relocating it along with everything else, then commercial movers are the answer you are looking for. They will move your business along with everything else you own and LA will be a piece of cake for you.

Los Angeles is a place with a lot of opportunities and job options.

You simply want it all

Let us remind you of the one fact you must understand and keep in mind. If you want it all, you will have to pay for it all. There are places like Manhattan Beach that provide you with access to great public schools, are safe, are fun, and much more. Yet, this particular place costs a small fortune, and for a reason. A good, safe, and ambitious life is not a cheap one, and you know it. Living here is probably an awesome choice but it is also a pricey choice and only you know whether you can handle those kinds of numbers. If not, do not worry, do not wilt, there many more neighborhoods and suburbs that provide something similar for a lesser price. Not the same but very similar.

Those were the best neighborhoods to move to in LA

We gave you an idea of what the best neighborhoods to move to in LA have to offer. We, also, gave you advice on where to start your search. Honestly, we hope that you find what you are looking for and that you will love your new life in Los Angeles. Of course, we wish you good luck!