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Fun Things To Do In Glendale

There are a lot of fun things to do in Glendale. It’s a charming small town, but with abundant nature and fair community. Glendale is excellent for families and people who live on their own. And if you need a partner for your move JB Movers Los Angeles is at your disposal. So let’s see what this place with a lot of different options has to offer.

  • Nature is excellent here so you will have a lot of exciting places to visit and enjoy in – it would be a great place if you have a pet for walking;
  • Glendale has a lot of places for entertainment – it is excellent if you like sports, but also museums and theater;
  • You should hire a Glendale moving company and come here with children, do not worry for them – starting from nature, to museums and film industry places you will find make great memories for them;
  • One of the fun things to do in Glendale are indeed clubs and night clubs – it is one of the most popular places with great nightlife;
  • If you like to try a new cuisine, you definitely should move to Glendale – you will surprise how great meals and dishes can try there.
Verdugo Mountains that show how many fun things to do in Glendale
You can enjoy in great nature and view in Glendale

No matter the reason to come to Glendale, you will have great options to spend the whole day or even more. The best part is that it has different types of fun. If you are an older person, you can find great places to have fun, like a young person or children. Glendale is a place for everyone.

Spending a day in nature is one of the fun things to do in Glendale

It is a great place to spend a whole day in nature. People love to climb on rocks or walk through the forest. No person will refuse to check the best view in this part of the world. So, even if you are not one of them, to not avoid Glendale. It will show you how nature could be significant.

Verdugo Mountains

It is a wreath of mountains that spread through Southern California. Partly, they are rocked, so you should try your new shoes there. On the other hand, you could enjoy in great view there. You literally could see the whole area clearly from some spots. It is a place worth organizing long-distance moving for.

Verdugo Park

While some people love rough and wild nature, others are more interested in organized playgrounds and places. This park has all of it. There are a lot of great activities here that you can try. You can play with your children in one of the playgrounds. If you practiced some sports, there is no reason to hire a storage service to leave your equipment. You could find great sports activities here, too.

Museum of American West
You can learn a lot about this part of the US in Glendale

Forest Lawn Cemetery

Maybe you have not to feel visitation to the cemetery as a great adventure, but this is a special place. Many great and famous people from history were buried here. Maybe you would love to visit a grave where lies Michael Jackson, Humphrey Bogart, or Sammy Davis Junior?

One of the fun things to do in Glendale is to visit the film studio

Glendale is partly a film studio. Many films they have played here. It means that you can see your favorite actors and directors while working here. Also, they have a museum that represents film history in this part of the US. For people who do not like movies that much, Glendale could show growth in the culture in this part of America, too.

Brand Boulevard

As the name says, it is a particular type of street. You will be able to see great shops that sell famous brands. Besides that, there are great bookstores and favorite coffees. Drinking coffee is a culture in Glendale, so you could be sure that you can drink excellent coffee here. The most attractive is that you can buy dresses that famous actresses wore on the red carpet for favorable prices.

Museum of American West

Maybe you feel as this is not quite an exciting place, but first, come to visit this intriguing museum. They have shown great items that represent American culture and history in the best way. Besides that, they organize lectures, film festivals, and music recitals.

Alex Theatre

It is not a typical theatre, though. Established a long time ago, in 1925, it was a vaudeville house first with live shows and attractive actors every night. Now, it still has a great program, which includes a film screening, theme nights, and guest appearances of popular actors.

The family will find a lot of fun things to do in Glendale

If you have planned to move here with family and children, you have chosen a great place. Do not worry about their fun and enjoy it. Not only that, but they could also walk or visit great natural sites. They could try great meals that a particular culture that lives here made.

Museum of Neon Art

At first glance, it looks like one of the modern catch for naïve visitors. However, do not reject the possibility of seeing a truly neon art museum in Glendale. It has excellent and exciting installations. Maybe it looks a little weird for people who come here for the first time. Especially are objects made of neon lights different. However, it exists since 1981 and includes neon sings and kinetic art.

Victorian house
It is a great opportunity to see how Victorian houses look like

Raffi’s Place

We have the right place for you if you are a fan of good cuisine and tasty meals. You maybe did not know, but in Glendale live mostly Armenian population. They brought their food, specialties, and ways of preparing the food. There are a lot of restaurants where you can try kebab, skewers, or spicy beef. But, the best is in Raffi’s Place. It is the reason why they put it on the list of things to see in Glendale.

Doctor’s House

It is not a hospital, but the house in Victorian style. The name got because of the four doctors that owned it in the past. Now, it is a Victorian museum that represents architecture, lifestyle, and food of this period in history. Maybe you do not feel like that, but it is one of the fun things to do in Glendale.