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Helping your kids adapt after moving to Glendale

Moving with a family can be stressful and challenging. Kids, as the youngest members of the family, can especially be confused and lost in the new situation. Therefore, the first thing to do is to make them feel at home again. This being said, helping your kids adapt after moving to Glendale should be your absolute priority. Children are very attached to their stuff, routine, and surroundings. Basically, things that give them a sense of belonging, make them feel safe and happy. So, do your best to have as much family time as possible, to decorate their room together, play together, cook and explore together. Also, it is important not to neglect them while you and your JB Movers Los Angeles work. Since moves can get complicated, parents often forget about the needs of their children. Let us see what we can do to prevent that.

Family time is crucial when helping your kids adapt after moving to Glendale

A child needs to live in a healthy, loving family. This way, a child can overcome everything. Therefore, helping your kids adapt after moving to Glendale can only be done through support from the whole family. Do as many things together as possible. Reserve your Friday nights for them. It can be board or quiz games night. Make your Saturdays a movie night. You can cook and have your Sunday breakfasts together, making it a cooking challenge. The best pancake maker gets to choose a video game you will all play together. Like this, bonding with family, kids will accept their new home in no time. You will, of course, have many things to do after your long distance movers Los Angeles finish their job but do not forget to incorporate your kids into all of it as well.

A family in the kitchen having breakfast
Do as many things together as possible. Sunday breakfast can be a perfect opportunity to bond and have fun cooking.

Keep kids’ routine intact 

One of the things children, of all ages, have in common is having a routine. Since the day they were born, parents have been trying to set one for them. From the eating and sleeping schedule when they were just babies to more complex ones as they grow up. So, all in all, the routine is very important for children. Therefore, no matter the circumstances or what is happening around them, do your best to keep that routine going. Continue with their regular daily activities. This way they won’t have time to feel confused, due to new surroundings. Here are a couple of things you can do, to keep their routine going:

  • Take them to their new kindergarten or school every day, so they can make new friends.
  • Organize playtime with their new friends and give them an opportunity to bond.
  • Helping your kids adapt after moving to Glendale will be easy if they create new memories, therefore help them make some.
  • Keep them active, healthy, and happy.

Helping your kids adapt after moving to Glendale by getting familiar with the new neighborhood

The new neighborhood can be very exciting. There are multiple places and things to be explored. It would be amazing to do that together, as a family. Find your new favorite pizza or ice cream place and find a playground, close to your home. That way you can all go and have fun together. A local zoo is always a good choice for a family weekend destination and a nice family lunch afterward. Find a place your kids will like and want to come back to. Once that happens, they will feel at home.

Two kids on swings in the park
Get to know your new neighborhood. Find a playground where you and your kids can play together and they can meet new friends.

Unpack kids stuff first

Once you have arrived at your new home it’s time to unpack. Unpacking is a dusty and tiring business but if you hired moving services Los Angeles, you may have had help with packing and that makes unpacking automatically easier. You should find a way to keep your kids safe, happy, comfortable, and at home during this process. And what better way to do that, than to unpack kids’ books and toys as soon as possible.

So, after the kitchen, of course, the next room is the kids’ room. They will be more than happy to help you. It is their new room, after all, and they can be the ones to decide how to decorate it. Decorating their new room will help them get attached to it and it will be something they had an important part in. This way, kids will definitely feel safe, happy, and comfortable spending time in it. Helping your kids adapt after moving to Glendale can be done through various, creative things you do together.

A happy child in a white shirt
Help your children adapt to their new home. Unpack their room first so they can play with their favorite toys and read their favorite books.

Helping your kids adapt after moving to Glendale, your new city

Glendale is a city only minutes away from Los Angeles and Hollywood. The variety of places you can visit, things you can see and do is incredible. Every day can be filled with something new. So, there are many ways you can help your kids adapt after moving to Glendale. If you want to spend a day in nature, hiking is what you are looking for. The city of Glendale is famous for its trail maps and you can choose the one that suits you and your children the best. However, if you want to be outside but have a less strenuous day you can always enjoy a family walk in one of the many parks Glendale offers.

But, if outdoor is not your thing, you can always visit Brand Library & Art Center and its many exhibits and an amazing library. There is also famous The Doctors House Victorian Museum where famous people lived in the past.

All in all, it’s fun

So, as you can see, helping your kids adapt after moving to Glendale can be a lot of fun. Especially if you hired the best movers Glendale can offer, so you had more time for your little ones. Now, you have an excuse to slow down with your work and speed up with spending more time with your kids. Create new, unforgettable memories. Be adventurous and creative. Go above and beyond for them. Once they fall in love with this amazing city they will feel at home. Good luck and don’t forget to have fun.