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How to pack toys for storage

Change of the address is a huge life decision, and the process alone is quite complicated. Some would say that relocation is a life event of the same importance as buying your first house or marriage. What makes it more frightening for some is that we generally don’t know much about it. Because it’s not something we do often. Things get even more complicated when you have kids because they often get upset. They know something is happening, but they can’t really grasp what exactly. One of the things you have to pack when moving with kids are their toys. You can always get packing services to get the job done for you but you should try to involve your kids in the whole process. It will be easier for them to embrace the upcoming changes if they take part in the action. In this article, we will give you some tips that can help you pack toys for storage or move. Stay tuned.

To pack toys for storage you will need some packing tools

The easiest way to pack anything is to use cardboard boxes. You can visit your local DIY store and get everything you need. Or you can order packing material online. If you are looking to save some money ask your friends who recently moved if they have any leftover boxes.

Picture of a fragile warning
Use soft fabric and bubble wrap when packing fragile toys

Other packing tools include:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Scissors
  • Packing paper
  • Packing tape
  • Marker pens

When you use cardboard boxes for packing be sure to label each one of them. This will help your movers to see what boxes contain fragile items, therefore needing extra care. It will be also easier for you to unpack when you arrive. Don’t overstuff your boxes to avoid something getting broken along the way. Your moving crew will appreciate that also, as it is easier to carry half-full boxes.

Do some preparation before you pack toys for storage

Like we already said, kids love to take part in what adults do. This is especially true when it comes to their precious toys. So before you proceed with packing ask them if they want to take all the toys with them. But if you are dealing with limited space or there is simply too many toys, set the limits and stick to them. If there are some leftover toys consider donating or selling them. You certainly have some broken or overgrown toys in your house. Next ask them if they would like to take their favorite toys with them. When that was taken care of, you can prepare the toys for the packing process. Make a list of toys to avoid leaving something behind or getting lost in the transport. Wash and clean the toys and remove water from those water guns and pistols if you have them.

How to pack fragile toys

If you have fragile toys like rare collectibles or model trains or airplanes you will need to follow certain rules when packing them. The easiest way to pack toys like these is to use their original boxes if you still have them. If not you will have to improvise. Carefully place them in bubble wrap and then in the box. You can fill any leftover gapes with old clothes. Soft fabric does an excellent job of protecting your kid’s treasured toys. Seal the box with tape and make sure the bottom of the box is also tightly sealed. Label those boxes as fragile and you are good to go. Ask your movers to pay extra attention to these boxes

Pack toys for storage using plastic boxes
If you want to pack toys for storage, check if the storage unit meets all the necessary standards

Packing toys for storage unit

If you wish to put the toys aside for some period, but you don’t have any room in your house your best option is to rent a storage unit. Make sure that the unit ticks all the security boxes. It must have good surveillance systems, night guards and quality locks. Also, see if the unit is climate controlled and easily accessible. These are some of the things you must know when renting a storage unit. When packing toys for storage unit use the same techniques we mentioned above with few additions. Place boxes with heavier toys on the bottom, pack plush toys in plastic bags and place them on top. Plastic bags will protect soft fabric from obtaining that smell typical for dark spaces.

Use plastic containers for toys with small parts

One of the best toys for the development of children’s brains are Legos. The only problem with these super educational toys is that small parts are easy to lose and difficult to pack. If you don’t have original boxes we advise you to use sturdy plastic boxes with lids. The same applies to model toys, jigsaws, board games and all other toys that contain small pieces.

Picture of Lego figures
When packing toys with small parts use sturdy plastic containers

Packing heavy and large toys

For large toys like bicycles, toy kitchen sets or plastic slides make sure you have the user manual. Disassemble the toys and pack them in boxes. Books are not necessarily toys but every child’s room has a shelf with books. We advise you to pack books in cardboard boxes and label them accordingly. Pay attention when packing books because they are heavy and they easily accumulate in weight. If you are packing books for storage unit, use a sealable plastic box to prevent moisture from damaging the paper.

These were some of the proven methods that can help you to pack toys for storage. Follow these steps and you can even turn these turbulent times into fun activity for your child. Remember that you should present the relocation to your kids as the start of a new and exciting adventure.