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Most popular destinations for buying a second home in LA

Whether you are looking for getting a rental investment or a home for enjoyment, buying a second home in LA is a great idea. If you are among those who did choose to forgo the expensive island trips for holidays and get a second home instead, just keep reading. If you are ready to rent your current home and move to your second home, our movers Los Angeles will be at your disposal. But before you get to the moment when you need to prepare for the move, you need to pick where to buy a second home in the Los Angeles area. Today we will remind you of the most popular destinations within the Los Angeles area to look for a second home. With our help, you will skip wasting time and speed up your search. Let’s see what places to focus on!

Prepare for buying a second home in LA

Although we can reveal what places in LA you should research when looking for a new home, first let’s see what you should consider before you start your search. Our long distance movers Los Angeles remind you to keep in mind your needs and priorities before you start a search. So, make sure to create a list of things that mean you the most. This will help you stay focused on important things when it comes to your potential home. This is not going to take you too much time, but it will be helpful not to forget your goals. Remember, making a list of priorities when buying a second home in LA is an inevitable part of this mission.

A young woman using a laptop.
Prepare to define your need and start searching for a home.

For instance, if you are a parent, you will want to find a home in the safest places in LA. Also, depending on your age and preferences, you will choose between quiet and vibrant parts of LA. If you like to spend time with your neighbors, you will wish to have a fine neighborhood. Then you should find out which neighborhoods attract young professionals, families, or retirees. Also, take the advice from our Culver City movers and write down the list of things that will eliminate certain options. Be honest with yourself while making this list. It is normal you have your requests and need when it comes to an investment like this. But also there will be some details that can make you give up on a certain house.

Calculate your budget and define what type of home you are looking for

Regardless of the purpose of your future home, it is important for you to know how much money you are willing to invest. So, take the recommendation from our specialists from Glendale moving company and consider your savings. There is no doubt, the budget you have for buying a second home will determine which parts of this area you should focus on. Also, if you planning to rent your second home, you will get more money if you opt for popular neighborhoods.

If you plan to move to your second home, maybe you are looking for more affordable areas. Living in an urban neighborhood and you want to rent it? You should know how much money will be enough for being home in a more quiet area. So, calculate your incomes, costs you might have for renovating, moving services LA and others expenses you expect. All potential costs will affect your decision on the sum you are ready to invest in buying a second home within Los Angeles. Therefore, planning your budget will help you prevent unexpected costs when purchasing your second property.

Most popular destinations in LA you should consider when buying your second home

Whether you are looking for a home where you will live as a single or with a family, LA has so many amazing homes to offer. We did research where most people buy their homes and here comes what we have found out. Some of the most popular places for buying your new property are:

  • Hollywood Hills;
  • West Los Angeles;
  • Playa Del Rey;
  • Encino;
  • Northridge.
A person thinking about buying a second home in LA while looking at Hollywood sign
Whether you are looking for a rental property or family home, LA has it all!

Maybe the Hollywood Hills is where you should look for your second home

If you are looking for a home in some of the top neighborhoods in Los Angeles, Hollywood Hills is where you should start your search. This neighborhood is safer than 65% of other LA neighborhoods. And this fact makes it an ideal environment for young professionals, singles but also families. This neighborhood is well known for incredible views, plenty of luxurious houses with excellent resale value. If you are dreaming about a house with a spacious yard, you should visit Hollywood Hills. This is one of the favorite places in LA among many the state of California residents. It is just about 30 minutes away from Downtown Los Angeles. Hollywood Hills abounds with restaurants, shops, nightclubs, and many opportunities for outdoor recreations.

West Los Angeles is a perfectly located neighborhood

Who does not want to have a home between Santa Monica and Beverly Hills? Just because of the ideal location, this neighborhood is appealing to all lifestyles. If excellent walkability and likeability are on your priority list, visit this part of LA. Here you will find a wide range of housing options perfect for singles, families but also retirees. Will you opt for a luxury condo or an affordable single-family? Regardless of the type of home you opt for, in this neighborhood, you will find quality educational institutions, museums, top-rated restaurants, shops, and more.

A palm tree near houses
Visit West Los Angeles when buying a second home in LA.

Playa Del Rey might be all that you need

Whether you are single or looking for a family home, make your dream come true and buy a home on the beach! Here you can choose between beachfront condos, cozy bungalows, and ranch-style houses. Although it is safer than 92% of other LA neighborhoods, and also, it is an affordable one. If you want a perfect home on the beach, Playa Del Rey should be your choice when buying a second home in LA. This place abounds with excellent schools, nightlife sports, many dining options, and more. We wish you find your perfect LA home here!