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    We know that moving can sometimes be pricey. Especially with some of the ‘surprise’ costs that come your way during the move. That’s why having a clear idea of your moving costs is absolutely important. We at JB Moving & Delivery make sure that all of the details about your quote are clear and understandable, so our customers can get precise moving quotes Los Angeles and have no surprises after the move.


    moving quotes Los Angeles - man signing a document
    Signing the right moving quotes Los Angeles is very important

    Why are moving quotes Los Angeles so important?

    Moving quote is like an overview of your moving costs. Its purpose is to give you the specific details of how much you need to pay after you move.

    What you should know about moving quotes?

    Moving estimates are the precise calculations of your moving costs. They should be put in a document which you later sign and agree with. First, you should know there are three types of moving estimates:

    1. Non-binding moving estimate – this one includes the rough idea of your costs. Final price is calculated by the weight of your items and any extra services provided. The negative side – the costs can go a lot higher than the first price. The positive side – you can pay only 110 percent of the estimate when delivery takes place, and rest of it you can pay later.
    2. Binding estimate – If nothing changes, the price must be the same as the one offered in the first place. Of course, if any other items are added, or any additional services provided – they will be charged additionally.
    3. Binding-not-to-exceed estimate – this one is very similar to the binding estimate and favorite among clients. Also called ‘price protection’, this estimate can only go lower, in case your belongings weigh less than it was estimated in the first place.

    Free moving estimate vs. precise moving estimate

    At JB Moving & Delivery, you can easily get a free moving quote on our website. However, we think that is not enough for our client to be sure what are the real costs of their move. A reliable moving company should do an in-house visit and make a detailed list of the client’s belongings and other information about the move. The company should be informed about any special services they need to provide – like piano or pool table moving, number of floors, stairs, and other necessary details. This way, they will be able to make a detailed moving quote Los Angeles and proved the best service to their clients.

    How will you know what is included in the moving quote?

    JB Moving & Delivery is the company that runs on the trust of their clients. It is a reputation that has been built for years.  We know that other companies charge their services differently, but here you will be able to clearly see what is included in the price and your moving quote, without any additional or unexpected costs.

    Tips on getting the precise moving quote

    When browsing the moving company you should what are the ways to be sure that you got the precise and safe moving quotes Los Angeles. Here are some of them.

    Know exactly what you are moving

    Having a clear idea (even a written list) of items you are moving is the job half done. It is very important to know exactly what you need to move, so the moving company that comes to your home can give you a precise moving estimate.

    Compare the companies

    Not sure which company to choose? It would be great to have a couple of choices. This way you can get two or three moving estimates and compare them. See which one suits you the best (it doesn’t need to be the cheapest option, but the one with the best services), and choose them.

    If you have any specialty items, be sure to show them to the estimator

    When a moving company sends an estimator to your home, they will have to make a list of items you are moving. This way they can make a precise moving quote for you. So, be sure to show them any specialty item if you have them. For example, we at JB Moving include special services like the pool table and piano moving.


    pool table
    If you have any specialty items, add them to your moving quote

    What else can affect my moving quotes Los Angeles?

    The moving quote can be changed if you are moving last minute. Furthermore, some moving companies have different rates for different dates. So moving during holidays, on weekends or busy moving season can affect the price of your move.


    man writing
    Think about all the things that can change your moving quotes Los Angeles

    How I can reduce my moving costs?

    Yes, there are ways to reduce the moving costs and pay less. Here’s what you can do.

    • declutter your home – every home has a number of items we no longer need. Try to make a selection while packing, and get rid of the items you don’t really need. Or even better – donate them!
    • DIY packing – even though we offer packing services, if you want to lower the costs of your moving quote Los Angeles, you can easily pack your items by yourself. Just be sure to use good quality packing supplies and pack everything safely so it doesn’t break during transport.
    • be flexible with the dates – if you are flexible with your moving date, the chances are you will pay less. Any last minute moving or specific dates or hours are charged more.

    One thing for sure – we at JB Moving & Delivery will provide you with the best quality services. Our professional, experienced and friendly team will move your items at affordable prices. Just contact us and get your free moving estimate first!