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Moving to Culver City – guide for students

Moving in order to study is generally the first move most of us will have in our lives. Well, somewhat first. Most Americans already moved once or twice by the time they finished high school, but those relocations were different. Sure, you might think that the mess and the magnitude of life changes you experienced during those relocations would make them significant, and that is true to an extent, those were still not relocations you did on your own. When you are moving to Culver City as a student, you will, for the first time, move on your own. You are also going to live away from your parent’s house, most likely for the first time. It is for this reason that we made this guide for students when they want to move to Culver City for their studies.

A little bit about Culver city

So, before you let your Culver city movers relocate you, you need to know if you are moving to a campus or to an apartment somewhere in the city. If the first option is true, then this part of the article should be enough of preparation. However, if you are moving to the apartment, be sure to research Culver City, California much more, as this guide for students is not sufficient enough to tell you all the best places to rent an apartment.

Other than that, Culver City is the county of Los Angeles with an estimated population of around 40 000 people. Culver sits on a Los Angeles Metro E line so you will be able to access all of Los Angeles with ease. Furthermore, you are just 7 miles north of the Los Angeles International Airport.

What universities you can find in Culver City

The city was a target of a successful revitalization program in the 2000s that left it with a reputation as a pedestrian-friendly destination with a lot of service industry and a pretty thriving art scene, not to mention the legacy of the media industry of LA.

What universities you can find in Culver City?

So, where will you study after JB Movers Los Angeles relocates you to Culver City? You are definitely close to LA colleges, close enough to regularly commute there. However, what if you want to study in the city? Here are your options:

  • Antioch University Los Angeles – Founded in Yellow Spring, Ohio,, Antioch college has a campus in Culver City. It has a stimulating and unconventional approach to learning, evolving from small liberal arts to a multi-campus university system. Other campuses are in Yellow Springs Ohio, Seattle, Keene New Hampshire, and Santa Barbara in California.
  • West Los Angeles College – In our guide for students we must also include, obviously, the public community college of West Los Angeles. The college has 18 vocational programs and 25 transfer programs, giving out 600 degrees each year.
  • UCLA IDEAS campus -Located very near Culver City, you will find the IDEAS campus of the ULCA, just 8 miles south of the main center. Here you can find a Robotics lab, virtual reality lab, fabrication shop, and many other things anyone studying technology and engineering would enjoy.

How to plan for mistakes when moving last-minute

It often happens that the students need help with last minute movers Los Angeles. This is due to various factors, but mostly due to late letters of acceptance and last-minute changes. Therefore, if you are truly moving that late as a student, you need to plan quickly. The best way to quickly plan a move is to plan for the mistakes. Focus on the most common mistakes that might occur on your move and plan contingencies.

So, first and foremost, plan for the mover. Make sure you find a good mover. Going too cheap or for an unlined one will definitely give you a world of problems, but also be careful not to overpay. Secondly, be sure to ask for help with packing, as that is a bigger job than it seems. Finally, start planning as soon as possible as things are guaranteed to go wrong and you should have enough time to maneuver.

Budget setting

Setting a budget is a pretty important part of moving, especially so when you are relocating as a student. Therefore, a guide for students would not be much if it skipped over this part.

A squeezed wallet.
How to deal with the budget?

When setting up a budget, two things are important. First, be honest with your capabilities and always go for the most conservative of estimates. That way you will not be surprised in a negative way. Secondly, learn about how much the moving quotes Los Angeles will be. Ask for free estimates from your movers in order to do so.

Downsizing and a students life

Culver City is a fairly urbanized place and a part of LA. Therefore, you might expect to get some pretty small apartments. That is not bad news, actually. You might even enjoy having a tiny place of your own.

A student in his room.
How to downsize prior to moving.

However, you will definitely have to do some downsizing in order to fit into the tiny student apartment. Make sure that you start with this on time. If you don’t want to part with your things, consider a storage unit. That way you might not throw anything out after all!

In conclusion

We hope that our guide for students looking to move to Culver City has covered all that you could need. However, just in case, we are going to go over the major points one more time. First and foremost, find out where you are moving to. If you are moving to campus, then you are set, however, if you are moving to an apartment, learn more about the city and find out where you can find the value for your buck in terms of apartments. Furthermore, downsize and set the budget in order to move efficiently and affordably. Don’t go too cheap on the movers though, that might just cost you more than one would hope. With all that, you are set to move. Best of luck in your college days!