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Moving to Glendale for work – the ultimate guide

If you are looking for a fresh start and considering moving to Glendale, California, there is no better place to be right now. Also, if you got a perfect job opportunity within the Los Angeles area, Glendale will be the ideal place for you. Since moving home is always demanding, our experts from one of the best moving companies Los Angeles will give their best to make this process easier for you. We know what you are going through and how important is for you to prepare properly. For that reason, we decided to create for you this ultimate guide for your relocation to Glendale for your new job. With our simple advice, you will get ready for adjusting to your new Glendale home without any troubles. Stay with us and you will not regret it. Get ready for moving to Glendale for work with our help!

Prepare for moving to Glendale for work

Before we tell you something about job and living opportunities in Glendale, you should start looking for your new home. Consider your budget and start searching for the ideal home for you and your family. Also, don’t forget to calculate costs for hiring a Glendale moving company. Even if you are planning to do some of the moving tasks by yourself, for sure you will need professional assistance to make your move smoother. Remember, it is crucial not to take too much burden on your back when moving. Since you will start working soon after the move, make sure to save your energy for the days that come. Also, if you are planning to start looking for a job in Glendale after the move, make sure to finish your moving process firstly. Therefore, plan your move ahead and split the hardest parts for your move with professionals.

Businessman preparing for moving to Glendale for work
Did you get a new job in Glendale? Congratulations, it is time for moving to Glendale for work.

Is relocating to Glendale for work a good idea?

Before you move to Glendale, you should know it is a part of the greater Los Angles metropolitan area. Located northeast of Downtown Los Angeles and surrounded by the Verdugo Hills, this town offers newcomers a prime location within Los Angeles County. Glendale is within close proximity to many trendy neighborhoods such as Atwater Village, Eagle Rock, and Glassell Park. When you are living in Glendale there are multiple ways to commute to most locations in Los Angeles, City of Pasadena, Hollywood, Burbank, San Fernando Valley, and the San Gabriel Valley. According to its location, this is an ideal place to live and commute your work.

Another phenomenal fact about Glendale is that city boasts a strong economy. Many successful companies such as IHOP, Nestle, and Avery Denison have headquarters in this city. This area is also home to the Disney Studios Grand Central Creative Campus. Even if you are already living not so far from Glendale and hiring local movers Los Angeles, there is no doubt this place offers plenty of job opportunities. Our warm recommendation is to move to Glendale if you looking for a new career opportunity. This place will not let you down, for sure.

A strong economy and job market

Although the unemployment rate is 4.4 percent, which is slightly higher than the national average of 3.9 percent, you will still have so many chances to get your job here on short notice. A good thing to know is that healthcare, education and government jobs are among the top industries employing Glendale residents.

Business meeting
Glendale keeps developing and offers a lot of job chances.

If you are wondering which companies are good reasons to move to Glendale for work, here comes the answer.  Here is the list of some the top employers in Glendale:

  • Glendale Adventist Medical Center;
  • Glendale Unified School District;
  • The City of Glendale;
  • Dreamworks Animation;
  • Nestle Company;
  • Glendair Inc;
  • Glendale Community College;
  • Glendale Memorial Center;
  • USC Verdugo Hills Hospital;
  • Public Storage.

You will love everything about Glendale

There are so many to see and do in Glendale, without leaving the town. Whether you are preparing for relocation to Glendale for work as a single or family, this city will offer you so many amazing things and spots. Once you appoint your moving date with our residential movers Los Angeles, start preparing for meeting your new surroundings. If you are looking forward to becoming a part of the rich cultural community with ethnic diversity, this is the place for you. Here much activity centers around many restaurants, bars, and shops. On the other hand, Glendale is an expansive city that includes quiet established neighborhoods and great hills for hiking. Living here will give you easy access to many nearby studios that make some of your favorite movies.

Couple in Glendale, California
There is so much to see and do in amazing Glendale.

Another great thing about Glendale is its array of housing options at affordable pricing. When it comes to the cost of living, you will find many costs here are below the national average. So, even if you planning to get a larger apartment or house for yourself and your family after a while, you will make it without any troubles.

Wondering about the weather in Glendale? Temperatures in Glendale remain mild around the year due to its Mediterranean climate. In this city, the sun shines even on an average of 285 days of the year. The coolest months of the year in Glendale are December and January. And the hottest months of the year in this city are July and August. An ideal weather year-round in Glendale is one more reason to take your job opportunity without any additional doubts. You and your family will have amazing weekends in Glendale, for sure.

In conclusion

Regardless of your profession, moving to Glendale for work could be a great step for your future. Whether you are planning to hire long distance movers Los Angeles or coming to Glendale from another city around, take enough time to prepare for your relocation. Moving to another city or state for work is a big step in your life and you should be prepared mentally. Hope our simple guide will help you have an amazing moving experience!