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Packing mistakes to avoid when moving

Moving is one big mess at times and it isn’t a surprise that people slip up from time to time. There isn’t a rulebook where you can see the best possible plan for your relocation, but there are mistakes that people make and you should avoid. That’s why we at JB Moving have a surprise for you. Here is a list of packing mistakes to avoid when moving. If you manage to dodge these your move will be a piece of cake.

Packing mistakes to avoid – You’re packing without a plan

If you start filling moving boxes with items that you grab first, you’ll fill them up eventually. But at what cost? You’ll probably lose track of everything when you start unpacking. So one of the worst mistakes people make when moving is that they start packing without our special services or even worse without unpacking in mind. So a couple of days before the move organize yourself and create a plan on packing up the boxes.

If you want a good move you need a good plan.

Not packing your boxes properly

Another mistake that people make when they move is that they don’t utilize the moving boxes as intended. Usually, they will put too much or too little stuff inside the boxes. The best way to get that perfect fit is to call up movers Glendale to get the job done right. If there are fewer items than intended in the box, the items can get damaged easily, while if there is an excess the box can tear up and some of your belongings might get lost.

Not labeling boxes

When you get your packing done the first thing you should do is to label the boxes. This isn’t done only to help you while packing, but also when unpacking. The common mistake people make isn’t exactly to not put a label, they rather put the wrong or miscellaneous label on a box. Our local movers Los Angeles will tell you that they always label the box according to where the items were picked up from or in which room the homeowner wants them to be in their new home. Labeling really makes the job easier so don’t forget it when you start packing.

Dachshund inside a moving box
One of the packing mistakes to avoid is to have unlabeled boxes.

Packing mistakes to avoid – Not decluttering before your move

One of the best times to declutter is when you move to a new home. Unfortunately, many people don’t use this opportunity. They see decluttering as only throwing away stuff that they one day might use. However, they forget that many people sell their items, donate clothes, food, furniture, or even recycle to bring less stuff to their new home. There’s no better time to clean up your mess than moving. And obviously don’t allow your new home to become like your previous one.

For our professional movers, packing is a form of art. We’re aware that it isn’t the same for many others, but you can get so much better at packing and moving in general with a little bit of organizing. For that reason, we hope our tips will help you in your endeavor. And remember there are packing mistakes to avoid and if you avoid them completely you won’t have to deal with the hardships of moving as much as most people will.