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    Moving is easy with the right kind of help. That’s a fact. Do not let those horror stories about incompetent movers scare you. If you are reading this, it means you have found JB Movers Los Angeles – one of the best moving companies in southern California. Wait no more and give us a call to inquire about our special deals and offers.

    Packing is an essential part of every moving project

    Packing is among those moving tasks one cannot skip. The majority of your items require preparation before being transported. Otherwise, they are likely to suffer irreparable damage. And why would you care to move something you don’t need? Therefore, proper packing is necessary. There is simply no way around it. Of course, what is packed needs to be unpacked eventually. If these tasks seem too tedious, if you lack time or skill, our packers are at your disposal. Packing services Los Angeles are an important part of our special moving services, together with piano, pool table and last minute moving.

    Different moving boxes and other packing supplies included in packing services Los Angeles
    Relocation is a process that involves a series of minor and major tasks. Packing is one of them.

    It is not as easy as it seems

    Preparing your belongings for relocation is more complex than you think (especially when you are moving long-distance, as your items need extra protection). It involves wrapping, boxing, taping, labeling, etc. Not to mention all the lifting, turning, pulling and pushing that packing requires. By the end of it, you will be drained. As you can see, packing is hard work. Besides, you may hurt yourself or lose something forever unless you are extremely patient and skillful.

    There is nothing we cannot pack

    Our local and long distance movers Los Angeles have experience in both residential and commercial relocation. Whether you are packing up your entire household or your office space, there is no one better for the job. We pack items of all shapes and sizes. We pack furniture, appliances, clothes, dishes, office supplies, etc.

    When are professional packing services Los Angeles a must?

    Packing for relocation is not just throwing stuff in a box. Sure, you can do that with bedding or clothes. You do not even need a box – a plastic bag will do just fine. However, certain items are so sensitive that they require special packing materials as well as packing techniques. In case you own sensitive items like artwork, electronics, antique furniture or musical instruments, it is highly recommendable to have them packed by professionals.

    A female packer holding a small box and a checklist
    You hate packing? We don’t! Use our packing services Los Angeles.

    Customize your packing services Los Angeles

    Our customers can choose between different levels of packing services. That means you have the option to chose partial or full-service packing or unpacking. We will pack/unpack anything you want. If you need help with everything, we will come prepared. Or, in case you want us to help you only with fragile items, that’s okay, too. The choice is yours. Moreover, you can get durable packing supplies from us. Even if you are packing without the help of our LA packers, you can still use our high-quality supplies.

    DIY packing – How to do it right

    What needs to be done before you start packing

    • Eliminate everything you are not taking to your new address. This will help you save time, energy, packing supplies and money.
    • Empty and defrost the fridge.
    • Clean the items you plan to pack, especially things like kitchen appliances and furniture.
    • Sort everything out. Provided that you start preparing well in advance, you will have enough time to separate your belongings into different piles. You can sort by room, purpose, etc.
    • As you sort, make an inventory. This way, you will know if something is missing when you unload the moving truck.
    • Prepare packing supplies. You need padding material, heavy-duty packing tape, scissors, markers and, of course, boxes. Although our packing materials are perfectly suitable and affordable, you can use whatever you have in your home – old clothes and towels, newspapers, suitcases, etc. It is recommendable to use the original boxes your appliances and electronics came in when you bought them.

    Once you start, do your best

    ·        The items you won’t be using soon are the first ones you should pack.

    ·        Protect the top opening of bottles containing liquids with a plastic bag. Screw the bottle cap over the bag.

    ·        Do not forget to pack the essentials you will need for moving day separately. These include your basic toiletries, medications, a change of clothes, phones, and their chargers, etc.

    ·        Dishes like plates and bowls, TVs and PC monitors should stand vertically during transportation.

    ·        Take a picture of all computer cables before removing them. Pack them separately since they are likely to get tangled.

    ·        Heavier items go inside smaller boxes, while lighter ones can be put in larger boxes.

    ·        Heavier things go underneath lighter ones to avoid breakage. Also, smaller items should go inside larger ones in order to save space.

    ·        Never put tape directly on the surface of your items.

    ·        Label the tops and the sides of all boxes in large, bold letters. Write which room the box belongs to and what is inside. Or, at least mark the boxes containing fragile items.

    ·        The moment you start to lose patience or energy for packing, it is better to take a break than cause more problems.

    Plastic wrap used for protecting fragiles
    Be very generous with padding materials, especially when packing fragiles, such as electronics and glassware.

    Count on JB Moving for excellent packing services Los Angeles

    If you have heard good things about JB Movers, you will not be disappointed. We can handle your relocation project from start to finish, and that includes packing as well as unpacking. In addition to providing all sorts of expert moving services Los Angeles, we are affordable, licensed and insured. Therefore, you’ll definitely have that peace of mind everyone needs during relocation if you hire JB Movers Los Angeles.