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Packing your electronics for long-distance relocation

You’re getting ready for a long-distance move? But did you think about all the measures to safely move your electronic devices? In today’s world, it’s very hard to imagine a life without your gadgets however small or big they are. That’s why moving services Los Angeles will always take good care of all your belongings.  We know how much of an investment a new TV, tablet, or high-end phone can be. Here are just some things you need to think about before packing your electronics for a long-distance move.

Packing your electronics with the right packing supplies

Whatever type of move you need to make gathering packing materials is the first step you make. Especially if you take into consideration that electronics come with their own packaging it should be easier for you to get all the materials you need. However, if you ever need your electronics to be packed by professionals then special services LA are the best choice for you because they will have pack materials and pack your electronics.

Woman packing her smartphone
Get all the moving supplies you need before packing your electronics for a long-distance move.

Save boxes of your electronic products

Obviously, the best packaging for your electronics is the original box of the device. It will surely be better than anything you can muster up with improvised moving boxes. Original boxes are better because they are shaped so that they protect the item during transit. Unfortunately, if you don’t have the original packaging you need to get creative. Put protective paper or wrapping in places where electronics break the easiest as screens and edges.

Unplug electronics 24 hours before the move

People mostly think about external damage when moving items. However, internal damage might create even more problems than a knock or two inside the moving truck. To prevent any type of internal damage our long distance movers Los Angeles recommend unplugging all electronic devices at least 24 hours before your long-distance move. By doing this you will also prevent the occurrence of static electricity that can also be harmful to all your electronic devices.

Take a look at what the manufacturer has to say before packing your electronics

Another great idea is to read the manufacturer’s guide before packing your electronics for a long-distance relocation. That’s because any electronic device might have its own special step before it gets stored or loaded into a moving truck. If you can’t find the guide around your house our residential movers have a small piece of advice. Most companies have manufacturer’s guides available for certain devices on their websites do give them a visit to be sure of how to handle the devices.

A piece of paper where the word steps is circled
Follow the steps from the manufacturer’s guide for the best results when packing.

Label your moving boxes

If you want to keep every aspect of your move well-organized you need to have a good method of labeling moving boxes. But how can you do it when it comes to electronic devices? Firstly, label the boxes with electronics in them or by writing the room they belong to. If you’re putting the boxes in storage you’ll need to take even more precautionary measures. For example, why not take a picture of the electronics inside the box and attach it to it? That way you’ll make finding your items easier.

You can imagine that an average home in the US is cluttered with electronic devices. From gaming consoles to TVs and smartphones it’s hard to imagine a home without all these items. However, when moving them people have their questions. How will packing your electronics influence their longevity? How does static electricity affect your electronics? Does the manufacturer have more information on what to do? In whatever way you decide to protect your electronics we hope your move will go smoothly.