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    Moving your business might seem like a scary thing to do. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Not with JB Movers Los Angeles by your side. We are highly-trained, well experienced and ready to take on any kind of commercial or industrial relocation project. All you have to do is to give us a call. Our team will take it from there. And once they do, you will learn why we are one of the best moving companies on the market. So, wait no more and get in touch with our team today!

    Check out the services our commercial movers Los Angeles offer

    Your office is basically your second home and, as such, it requires the best treatment. Our commercial movers Los Angeles have plenty of experience executing office moves, not only across LA but also across the country. We do both local and long distance relocation with absolute dedication. We can move your office furniture, supplies, equipment, files and more.


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    Our commercial movers Los Angeles are trained to deal with different moving scenarios.
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    Since packing is an inevitable part of commercial and industrial moving, we have prepared adequate packing techniques and materials. Not to mention our hard-working, skilled packers. We offer to disassemble and reassemble certain items for easier transportation, as well as load and unload the moving vehicle. Safe storage solutions are another important part of our offer. In case you need to store anything, we can find you the perfect storage facility. All in all, we can take care of the entire moving project, step by step, starting from packing and finishing with unpacking your items.

    Running a business is risky but your move does not have to be

    Being in charge of a company is a huge responsibility. Each decision you make affects the whole team. When you decide to move to a new location, your company enters a pretty delicate phase. It is your job to ease the transition for both your clients and your employees. You need to juggle a million different tasks and failure is something you simply cannot allow. However, there will be many traps along the way. That is why you need as much help as you can get. As a businessperson, you are well aware of the importance of quality service. And nothing secures your success better than hiring reputable commercial movers from Los Angeles.


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    We do our business honestly and professionally. There will be no unpleasant surprises, such as unexpected delays or hidden fees.

    What makes our commercial movers Los Angeles the right choice

    We take pride in offering a customized commercial or industrial move that fits the needs and the budget of your company. JB Moving & Delivery is a licensed and insured moving company that has your best interest in mind. Once you contact us and get your moving quote, you’ll know exactly how affordable the move will be. In addition to reasonable prices, we guarantee punctuality and safety. What else can you ask for? Politeness, of course! Our friendly staff will always treat you and your staff with the respect you deserve. Ask the companies we helped in the past. They know why we are the best commercial movers Los Angeles offers.

    Commercial relocation tips – how to do it right

    So, you have started to plan and organize an office move. The pressure is on to prepare the new premises for use while keeping the clients happy. The move itself should obviously be as quick and efficient as possible because the sooner everything goes back to normal, the less profit you lose. In order to get it right, you should arm your team with knowledge and a good plan.


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    Successful commercial or industrial moving means avoiding major interruptions in your workflow.
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    Before the move

    • First, inform your employees about the relocation. This change may affect their private lives as well. The sooner they know, the more time they will have to adjust. A couple of months in advance would be perfect.
    • Book a moving company. Commercial or industrial relocation is too significant and complex to be done without professional assistance. The best commercial movers Los Angeles should be booked as early as possible because they are always in demand.
    • Spread the word. Your clients need to be informed a few months before the move, too. Use in-store signs, flyers, your website, and social media to let everyone know. Don’t forget to update your telephone number and address on time.
    • It should be clear to each employee what his or her tasks are. This way, everyone will contribute to the relocation. Print out moving checklists and hand them out to your employees.
    • Use a cloud server or flash drive to back up important data stored on your computers. This is an absolute must for obvious reasons.
    • Eliminate the items you no longer use. Why would you take the unnecessary clutter with you? Without it, your new office space will look so much better and be more functional. Also, the move will be cheaper. You can donate, recycle or sell.
    • Each employee should move their personal belongings.

    Packing tips for commercial relocation

    If you hire our LA commercial movers for packing services, which is highly recommendable, you won’t need to worry about packing. Contact our JB movers Los Angeles to get more information about the entire process.  However, in case you prefer a DIY approach to packing, make sure you know the ropes since, as we all know, certain items (e.g. electronics) can be extremely sensitive.

    • After carefully removing computer cables, put them in marked zip locked bags while making sure they don’t get separated from the device they belong to.
    • It is also recommendable to take a picture before removing the cables to spare yourself the trouble later on.
    • All drawers should be locked or taped shut before they are transported.
    • Use extra-sturdy boxes for packing office equipment. Original packaging would be ideal (if you still have it).
    • Secure the bottom of each box with tape. Then, place a few layers of crumpled paper on the bottom before the items.
    • Put larger/heavier items in the box first. Next, fill up the gaps with smaller items and crumpled paper.
    • The tower should be transported standing upright while the monitors and laptops are on their edge.
    • Finally, do not forget to label each and every box.