Beverly Hills

Hiring a reputable Beverly Hills moving company with over three decades of experience is the best decision you can make when moving to or from this LA neighborhood. Let JB Movers Beverly Hills help you with your next relocation!

We are a full-service relocation company

Hire a full service moving company Los Angeles is proud of. JB Movers have prepared a variety of options to chose from in order to make sure every customer is satisfied. We can assist you in several ways because every move can be customized to suit the customer’s specific needs. 

The distance does not matter

JB Beverly Hills movers are capable of handling both local and long-distance moving projects. Wherever you need us, we’ll be there! Whether your current/future residence is in Los Angeles or across the country, our moving vehicles are ready to go.

We are experts at both commercial and residential relocation

Los Angeles is a business hub, which means that our commercial movers have a lot of experience under their belt. Therefore, your office move can be quick and trouble-free. If you are planning a house move, we can help you with that, too. Your Beverly Hills mansion is in very good hands!

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Our excellent service combined with affordable prices is just too good to refuse.

Of course, there’s packing, too

Not even when moving a short distance can you just throw your stuff in a moving truck. Carefully wrapped and packed in sturdy boxes, your items will not only be easier to carry around, but they’ll also be much safer. And the packing supplies won’t be enough to protect them, no matter how durable they are, unless you know exactly how to fill a box and pack each item. JB packing team can have all of your stuff packed and ready for transportation in no time. And why bother unpacking upon arrival when we can take care of that as well? Opt for partial or full packing service and rest assured that your belongings will be perfectly protected.

Specialty items require professional treatment

Moving specialty items is not only complicated but also risky. In addition to getting hurt while lifting a weight you are not used to lifting, you can damage your belongings beyond repair. Without knowledge, strength and special equipment, you should not even attempt to move a piano or a pool table. This type of items can be a real pain in the neck, which is why only trained professionals should engage in this challenging task.

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Choose a full-service Beverly Hills moving company which can support all your moving needs.

When in a hurry, call our Beverly Hills moving company

A time limit can jeopardize the success of your relocation in many ways. When running out of time, people tend to be less careful, which can affect their own safety and the safety of their belongings. Whether it’s packing, loading or unloading the truck, fast usually means sloppy. Executing a successful last-minute move requires a ton of experience. That is why our movers Beverly Hills are your best bet. If you want to avoid accidents during an urgent move, hire a reliable Beverly Hills moving company that specializes in this type of relocation. 

Our movers Beverly Hills are 100% honest and legitimate 

Being one of the most affluent residential areas in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills is the envy of the town. This is one of the most elite LA neighborhoods to reside in, packed with large mansions. Working in Beverly Hills is what many dishonest movers consider a jackpot. As a resident of Beverly Hills, you must avoid giving a shady company access to your gated community and your premises. In the wrong hands, your valuables could be lost forever. JB Movers have never been involved in a moving scam. We’ve always done our job honestly, respecting all the rules and legal requirements. 

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Protect your valuable items. Choose an honest team of movers Beverly hills.

Do not hesitate to contact us

Really, you have nothing to lose. Our representatives will be ready to answer any question you may have. Discuss your move, pick the services you need, and request a free quote before making the final decision. After you get premium moving quotes Los Angeles relocation budget can be planned accordingly. You are under no obligation to proceed with the move, but at least take us into consideration.

Moving to Beverly Hills – a dream come true

So far, you have been admiring the glitz and glamour of Beverly Hills on film and TV, but now you get to experience it first-hand! If this is your first time moving to Beverly Hills, here are a few things to know about your future home. 

  • Beverly Hills is located in the western region of Los Angeles, home of JB movers Beverly hills, and has a population of nearly 35,000.
  • The median household income is $97,327.
  • The median home price is a whopping $1,727,600.
  • If you opt for renting, the median rent for a one bedroom apartment is $1928.

Popular Beverly Hills attractions

The largest estate in this LA neighborhood, The Greystone Park and Mansionis available to the public, and it’s free of charge! The 16-acre estate has a 55-room castle, lush gardens and breathtaking panoramic views you just have to check out.

You can also go on the 40-minute narrated Beverly Hills Trolley Tour and learn about your new neighborhood tourist style.

Paley Media Center offers exhibits related to the history of television and radio, including different formats – from news and public service to entertainment and advertisements.


Beverly Hills is known for fine dining. In restaurants on and near Rodeo Drive, you can often see celebrities enjoying their meals. Some of the most popular restaurants are Wolfgang Puck’s Spago, Mr. Chow’s, Crustacean and CUT at the Beverly Wilshire hotel. Bear in mind that you will probably have to make a reservation in advance.

Beverly Hills Restaurant Row on La Cienega Boulevard offers more dining options. The restaurants here range from inexpensive fast food and diners to more exclusive ones, like Nobu Matsuhisa’s Japanese restaurant and The Stinking Rose.

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