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    With our crew, moving to and from West LA is easier than ever. JB Movers Los Angeles team serves the entire territory of Los Angeles. If you are trying to find trustworthy local movers West Los Angeles, our movers match the description. In addition to being friendly and polite, our employees are punctual, hard-working and experienced. You can have a time-efficient, trouble-free move at reasonable prices if just take a moment to call our movers. 

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    Let JB movers prove why we are among the best moving companies West Los Angeles offers.

    What it means to be among the best moving companies West Los Angeles offers

    • You can definitely expect professional behavior from the entire staff.
    • A good moving company from West Los Angeles always keeps the promises made to their clients.
    • Fair prices and accurate moving quotes are also a must.
    • Reliable local movers Los Angeles must have a license and insurance.
    • Movers who know what they are doing apply proper packing techniques.
    • Their vehicles, tools and packing supplies are always in perfect condition.
    • Successful companies West Los Angeles have recurring customers, willing to recommend their services to others.
    • Finally, the best movers from West Los Angeles know their territory perfectly.
    JB Movers Los Angeles is a team that offers all of the above. And more. After 35+ years in this business, we can proudly say that we are able to handle any moving project. Whatever you need us for, we can do it.

    JB Movers West Los Angeles can meet all your moving requirements

    Commercial moving

    Office relocation can take time. And that won’t do any good to your business. On the contrary – the longer it takes, the less money you make. Therefore, you need to be quick and well-prepared. Do not tackle this challenge on your own. Do it with a reliable moving company by your side. Our commercial movers West Los Angeles are ready for your office, regardless of its size. The entire office, including delicate equipment, is safely packed and transported when a good moving team is in charge.

    Residential moving

    Your moving date is approaching and there is still so much work to do – canceling utilities, finding a new school for your kids, collecting the necessary documentation, etc. In addition to a million other tasks, you need to take care of the move. With all that going on, one can feel a bit overwhelmed. You are so stressed that you doubt you can survive the move, let alone enjoy it. That is one scenario. Let us suggest another one – you hire our residential movers West Los Angeles to do all the moving-related work while you focus on other tasks!

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    Relocate your apartment or office with the help of our movers West Los Angeles.

    Storage services

    Sometimes, storing something temporarily is unavoidable, especially during the relocation process. For example, the home or office space you’re moving into may be too small to receive all your belongings. Or, you must empty your old place before the new owners can pick up the items you’re selling/giving away. Finding a clean and secure storage facility for your belongings is hard but not impossible! Just tell us what you need, and we will make sure you are satisfied. We offer affordable LA storage solutions for your items, whatever it is that you need to store.

    Special services

    • Packing services. Packing can make or break a moving project. That’s how important it is. And careful hands are not enough to make it through the move. In addition to well-trained packers, we offer top of the line packing equipment and proper packing techniques for each one of your items.
    • Pool table moving. Owning a pool table can be so much fun. However, moving it is far from fun, especially without a few pairs of strong arms, experience, and proper equipment. Fortunately, we possess all those things. Hire the pros and let the fun continue in your new home.
    • Piano moving. Our strong and focused piano movers can handle pianos of all sizes. Your beloved instrument couldn’t be in better hands. Whether you are an amateur or a professional pianist, you deserve the best. Your piano will be treated with maximum care.
    • Last-minute moving. You’re running out of time and you’re not ready to move? Being quick yet thorough requires experience, as well as a high level of professionalism. And that is precisely why you should hire us! With the help of efficient movers West Los Angeles, everything will be done a few times faster.

    You won’t regret hiring our movers West Los Angeles

    Finding affordable LA movers gets harder and harder. Before hiring moving companies West Los Angeles, you are supposed to get a moving quote. However, not even that guarantees that you’ll stay within your budget unless those companies are absolutely honest. And we know that honesty is the best policy. Our prices are as reasonable as our services are professional. You deserve nothing but the best and that is what we offer. At JB Moving, loading, unloading, transportation, and packing are done with unparalleled skill and efficiency. You will soon realize why our customers always come back to us.

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    Whatever you intend to move, knowledge, muscles and quality tools are necessary. That is why hiring a professional moving crew can be a life-saver.

    Why are movers west Los Angeles the right choice for you?

    Prestige. Luxury. Confidence. Tradition. Efficacy. In one word, movers West Los Angeles. Ever since 1983. your satisfaction has been our primary concern. We have overcome every obstacle in our way to make your local move stress-free and effortless on your side. Instead of you doing all the hard work and planning, you can simply contact us today and relax. It does not matter whether you are moving a five-bedroom apartment to the other end of the city or a one-bedroom studio just across the corner. We provide excellence in both small and large local relocations. 

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    Reliable movers West Los Angeles are here to help you with your local move

    Your belongings have never been safer with us

    Every time a person decides to move, there is usually a strong reason for this. You may have found a new job, or you are starting a family in a bigger house. Moving is not easy, but movers West Los Angeles have been with you for years in one of the most important parts of your lives. People that are moving are concerned about whether their belongings will be properly relocated, packed and stored. It is hard when you have to worry about your new job on one hand, and packing fragile items and heavy items properly on the other hand. We understand this to the fullest. Our packing services Los Angeles are impeccable.

    We use only the best material

    There is no reason for you to go to the store and buy packing material. We do this for you. In this way, you avoid purchasing too little, or too much of the packing material. There is nothing worse than extra boxes that you have to deal with later. We estimate how much packing material you need, and we bring it to your place. You will not have to worry about obtaining the following items:

    • moving boxes
    • moving blankets
    • bubble wrapping
    • tape
    • packing peanuts
    • furniture pads, etc.

    Quality is extremely important to us. Our packing material can withstand your belongings, so there is no risk of damage whatsoever. Movers Los Angeles know what you need. You can rest assured that you will receive only the best from us when it comes to packing material.

    We carefully pack and store your items

    When it comes to packing and storing, we are proud to say that our staff is highly trained and experienced. After all, experience is the greatest factor of a successful move. And we certainly have it since we have thousands of happy customers in Los Angeles. Each and every member of our staff has been thoroughly trained to be able to provide you with the best possible service. We pay equal attention to smaller items as we do with your furniture. Furniture delivery service Los Angeles has been created to fit your needs so that you can rest assured you are in good hands.

    storage warehouse facilities with green doors
    Our experienced staff is thoroughly trained to store your items properly

    We dispose of the packaging material

    Once your relocation is successfully finished, we will dispose of the packing material for you. We will leave your new place clean, hence you will be able to decorate it and make it a home. It is very important that the packing material is disposed of in the right way. Movers West Los Angeles take care of the environment, so we follow all the procedures necessary so that the material is not polluting the Earth.

    We respect your time

    Nowadays, the time is of the essence like never before. Life can get hectic, and people want to relocate as fast as possible. We at movers West Los Angeles value your time. We are functioning like a well-oiled machine. Every member of our staff knows their job, we are fast and efficient. Dedication and love have brought us where we are now. Relocating your business or your two-store house is our pleasure.

    movers West Los Angeles - white trucks parked in line used for transshipment
    We function like a well-oiled machine with state-of-the-art equipment and experienced staff members

    From the moment that you contact us until the moment that you are sitting on your couch in your new home or an office, very little time passes. Local moving has been enhanced on so many levels with movers West Los Angeles. Why risk hiring uncertified moving companies, when we are just a phone call away from you?

    Your satisfaction is our greatest achievement

    Over the years, our outstanding services have reached thousands of satisfied customers. The key to our success has always been paying attention to the true needs of our customers. We listen to you and we care. Movers West Los Angeles will accomplish every task ahead of us efficiently and successfully. No matter whether you are moving your business or your house, we are here for you. We will help you plan and organize an office move or any kind of move without any stress.

    Local moving is not just a job for us

    Local moving can be as stressful as a long-distance move. Re-arranging your life is never easy. Therefore, the least we can do for you is to provide you with professional assistance at affordable prices. We are competent communicators and we are always available for you. Local moving is not just a job for us. It is much more. The completion of relocation brings us joy. We do everything with passion, and most importantly we love what we do. It is with great certainty that we claim that you will be relaxed during your local move with us.

    What is considered West Los Angeles?

    West Los Angeles is a residential and commercial area within the city of Los Angeles. However, the term varies widely. Roughly, it is the area located south of Santa Monica Boulevard, north of Pico Boulevard, west of Beverly Glen Boulevard, and east of Sepulveda Boulevard. It is divided by the Interstate 405 Freeway. Sometimes, each side is considered a distinct neighborhood. Each of its neighborhoods is part of the larger Westside region of Los Angeles County. They are mapped differently depending on the source. Together, these neighborhoods make up most of the 90025 zip code. Discover LA neighborhoods like Sawtelle, Beverlywood, Rancho Park, Castle Heights, Cheviot Hills, Century City.

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    JB Movers Los Angeles are just a phone call away from you. There is no reason to hire unprofessional movers and risk having your belongings treated wrongly. For more than thirty years movers West Los Angeles have existed only because of you. Contact us today and receive the outstanding service that we provide. You can also pay us a visit at 5143 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016, USA. Do not take our word for any of this, hire us and see it for yourself.