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Should you move to Glendale this winter?

So, you decided to move? We are sure that you are aware of the scale of your move. Many people underestimate moving and think of it as not that big of a deal. Well, we have a wake-up call for you. It is probably going to be hard. There are so many things you need to take care of if you want your move to be seamless. It will never be seamless of course because you are leaving your home of many years, but there are ways of making that process easier. This is why you need to move to a place in which you can imagine yourself continuing your life. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Move to Glendale this winter? Why?

You may have asked yourself this question when you first saw this article. This will be an in-depth analysis of why Glendale is the perfect place to move to this winter. So, before you call your residential movers Los Angeles, make sure to read everything and think about all the possibilities and how you may fit into Glendale. This is by no means an article that is created to force you into moving to Glendale, but just a list of great things this town offers. Let’s see why Glendale is such a great place during the whole year, not just winter!

moving company will help you move to Glendale this winter
Get ready for your move to Glendale!

If you are thinking about California, maybe we can suggest Glendale. Glendale is a beautiful city during the winter and if you want to move, read ton and get to know all the things that make it great.

A word about Glendale

When you start thinking about moving here, you will see a lot of reasons why you should do so. This city was once a small suburb filled with people who do not want to live in a big city. However, all of this changed through time and more and more people started moving in. It is still not considered a big city, but it has grown larger during the previous period. One thing to mention that greatly contributed to this is the fact that entertainment giants such as Dreamworks and Disney are situated here. Another thing that gave many people an idea to call movers Glendale and move here is the fact that there are many great restaurants and an amazing shopping district that even makes some in LA feel small. An amazing place indeed, and we will now cover in more detail what makes it amazing.

It is basically Little Armenia

This small city has the largest Armenian population after the capital of Armenia, Yerevan. Therefore, we can easily call it Little Armenia. The whole city is filled with many restaurants with amazing Armenian cuisine. People from Los Angeles downtown come here to enjoy the delicious meals that Armenian chefs have to offer. In addition, there are dozens of Armenian coffee shops that will make you feel like you are in another country. It is amazing! By visiting Glendale you will be able to feel the Armenian culture the same as you would if you visited Yerevan. Totally unbelievable, but trust us, it is real! In addition, the heavy metal veterans, System of a Down are from Glendale! If you are a fan of their music, it is vital to get to know their culture and to get a better grasp of their lyrical themes. So, if you want to feel the Armenian culture, make sure to do a residential move to Glendale in the winter!

armenian sculpture
Go to Glendale if you want to get to know Armenian culture

The history of air travel

Who would have guessed that the American airlines gave took its first breaths in a small city such as Glendale? Well, it did! Glendale was an important hub of aircraft development in the early years. A man called Charles Lindberg was the first person to pilot a plane from the West coast to the East coast. In addition, Laura Ingalls was the first female pilot to do a flight across the country and land in Glendale. If that is not enough, this is the place where the famous Amelia Earhart bought her first very own plane! This airport is not functional anymore and it is set to be renovated by the Walt Disney Company and they are going to make it part of the Disney Grand Central Creative complex. A great reason to not only visit, but also do a long-distance move to Glendale this winter! By living here, you will witness history unfolding when the Creative Complex opens its doors to visitors.

The shopping scene

Is there something more wonderful and lovely that Christmas shopping? Well, in Glendale, all your wishes can come true! They have one of the best shopping scenes in the whole of Los Angeles County. There is a huge shopping complex that makes many others in the USA feel like small shopping malls! It is called The Americana at Brand. It has a lot of entertainment options and a lot of places you can do your fine dining. If you are up for some fast food to refill after a long day shopping and playing at playhouses, you can have that as well! It really is a place of wonder and entertainment and if you are into that, this winter is the perfect time for you to move to Glendale. Furthermore, there are giant dancing fountains you can enjoy looking at and if you get tired of that, make sure to visit one of the best movie theaters in LA, and dive deep into a world of Christmas Hollywood magic!

An amazing shopping scene in Glendale


Glendale is one of those small places that make your heart warm. But, in addition to that, they are also bustling for those who want to experience it that way. Small cities are perfect for this because it all depends on how you see the world and the city itself. With all that said, good luck with your move to Glendale this winter!