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    If you’re moving in just a few days and doubt that you can make it, you must be very stressed out. Worrying won’t be of any help but a good team of helpers will.  Finding reliable last minute movers Los Angeles is the only thing that can save you at this pointJB Movers Los Angeles won’t let you down. We are certainly not new to last minute relocation. We come armed with experience and quality equipment to help you meet this deadline. Contact us to find out how we can help you perform a seamless move.


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    Settle into your new place promptly with the best last minute movers from Los Angeles.

    Why would anyone move at the last minute?

    Although starting the preparations on time is the easiest way to have a smooth move, not everything in life goes according to plan. In fact, more often than not, we find ourselves adjusting to an unplanned situation. When it comes to moving, the reasons for doing it at the last minute vary. For example, the movers you first hired cancel, your home suddenly becomes uninhabitable, there is a family emergency, you have to move for a job, etc. Yes, people are forced to relocate urgently quite often. However, JB Moving & Delivery is never caught off guard.

    Our last minute movers Los Angeles offer a variety of moving services

    We are equally efficient in long distance and local moving. Wherever your new address is, our movers will be ready. Moreover, we are not only capable of moving your home but also your office. JB Movers do residential and commercial relocation with the same kind of passion and professionalism. All this can be done on short notice – all you need to do is call us.

    In addition to last minute moving, our special services include piano moving, pool table moving, as well as packing. No item is too bulky or complicated for us to move. Also, last minute packing has to be done quickly but still carefully, which is not easy to achieve unless you have enough experience. Luckily, with our packers, that is not an issue.

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    If you desperately need help with an urgent move, you can rely on our last minute movers Los Angeles.

    Have a stress-free last minute move

    The more you rush things, the more prone you are to getting in trouble. Relocating a house or an office is a complex endeavor. Without experience and a foolproof plan, you may fall into many traps. One of them is forgetting to pack something or not doing it properly. Consequently, items get damaged or lost forever. Moreover, if you’re not careful, you may get injured and end up in the emergency room instead of your new place. Obviously, this is something you should try to avoid at all costs.

    Our last minute movers Los Angeles never disappoint

    A stress-free last minute move is not just a myth if you have someone to lean on. With our last minute movers from Los Angeles, you will not only finish the job in time, but you’ll also avoid common moving mistakes and the stress that comes with them. We can handle any urgent move quickly and efficiently, thus ensuring a pleasant moving experience. By hiring us, you will be able to put your feet up in the middle of an otherwise nerve-racking situation.


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    Hurried moves can be quite chaotic. Fortunately, we are used to working on short notice.

    Quick tips for a quick move

    1. Take a deep breath. You’ve got this. Many people before you have managed to do it, and so will you.
    2. Contact us. This is your very first moving task. The sooner you call our last minute movers Los Angeles, the sooner you’ll be in your new place.
    3. Decluttering before the move may seem like something that will slow you down – but it won’t. On the contrary. In addition to financial benefits, you will spend much less time on packing, loading, and unloading. So, get rid of the items you won’t need anymore. Arrange for a charity organization or a junk removal company to pick up those items in order to save more time.

    Packing in a hurry

    Packing requires steady hands and a proper technique. If you opt for professional packing, our packers will do it flawlessly.  But, if you would rather do it yourself, follow these packing tips. Be sure to contact us before you make the final decision. Our JB movers Los Angeles will answer all your questions and address your concerns.

    1. Although making a checklist is recommendable, now may not be the best time for that. A short time frame does not allow you to spend too much time writing lists. Your main goal is not to forget anything and, of course, not to damage anything.
    2. Pack the essentials you will need for moving day. These items will be traveling with you. Put them aside before the movers come because they could easily get misplaced. One bag should be enough. It should contain a change of clothes, medications, important documents, credit cards, your basic personal hygiene products, etc.
    3. Wrap breakables using soft fabrics. Socks, linens, towels, and clothing are things you would pack anyway. This way, you will pack them more efficiently while saving on packing materials.
    4. You can save a ton of time if you pack clothing items as they are. Wrap a strong, large bag (e.g. garbage bag) around the clothes that are already on hangers. Then, tie the bag’s strings around the hangers.
    5. Dresser drawers can serve as boxes – do not empty them. Remove the drawers and wrap them in packing supplies. Alternatively, the whole dresser can be moved as it is, as long as it is not too heavy. Just make sure the drawers are locked or taped shut.
    6. Labeling each box is also recommended, however, this is not your ordinary move. Label only the boxes containing fragile items, such as glassware, mirrors, and electronics.
    7. As soon as you fill a box and tape it shut, get it out of the way and make room for the next one.