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    Relocation of your home is something that can be truly overwhelming.  And after you pack all the boxes, you realize there is a big piano in the middle of your living room. What should you do? Pianos are heavy, bulky, but at the same time very delicate and prone to damage. Such an expensive and delicate item should be relocated with care and precision. That’s why we are there for you. Our piano movers Los Angeles are professionally trained to move your piano wherever you need it. Allowing us to be your moving team will make the move easy and smooth and you will move relaxed and happy. Wait no more to contact our JM movers Los Angeles for more information.

    Why do you need professional piano movers Los Angeles?

    The piano is one of the heaviest items in your home. Even though it is bulky and strong, it is very delicate and difficult to dismantle. Reliable piano movers Los Angeles should be trained to do it in few easy steps. Our movers Los Angeles are professionally trained to dismantle such items with ease. Also, they have a lot of moving experience and are ready to face any challenges. Since items like this are very expensive, but also very important to families, you can be sure that your valuable piano will be transported safely to its new home.

    Our piano movers Los Angeles are a safe option

    With items like this, all you need is safety and speed. With piano movers Los Angeles, you can have all that. They use professional equipment to dismantle, protect and pack your piano for the safest move. Even though you can do it by yourself, it is way too risky. Hiring professionals is a way to avoid all the risks and damage.

    Piano movers Los Angeles have the right equipment

    Let’s face it – to dismantle and move a piano you need a lot of high-quality equipment. Moving pads, many straps, special gloves, a moving dolly, etc. Professional equipment and tools that piano movers Los Angeles use is the key to a successful move. If you don’t want to go around the city looking for all these items, our movers will be glad to help you.

    man carrying moving boxes
    Hiring the professional piano movers Los Angeles has a lot of advantages

    What are piano movers Los Angeles offering?

    When hiring professional movers, it is important to know what to expect. So let’s go through the services piano movers Los Angeles provide you with:

    • skillful care of your instrument – our movers are trained and skilled to do a piano relocation from the beginning (dismantling and packing ) to the end ( relocation and unpacking)
    • high-quality equipment – the tools piano movers Los Angeles use are specially designed to help the relocation and protect your items.
    • storage – if you need some extra space or your piano needs to be somewhere until your new home is ready – we offer safe storage services at affordable prices.

    How to find the best piano movers Los Angeles for you?

    Finding reliable, safe piano movers is sometimes a challenge. In the sea of business offers, we are sometimes confused which company to pick and what are the services we really need. However, we prepared some advice on how to pick the right piano movers Los Angeles.

    Find a couple of options

    Never stick to only one option when it comes to moving companies. Doing some research can be precious in these situations. How to find them? Well, do some internet search, and also ask the people you know – some of them have probably already moved and can give you some recommendations. But, be sure to ask the people you really trust, since moving experiences are highly individual.

    Do a background check

    Never trust a simple commercial or a recommendation. You need to do a background check and see if a company is really reliable and safe. You are trusting them with your valuable items, so they need to be trustworthy. To avoid scams and fraudulent movers, be sure to read online reviews and comments, ask the people you know, ask your real estate agent, etc. Once you gather all that information, you will be able to make the right decision.

    man browsing internet
    Do your online research to find reliable piano movers Los Angeles

    Get a moving quote

    Of course, you can get a free moving quote online with most companies. However, that isn’t enough. The same goes with piano moving, residential or commercial relocation. In-house visit and a written, precise moving quote is necessary. If a company avoids to give you detailed moving quote and offers unfinished documents – make sure to say goodbye to them as soon as possible.


    Before you say yes to any moving company, make sure to find out about their payment style. You have two options there.

    choose trustworthy piano movers Los Angeles - calculate the costs
    Be sure to calculate all the costs before you sign anything

    Hourly rate – here you will have to pay by hours spent on moving your piano. However, usually there is a minimum hour number – usually, 2 or 3 hours are a minimum and has to be paid. The price will depend on the distance between your old and new home, and any special challenges during the move – the weather, stairs, floors, etc.

    Fixed rate – this way you will know for sure how much you need to pay, even before the relocation finishes. Fixed rate usually depends on the type of the piano you have, the distance between your old and new home and any special/unusual conditions. Depending on the size and weight of your piano, a different number of piano movers Los Angeles will be necessary, which can also affect the price. That’s why it is very important to talk to the movers before the moving day and inform them about all the details of the move. This way you will be able to know the price and have no surprises after the relocation is done.

    Finally, the only thing left for you is to move with as little stress possible. For starters, contact our JB movers Los Angeles. If you have any other instruments, read about how to pack musical instruments for relocation.