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    We don’t want to scare you or anything, but a pool table is one of the hardest items to move. It is bulky, heavy and more fragile than you think. However, there is nothing JB Movers Los Angeles can’t move. We are capable of moving every piece of furniture, from a coffee table to a pool table, with impressive efficiency. Our pool table movers Los Angeles are skilled, qualified and experienced enough to handle this moving task easily. If you want one of the most reputable movers Los Angeles to move your pool table, give us a call.

    A ball on a blue pool table and one of the best pool table movers Los Angeles in the background
    Moving a pool table requires caution and patience, which is certainly something our customers can count on.

    Why not move it yourself?

    Think twice before deciding to move a pool table with your friends. The chances of doing it successfully with no experience are pretty slim. What could go wrong? First of all, you or your friends could get injured. Lifting heavy items without proper preparation, tools, and knowledge is not the most sensible decision. Moreover, damaging a door, a floor or the table itself is a very common consequence of doing it yourself. And, as you know, a pool table is not the cheapest thing in the world. These are just some of the downsides of DIY moving. So, having LA pool table movers do it is not only a solution, it is the solution, unless you are properly trained and equipped.

    What’s the proper moving technique?

    Since pool tables are extremely heavy (the major piece being made of rock), you will need at least three strong helpers. Perhaps even four or five. Carpentry skills and the right equipment are a must.

    Removing the parts and putting them back on can be daunting, to say the least. However, do not give in to the temptation to move the table in one piece. The only right way to move a pool table is by taking it apart first. In case your table came with instructions on how to disassemble it and move it, and you still have them, great. If not, we’ll give you the general instructions you can follow.

    Two men sitting and one standing next to an orange pool table
    Our pool table movers Los Angeles can disassemble your table, transport it safely, and later reassemble it at your new home in no time.


    The tools you are going to need include

    • staple puller
    • power drill
    • socket wrench
    • flathead screwdriver
    • safety goggles


    • Our first tip is to label everything. The most important thing you should do while removing parts is labeling them. This way, putting everything back together will be less complicated. Losing small parts is so easy while finding new ones at the hardware store is not.
    • Remove the staples in order to unfasten the six side pockets. A screwdriver may come in handy here. The ball pockets can be just stapled in or secured with screws. Hold each rail using a socket wrench, while unscrewing the bolts. Then, remove each rail. Flip them over with the help of an assistant to take them apart in case they are attached at the corners. Of course, labeling is crucial. 
    • The hardest part of moving a pool table is removing the felt from the slate. Simply rip the felt off if you won’t be using it again. However, if you plan on reusing it, carefully remove the felt to protect it from damage during transport. The felt may become useless unless you remove the staples from it with utmost care!
    • The slate weighs up to 800 lbs. It requires a few strong pool table movers from Los Angeles, even if it is made of several pieces because each one can weigh a few hundred pounds.
    A pool table in the middle of a room, windows, chairs and a staircase surrounding it
    Since your pool table has to be perfectly leveled, placing it on a carpet, especially a thick one, is not a good idea.


    First, reassemble the table’s frame and its legs while the table is upside down. Next, place the slate back in the frame. Use a carpenter’s level and shims to level the pool table according to the floor. Our pool table movers Los Angeles can level the slate flawlessly since they do it regularly. When you are done leveling, apply wax to the seams and screw holes. Then, add the felt and smooth out wrinkles with a metal paint scraper. Finally, put the rails back together. Tighten them and don’t forget to make sure there are no bumps and wrinkles in the felt. If all of these steps seem to difficult for you, give us a call and schedule an apointment with JB Movers Los Angeles.