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The best places in LA county for cat-owners

As a cat owner, you want to have the best possible location for the cat. That’s not always possible, but if there’s an opportunity you’ll make the best choice for your cat. There’s really a small number of places that can be called the best places in LA county for cat-owners. And because of that the best moving companies Los Angeles are taking care more and more and taking notes in order not only to satisfy the client but also their pet.

Studio City is among the best places in LA county for cat-owners

If you have a pet cat they will love that you live in Studio City. It is generally known as a place where people who have pets love to reside. Almost half of the population has some type of pet. Studio City has a lot of beautiful nature, so if you let your cat go around it will really enjoy it. It’s no wonder our local movers in LA who have pets love it when people move to Studio City. Especially if you’re a cat person you’ll have a lot to offer to your cat. Of course, even more, if you let it outside.

cat sitting in one of best places in LA county for cat-owners
Studio City is among the best places in LA county for cat-owners

Thousand Oaks

The Thousand Oaks area has one of the pricier housing markets. However, when it comes to pets it really creates a nice climate. It has a lot of nature around it and if you let your cat out from time to time it will definitely enjoy nature. Another bonus, according to our long-distance LA movers, is that there are really a small number of houses where you live together with multiple families. For that reason, you won’t have neighbors complaining about your cat and it will be free to do whatever it wants.

Long Beach

One of the reasons why Long Beach is on this list is maybe not their amazing housing or cat-friendly nature surrounding the area. The real reason why this part of LA County is on the list is that it helps cats a lot.  Furthermore, it holds the annual kitty hall that has been suspended due to Covid this year. However, we can’t wait for it to restart and show our love towards cats. You don’t see so many cat lovers at one place at once as there.

A cat getting petted
Enjoy just some of the cafes with your cat together

Westwood makes a case as one of the best places for cat-owners

Your cat will love Westwood and so will you. It doesn’t only have great housing portions but also some beautiful parks and nature overall. However, the thing with Westwood is that it has a lot of pet-friendly bars and cafes. For that reason, it’s no wonder why the Glendale moving company brings so many people lately to this region. Nothing really stops you from taking your furry friend with you, and enjoy coffee in the company of your cat.

Moving around LA County won’t really depend on your cat’s needs. However, if there’s a possibility you should choose from some of best places in LA county for cat-owners.  It will make your cat happier and you too. There are so many things that are positive in LA County when it comes to cats. The sheer number of cafes and bars that allow them has risen in the last years. For that reason, meet other fellow cat lovers and talk about how you can improve the life quality for your cats.