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The Most Popular LA Neighborhoods In 2020

Everybody would love to know which are popular LA neighborhoods in 2020. Even those who have not planned to move there recently will check our list. On the other hand, if you have planned to move there, you should prepare. Choosing a professional moving company Los Angeles is the first step. However, you should know where to move to and be satisfied.

When choosing the right neighborhood near LA you should know a few things. The first you should know is to which are popular parts of this city. On the other hand, this city is known to celebrities and a lot of different parts with activities for young people. For people who have planned to move with family, they would love to know is this city is expensive. Whatever you choose, do not forget about important things, like real estate prices.

There are great parts of the Los Angeles where you can see celebrities

Why choose popular LA neighborhoods in 2020

Choosing popular neighbors means that you will pick the most expensive houses. In most cases, you will have an option to share rent or pick a smaller apartment. However, being nearby popular people costs a lot. On the other hand, you will have great days there and the opportunity to meet one of your favorite actresses.

  • You should choose a neighborhood that has great activities nearby – starting from cinemas to sports field even if not many people use them;
  • Amenities that are nearby your new apartment are very important – many people choose neighborhoods looking for the things that they can use when living there;
  • Local movers Los Angeles claim that people choose apartments following a simple guide – they ask how people in neighbor behave and respect their new neighbors;
  • There are a lot of people that ask for the crime rate in part of the city before choosing their new apartment – and they do it for a reason since this number shows how good this place is;
  • Prices affect the popularity of the apartment, but when the apartment is on the list of popular LA neighborhoods in 2020 prices are higher.

Sunshine and beach

You will surely love to come to the place where you will have the sunniest days of the year. If we add to that great temperature during the year, with beaches and funny activities, you have reason to come here. Do not hesitate to organize fast-moving, though. You can put your things away, using storage service and unpack later. This great place cannot wait.


There are a lot of people that choose their future address by the number of celebrities they will be able to see there. However, prices in neighborhoods where celebrities live are higher. So, if you have prepared for a long-distance move you should know that you will pay more after moving.

Great restaurant

It is always good to choose a place with a lot of restaurants. You will be able to order food or go to eat out from the home. Having a lot of restaurants in the neighborhood also means that their prices are lower. Many people find it as one of the best reasons for moving into the area.

A beach
It would be great to live at space with beach and sun

Bad things that could happen when chose one of the most popular LA neighborhoods in 2020

One of the worst things that could happen to you when choosing popular neighborhoods is the price. Houses will be more expensive if belong to the expensive areas. On the other hand, you will be able to choose an affordable place if do not bother for the size of it or amenities.

Crime rate

You should put this condition in the first place when choosing perfect LA neighborhoods in 2020. It is very important if that part of Los Angeles has a low crime rate and safe for your family. However, it affects the price, but your protection is more important than the price of the house.

Prices are high

You should prepare for high prices in any circumstance when come to live in Los Angeles. A combination of the great nature and climate with a high standard affects the real estate price. However, there are a lot of reasons that justify this high price.

Which are the most popular LA neighborhoods in 2020

Finally, you should have a list of the neighborhoods that are most popular this year. We have made it using real estate prices, the cost of living, and stars people gave to them on the social network. On the other hand, you should make your research and choose the best for your life. After all, the most popular places change every year.

Bel Air

Popular as one of the most expensive neighborhoods, Bel Air will never lose place on this list. Living in Bel Air is one of the status symbols as only rich people can afford a home there. However, you should know that there is an unemployment rate is very low and there are a lot of famous people that live there.

Los Angeles
Bel Air is very popular part of teh Los Angeles in pas few years

Pacific Palisades

It is great when you can find a place with a view of the ocean. You will be able to see great nature, but also great neighbors. People who live there claim that this place has changed their lives. They hang out more and have great activities.


It is one of the greatest places for artists. Thanks to a lot of open markets street artists but also craft men could sell their goods. Also, you will be able to have Farmer’s Market nearby with always fresh and natural products. A good reason to pay even the high price of the real estate.

Century City

One of the most popular and taped places in Los Angles is surely Century City. The reason is Universal Studio where all famous movies are made. It also means that you will see celebrities at every step. On the other hand, tourists make a noise which could be a problem.

Mar Vista

According to experts, Mar Vista is the best combination of living conditions. If you want to choose one of the popular LA neighborhoods in 2020 you should consider this place. It has great prices, a low crime rate, and great activities nearby. A perfect living place.