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Tips for meeting new people in LA

When you move to a new city whether with one of the best moving companies Los Angeles, or some that are not really up to the task, everything will hard at the beginning. When the thrill of living in a new surrounding start gradually disappearing, then the hardships are likely to present themselves. This is especially relevant if you are moving alone, and you do not have any friends or associates in the new city. This is when you realize that you have to make new friends. How should you approach this? Well, in order to help you answer that question, we have made a list of tips for meeting new people in LA. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Live with roommates

This may seem like something you would not like to do, but it is one of the most effective ways to meet new people in Los Angeles. Living with a roommate may not be the first decision you would make after your local move to LA, because you are going to have to share your living space with a person you do not know. However, this may prove to be a blessing in disguise. What if the roommate has already lived in the City of Angels for a while? If they had, then you have the perfect guide. They will be able to tell you about the best places to go out to, the best grocery stores, the best place for recreation, and much else. They will also inform you about any events or parties happening. You can go together to these events and parties, and even just have company while going to the grocery store. They can introduce you to their friends and your social circle will slowly expand, one friend at a time!

tips for meeting people in LA's busiest street
Meeting new people in LA 101!

Always say yes when people invite you to events

If you meet someone new, and they invite you to an event or party, or something similar, say “yes”! This is a very important part of meeting new people in Los Angeles. When someone meets you for the first time and then invites you to an event, they probably see something in you that proves that you are cool to hang out with. In addition, you will be able to meet even more people at the said event if you decide to come. If you, however, say “no”, the person that invited you may see you as someone who will decline most invitations in the future and may never invite you to anything anymore. This is an effective way to lose a potential friend, so try to avoid it! Of course, if they ask you to go do something weird, then feel free to say “no”, but keep in mind that you should mostly agree to accompany them at certain events.


Meetup.com is one of the largest networks of local communities. They claim to have around 100.000 meetups each week, and many of them are situated in Los Angeles. There are local groups for just about anything. If you want to go to the gym and do not have a gym buddy, join a local Meetup group for gym enthusiasts. If you want to go hiking in one of the many Los Angeles hiking trails, join a hiking group! The possibilities are endless and you will be able to find a group for whatever you come across. You may even find a group of people willing to provide moving services Los Angeles! You never know! One of the best tips for meeting new people in LA!

Never refuse is a friend invites you to an event

Do not make work an excuse to not go out

You will most probably find a job after your long-distance move to the City of Angels. This job will probably tire you out and you will not feel like doing anything, let alone go out and make the effort of meeting new people. However, it is statistically proven that people who often refuse invitations because of work-related issues are most likely going to refuse more and more event invitations. This is because you may enter a vicious cycle of only working, and then relaxing at home. While this seems a good way of life for some people, it is probably not for you since you are reading this article. So, power through your exhaustion and go out!

Keep some clothing items in your car

When you start meeting new people and slowly creating a circle of friends, you need to be prepared at all times. There may be an event that is last minute so you cannot go home to get ready and then go out. That is why you should have some nice clothing items you would wear on a night out in your car. Imagine a situation where your friend invites you to a happy hour. However, you just got off work. The amount of time you are going to need to go to your house, get ready, and drive back, and find a parking space, the happy hour is most likely going to be long over. Also, many red carpet events are last minute, and you never know who may show up. Imagine missing your favorite actor or actress walking graciously down the red carpet. All of this because you were not able to get ready on time.

two people talking
Meet new people on social media!

Go to events alone

This may seem like the opposite of what we are trying to achieve here. However, many people that had recently moved to Los Angeles can prove this theory. When you go to events alone you will be more approachable. People do not like seeing other people sitting alone and without company. In addition, if you are with one of your friends, most people will not be as interested in meeting you because you are probably already having fun with your friend. Another thing when you go somewhere alone is that you may seem mysterious. Many people see this as something they may want to solve! A great tip for meeting new people in LA!