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Tips for moving in the winter

Cold temperatures in winter, combined with the influx of snow, sleet and freezing of rain in the season, make it an excellent time for hibernation. But it is also an ideal time to move. Yes, you read it right. As unattractive as it may seem, leave your cozy cocoon, it is worth it if you are in the market to move, whether you are renting or buying a house. It is the perfect time to move for less money. But don’t just take our word for it – read on to find out why moving in the winter is the best thing.

Leave your comfort and start planning on moving in the winter!

Winter property is cheaper

Want to buy your dream home by sticking to a budget? Winter is the best time of year to get the property of your choice at a low price. This is largely due to the fact that the season is not a popular time for moving. Therefore, as a result, sellers are much more likely to lower prices or negotiate than in summer time.

Another bonus: since fewer buyers explore the housing market in winter, there is less competition, which means that you are unlikely to end up in a bidding war or lose your home. Simply put, winter is usually the buyer’s market and almost always equates to saving money when buying a home.

Rent tenants who are trying to find their next abode, should do it also in the winter. Real estate managers are more likely to give special offers to force people in their facilities, trying to reduce the number of vacancies at a time when people often stay in place. And, like home buyers, tenants face less competition in winter.

You can probably afford to hire movers

The worst part of the move is often the moving itself. Furniture is usually heavy, and the idea of moving all your wealth from one place to another can be completely exhausting. Especially if you haven’t completely accepted that minimalist thing. This is where you should seek help from professional movers.

Of course, hiring professional movers in LA is another expense on top of everything else. But moving companies usually offer their services at a reduced rate in the winter time, because this is their slow season. In addition, since their schedule is not packed, you have a good chance to choose the date and time that best suits your needs and requirements.

Start the new year the right way

If you are someone who loves a new start, moving in the winter is just for you. You will have a new canvas for decoration, and this is the perfect reason to update your current household items.

There are also possible tax benefits that come with a move before January 1. For example, if you have the right to write off your expenses for your taxes (this applies if you move because of a change in your work or company location or if you move because you started a completely new job or business), moving before a new year may allow you get this when you file.

In addition, for the first-home buyers and current homeowners who purchased their property two years ago or longer and buy a new main residence are eligible for certain tax breaks. Why not use them before the end of the year if you plan to move in the near future anyway?

You will have less competition

If you live in an urban area, high season traffic can be a big trouble. When you try to move in the summer, your preferred moving company might not even have an opening. And that can be in the whole month when you need to move.

Storage units
And trying to get your stuff in the storage and out of it is not a picnic.

In the summer, there are often several tenants who go on a certain day of the week, so sometimes you have to maneuver past several different trucks. But if you are moving in the winter, not all people are intelligent, like you. Therefore, you will not compete for the attention of movers. You will have more freedom to plan your move whenever you want – even at the last minute. And they will be glad to offer you all the different moving assistance options.

Your things may be safer

In summer, most of the country can reach scorching temperatures. But the temperatures you feel outside are nothing compared to the temperatures inside a moving truck or your own trunk. You can dramatically reduce the risk of destroying everything you have by proper packing. But one drop can mean goodbye to your fragile collection of notes or a one-of-a-kind oil painting. And there will be drops.

But if you are moving in the winter, you can be very grateful for these cold temperatures. If you move and store things in the winter months, you significantly reduce the risk of damage to your property from overheating. Moving trucks and warehouses usually remain very cool in winter.

The summary of the most important advantages of moving in the winter

  • Moving in the winter can save you money when hiring a moving company. Most relocation companies have cheaper rates compared to the busiest months (May-September).
  • Movers are more flexible with dates in winter. You may not need to pay so much attention, or you can even get your homeware faster.
  • If the weather permits, travel can be faster due to the lack of cars and road construction.
  • In winter, there are fewer houses on the market, and sellers often want to move out of their residences.
  • In winter, there may be fewer buyers, because more people prefer to move in the warmer months.
  • Due to the decrease in volume in the winter, mortgage lenders usually have less credit and less paperwork.
  • Because of the slower market, real estate professionals have more time to devote to your search for your new home.
  • Lenders may waive certain fees to stay busy in the offseason.
  • Since landlords want to fill vacant apartments and houses in the winter, they are likely to tempt you to move with bonuses, lower rents or a smaller deposit.
Winter scenery
In addition, you don’t have to wait for the next year to enjoy that beautiful winter scenery