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Top LA neighborhoods for singles

Many young professionals searching for ideal places to live and work. If you are one of them, maybe you are considering moving to Los Angeles. Whether you are a California resident or coming from another state, Los Angeles can be a phenomenal place for a fresh start. Many will say this is a landing spot for young professionals and singles and it is true. Los Angeles attracts many young people with its palm trees, pretty people, impressive food scene, and nightlife. If you are closer to decide on moving to LA, we are happy for you. So, in this article, we will remind you to prepare for your transition to LA. Also, our Glendale moving company will offer you professional assistance during your move. But before you contact us and find your new apartment, let consider LA neighborhoods for singles. Hope you will choose the best one for you!

There are a lot of LA neighborhoods for single people you may like

When you are living in a big city, the type of your neighborhood could determine most of your day. It not going to be the same if you choose a quiet one compared to a vibrant neighborhood. Also, it is important for you to choose the neighborhood that will offer you the most. If you are already living nearby and hiring local movers Los Angeles, then you have probably had a chance to meet some of the LA neighborhoods. Now you must be in search of an ideal apartment in your favorite neighborhood.

However, we want to remind you that you may change your decision for a few years. Naturally, as time passing our needs are changing. Even if you choose best from LA neighborhoods for singles it does not mean you will stay there forever. The most important thing for you according to our JB Movers Los Angeles is to consider your needs and priorities at this moment. Generally, in the last couple of years, this city has had some economic growth. For this reason, so my people came to the town.

Los Angeles landscape
Make sure to opt for the neighborhood you like the most.

This was the reason for the development of some new areas and interesting neighborhoods in LA. More young people means more housing and job opportunities. Some areas such as Highland Park and Mar Vista are up and they are coming to become some of the best LA neighborhoods for young professionals. Still, there are plenty of areas in LA that are considered the finest neighborhoods for living, especially for professionals and young singles. In there you can enjoy outdoor activities, areas with a diversity of food and culture, and areas where the nightlife is bustling. Below we will reveal some of the best LA neighborhoods.

The list of top-rated LA neighborhoods for singles

  • Downtown LA,
  • Ocean Park,
  • Echo Park,
  • Highland Park,
  • Playa Del Ray,
  • Los Feliz,
  • West Hollywood,
  • Westwood,
  • Culver City,
  • Venice Beach,
  • Mar Vista,
  • Silver Lake.


Choose Downtown LA and be in the center of the action

If you are looking for a diverse, lively, and very vibrant part of the city, Downtown LA will be the perfect choice for you. Downtown LA has lots to offer to its residents, for sure. This neighborhood is a great place for young professionals and singles. But before you hire residential movers Los Angeles, you will need to set your budget and find a new home here. Is there a lot of residents in this neighborhood of LA? For now, it has a population of about 43,000 residents. The median rent value is about $1,700. When it comes to the median home value, it is about $633,000. According to the experts, these prices are not so high for everything you get living in this part of town.

Downtown LA
Downtown LA can be your favorite neighborhood.

Great public transportation, so many things to do and see, unforgettable nightlife are some of the reasons why so many singles want to move to Downtown LA. In case you are looking for action and excitement outside of your apartment, this neighborhood is exactly what you are looking for.

West Hollywood offers plenty of business opportunities

We are talking about one of the most trendy places for young professionals in LA. If you are looking for a not-so-average lifestyle then West Hollywood can be the right place for you. You will be near many opportunities to jump-start your career. Here you find plenty of options in technology, food, hospitals, information technology, and accommodation services. If you are a job seeker, you will not regret your decision to move to West Hollywood. Some of the best companies to work for are located here in West Hollywood. One more thing you should know is that rent in West Hollywood is more affordable compared to other LA neighborhoods. Although State of California is the where many celebrities live, maybe you did not have a chance to see any of them. If you start living in West Hollywood, don’t be surprised to see some celebrities around.

Echo Park can be what you are looking for

This neighborhood has a hip vibe and provides its residents with plenty of fun things to do during the entire year. When you are looking for a new home to rent, here you can choose from a wide selection of apartments and condos. On the other hand, homebuyers can choose from classic bungalows and new development in this neighborhood. It is not hard to get to your job from Echo Park, since it is just about a 15-minute drive from downtown. When it comes to things to visit and do here, you will have a lot of quality time in Echo Park.

Echo Park is one of the best LA neighborhoods for singles
Echo Park is one of the top-rated LA neighborhoods for singles.

This budding area within Los Angeles has just about everything a young professional could desire. If you are looking for spacious parks, a scenic lake, and quick access to public transportation, Echo Park is the right place for you. This is one of the finest LA neighborhoods for singles where you can be close to trendy eateries, bars, and coffee shops all along Sunset Blvd. Whether you are hiring local or long distance movers Los Angeles, Echo Park might be the right destination for you. Wish you choose your ideal LA neighborhood!