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5 affordable ways to stage your home like a pro

You don’t need a lot of money to stage your home (or even a working space) like a pro. What is important to remember is that the ideal style is accomplished by constant changes and the trial and error method. And even when you come up with the perfect combination, you will probably get bored out of it or it will be out of fashion after a while. So let’s go bravely into the new experiments and see 5 affordable ways to stage your home like a pro! We will prove to you that with a small sum of money, multiplied by many imaginative combinations, you can create a home that makes you feel like a millionaire.

What are 5 ways to stage your home like a pro?

To save you from reading, here are 5 ways to stage your home:

  • you can paint the walls
  • adjust the lights
  • move your furniture
  • put some wall decoration 
  • and add some greenery

Of course, if you want to know how to do it budget-friendly, read on!

brush - stage your home
You don’t need a lot of money to stage your home like a pro.

1. Wall painting

Once you’re done with your reliable movers Los Angeles, and you are all set in your new home, you may get the idea to change something. And changing the color of your walls is without a doubt the most effective change you can make in a little time… And with little money. Who says wall painting should be a thorough and comprehensive operation? You can refresh one room in just a few hours! You only need some paint, accessories and nylon to cover the furniture.

If you’ve read our previous tips for decorating a rental apartment, you’ve already remember how color works on a person’s psyche. So, just choose your mood and paint your room over the weekends! Semi-dispersive paint suitable for such operations is relatively inexpensive. If you are wondering how much paint you need, consider this: for 2 coatings of the ceiling and walls you need about as many kilograms of paint as the room has squares. And if you decide not to paint the ceiling, a single 10 kg bucket will probably be more than enough. In addition, toning will require one or two bottles of toner. You also need a roller – don’t get the cheapest one to last for other rooms in your apartment – one brush and a trowel.

2. Adjust the lights

One of the most common mistakes people make when furnishing an apartment is to illuminate the room with only one type of lighting. The choice most often falls on the chandeliers or ceiling lights that illuminate the entire room. Chandeliers are certainly an indispensable part of the atmosphere of a room, but they should only be used on suitable occasions. Instead of thinking about a room as a whole, try to illuminate individual parts of the room based on the activities that take place in them. Of course, it all depends on the type the furniture you have so consider buying affordable furniture that will make your apartment look better.

Above the seating sets and tables, you can mount low-hanging lights with a directional beam of blurred lighting to create a comfortable home atmosphere. Don’t you think that the room is somehow more hospitable and cozy when, instead of a couple of spotlights flashing from the ceiling, you are greeted by a couple of lamps in the corners that give a gentle, velvety light?

Instead of thinking about a room as a whole, try to illuminate individual parts of the room based on the activities that take place in them.

The good news is that home lighting prices are dropping while supply is steadily increasing. In addition to flea markets and more and more specialized lighting shops, you can always consider reviving the vintage lamps you found in your grandmother’s attic or getting it from a friend for a long-time birthday. And did you know that it’s not that difficult to make a lamp? To get started, get a bulb throat, a power cord, and a switch. Everything else is a thing of your imagination: just remember the lamps made of bottles, packaging and similar handy things you saw online or in designer shops.

3. Move your furniture

This is a thing that won’t cost you a dime. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the same for your spinal condition after completion. That’s why it’s maybe smarter to ask workers from moving companies West Los Angeles to help you with furniture placement once you settle in. So plan and measure everything nicely 3 times before you start moving. For a change, try to mix up the symmetry of your old sets and possibly place some pieces at a surprising angle. For example, if the room is narrow and oblong, with a diagonal sofa it surely looks much more regular, almost square. Feel free to take risks, but stick to some basic rules: don’t block doors and windows, and try to have as little furniture as possible leaning against the wall.

Moving your furniture won’t cost you a dime.

4. Wall decoration

Pictures, graphics, posters and other artwork can really change the character of a room. It doesn’t have to be top art – it’s enough to make you happy when you see it. Of course, representative family pictures and photos always come to mind. Still, there are some that should be put down from the walls. If you don’t know what to do with it, consider renting storage. At the same time, new decorations will say something about you to every person who visits you. Keep this in mind when choosing your next wall decoration.

5. Put some greenery

The natural beauty of plants is irreplaceable in adding vibrancy and a cheerful atmosphere to any room. As you know, plants are generally very inexpensive (especially if you get a peeler from a neighbor). And once you have one it’s easy to spread them all over the house. Visit a few flower shops or plants with ornamental plants. Then try to imagine how some of these plants would fit into your living space. Consult with experts and experienced florists (such as your mom). Ask them which plants are the easiest to grow and maintain, and choose one of them.

That’s it for 5 affordable ways to stage your home like a pro! We hope you like our advice so have fun decorating.