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5 surprising facts about living in Beverly Hills

Considering moving to a new house in Beverly Hills? Moving to another home has many pros and cons. The good news is that you can improve your life and start fresh after relocation. When you decide to move, you can choose a home that suits you better, be closer to your job, friends, and family. Even if you are so excited about your relocation you need to get through the moving process. The biggest disadvantage of moving is the too many tasks you need to finish. Since moving is demanding you should hire reliable Beverly Hills movers and focus on exploring your new surrounding. While you are trying to meet your new city, you want to find out all about it. So, today our team will remind you how to prepare for the upcoming move. Also, we will remind you of some surprising facts about living in Beverly Hills.

What to expect when and after moving to Beverly Hills

Located in Los Angeles County, Beverly Hills is a city where you can live your dream. When you decide to move to Beverly Hills, it will be like you have hit jackpot. This city will offer you a lot, whether you are moving as a single or with your family. Even if you are a Los Angeles resident, you need to prepare for moving to Beverly Hills. Once you decide to find a new home in this city, you will wish to find out all you can expect when relocating. There is no doubt if you hire local movers Los Angeles, there is nothing that can go wrong. Our experienced movers will help you transport all your belonging to your new address. However, before you plan out your move, you should know some little known facts about living in Beverly Hills.

descovering surprising facts about living in Beverly Hills on the street
You should know some surprising facts about living in Beverly Hills.

Find out some surprising facts about living in Beverly Hills

One of the most important things about Beverly Hilly is its safety. Maybe you did not know, but this city is among the safest places in this state, but also in the entire country. It may be surprising, but Beverly Hills has an extremely low crime rate. That means you don’t need to worry about anything bad happening after you settle in. Moreover, you can count on the police on short notice, in case of emergency. The Beverly Hills Police department can respond in less than a minute if you need them. A respectful and hard-working police force in the Beverly Hills area will be there for you every minute to make sure your entire family is safe. If you are already looking for a new home and affordable movers Los Angeles, we encourage your decision. This city will guarantee a great and safe future for your family.

Happy child
Your kids will be safe here.

This fact is crucial for many families. It is not so hard to decide to take a chance and move to Beverly Hills when you know your family will be safe and sound here. Safety in this city is one of the main reasons why many young parents hire our moving company Los Angeles. There is never too much safety, right? If you are among those who want the best for their family members then moving to Beverly Hills is a phenomenal choice for you.

Here is what you were might not know about Beverly Hills

The top-level safety in Beverly Hills is not the only surprising fact about this city. One of the most surprising facts about this city is that before the sleek streets of Beverly Hills were filled with Bugattis, Chanel and Bulgari they were originally full of beans. This city was home to one of the largest lima bean fields in the entire state of California.

Beverly Hills is the only city in the state with no hospital, no cemetery, no telephone or power wires, and no billboards. Can you believe it? Also, a long time ago horses were banned by the city of Beverly Hills. Another interesting thing about this city is that the Post Office offers valet parking within the city.

Beverly Hils is home to Greystone Mansion. Once you pack your bags, hire moving services Los Angeles and decide to move to this amazing city you can visit and explore the first floor of the Greyhouse. The famous Greyhouse is an official park in Beverly Hills. Greystone Mansion is the place where many famous films, countless commercials, and music videos have been shot.

One of less known facts about living in Beverly Hills

Another surprising fact about Beverly Hulls is that the most expensive store in the whole world is located right here. That is right, we are talking about the House of Bijan that requires a reservation to shop. Believe it or not, customers average spent is $10,000 per visit to the House of Bijan. The names of some of Mr. Bijan’s famous clients such as President Barack Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Jordan, and Tom Ford are permanently engraved on the front window of his store. The Bijan space is owned by Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy for the staggering price of almost $20, 000 per square foot. This store is famous for its limited quantities of premium bespoke men’s fashion and also collaborations with some both the most luxury car designers such as Bugatti and Rolls Royce.

Prada store in Beverly Hills.
An amazing life awaits you in Beverly Hills.

In conclusion

Whether you are already living in a State of California or coming from another state, Beverly Hills could be an ideal place for you. All mentioned surprising facts about living in Beverly Hills are what you need to know before your move. In addition, you will find out and explore many interesting things once you move to this place. Hope we have helped you prepare for this huge step in your life. No matter how surprising some of the facts might be for you, you will opt for moving to this place for sure. Hope you will adjust to your new home in no time and enjoy private and calm life in Beverly Hills.