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7 Los Angeles renters’ rights you should know about

In case you are moving to Los Angeles any time soon, you should do a little research before first. Los Angeles is a city that offers many different things to many different peoples. Here you will keep people from all around the world. So, if you like diversity, moving to this city can be the right step for you. Before you decide to hire our trustworthy moving company Los Angeles and start preparations for the big day, you should be informed about housing in Los Angeles. As more than even half of Los Angeles residents are renters, you must be interested in Los Angeles renters’ rights. Luckily, you are at an ideal place right now. Our today’s topic will give you all the important information you need to know before rent a new home. So, let us help you prepare for the move and help you understand your renters’ rights.

Prepare for the move and look into Los Angeles renters’ rights

Moving to another home is never easy. Whether you moving across Los Angeles or coming from another city or a state, you will need to prepare. A good organization but also mental preparations are crucial for a successful move to your new home. Also, you should prepare your budget, too. And when we say budget, we don’t mean only moving budget. You need to make a plan once you find out all costs you can expect after moving to a new Los Angeles home. It does not matter if you are moving to Beverly Hills or any other part of LA, you should write down all upcoming costs and try to plan out your monthly budget ahead. Our reputable Beverly Hills movers will help you transport your household and you can stay focused on your calculations and tenants’ rights.

New apartment
Get ready to move to a new LA apartment.

One thing is for sure, after moving to any area in Los Angeles, you can expect high costs of ownership. That explains the fact that over 64 percent of citizens are renters in LA. To make you feel safer as a renter in Los Angeles, we will help you understand some of the important LA renters’ rights you should know about. For sure, this will help you feel more relaxed before the big day. Our affordable movers Los Angeles will be there for you and give you complete support. Not only we will provide you with outstanding moving services, but also we will remind you of important things to know before the move. So, below you will find important things to know about renting an apartment in Los Angeles. Stay tuned and we will simplify your research for the answers you need.

Living in well-maintained housing is one of Los Angeles renters’ rights

While you are packing your belongings and getting ready to leave your current home, learn all about renters’ rights. One of them is all about not living in slum housing. Wondering what is that means? Well, as a tenant you have a right to clean, habitable housing. That means Los Angeles landlords need to maintain livable housing units. Livable housing units are ones in which windows and doors are not broken. That means the landlords have to take care of the good condition of roof and walls, plumbing but also there are no vermin running free within the building and housing unit. So, while you are waiting for your local movers Los Angeles to help you relocate, you can expect to live in a well-maintained apartment after the move.

The next rule says that if the unit is not habitable your landlord needs to fix it immediately. In addition, a landlord in LA should not collect monthly rent for that unit until it is habitable again. However, the problem doesn’t mean that renters should decide to stop paying rent.

Learn what to do once the problem occurs

What you should remember once the problem occurs is to let your landlord know about it. This will help you avoid complications and having bad relation with your landlords. They have a huge responsibility to make sure you are living inhabitable and well-maintained housing. Although it is their obligation, you can help them take care everything is right. Make sure to pay your rent regularly and you will get excellent conditions for the apartment price you pay.

Shaking hands after learning what you should know about Los Angeles renters' rights.
Communication with your landlord is important.

But what to do in case your landlord is not doing anything about the problem in your apartment? As we mentioned, experts recommend you first tell your landlord verbally. If your landlord still procrastinates solving the problem, you should make a dated letter detailing the issue. Also, you should take pictures of the problem and gather other documentation that you could use later to show that your landlord was aware of the issue. Unfortunately, if the problem is not fixed after two months, you will need to consider the next Los Angeles renters’ right. You have the right to sue your landlord for the rent you paid while you were living in a gross apartment.

Count on the same protections level wherever you live

There is no doubt, living in the USA has many advantages. One of them is a chance to feel protected even if you are not living in a huge home. Although in the State of California are a lot of places that have been converted into living spaces without the proper residential permits you will have the same protections as you would have when living in a permitted apartment. What if a garage has been turned into a one-bedroom apartment where you are living now? You can count on your rights even if you are a renter of an illegal apartment.

You can rely on your Los Angeles renters’ rights.

Enjoy your new Los Angeles apartment 

Wondering when can your landlord come into your apartment? According to Los Angeles renters’ rights, you will need to get 24-hour notice. In a case of emergency, your landlord can enter without any notice at all. When it comes to raising your rent, housing can only have rent increases once a year, if you are living in rent-controlled housing. Even if you are living in a non-rent-controlled unit, a landlord can’t raise the rent more than twice a year. Hope this article will help you prepare for living in your new LA apartment.