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How to help your elderly parents settle in Glendale?

Moving our ”entire life” in boxes to the new Glendale address is not easy. We can all agree on- relocation is a source of stress, regardless of an individual’s age or life situation. But when our parents get old and the time for downsizing and moving comes, this process becomes even tougher. It is not easy to leave a cozy home for our seniors. The end of the career and health issues are the unpleasant life stage for every human being. Unfortunately, it is a path that each of us has to go through one day. The question is what we can do to ease this step for our parents? We can help them conduct their move by hiring the finest Glendale moving company. Another thing you can do is to help your elderly parents settle in Glendale. Stay with us and consider some of the ways to do so.

Happy senoir couple
Turn moving your elderly parents into fun.

Take care about planning and help your elderly parents settle in Glendale

No matter if your parents are moving to a small house, apartment, or nursing center, this is not going to be easy for them. Even if they are healthy and capable to organize the entire moving process, the hardest part comes after the move. Once they realize they cannot turn back to their beloved house they used to live in, it is going to be a huge emotional struggle for them. Even if you know each one of your parents is strong and ready for this change, believe us, they are not. The hardest phase will come once the relocation is over. They will need to adjust to a new home, disrupted routines, new surroundings. After the move, they may face feelings of anger and sadness due to a perceived loss of freedom and vitality, and above all, their lovely home.

What you should do to ease this process for your parents? What exactly you should do to help them prepare for such a huge change? Firstly, no matter how independent they are, be there for them when the time for moving comes. Even if you have a lot of jobs to do and things to care about, make sure to find time to help your parents out. Secondly, make sure they will hire some of the most reliable local movers Los Angeles. Dealing with unreliable and fraudulent movers is not something your elderly parent should experience.

Make sure to help your parent determine what items they want to bring to their new home. Our JB Movers Los Angeles recommend you to help your parent create an inventory list. Also, you can make a schedule or timeline for their move. Your parents will be very grateful for your help.

Be empathetic during the conversation about the moving

It is not easy to start an initial conversation about downsizing and moving your seniors out of their current homes. There is no doubt, it is not so easy to find a new home that will perfectly fit your elderly parents. This is especially true if they are used to living in the same place for a long time. As the times passing by we all become attached to the same routine. Every person tends to set their home to be functional and comfortable for living and it is hard to leave it just like that. Now it is time for your parents to say goodbye to the safety of their home. In fact, they will not need to use large space anymore and pay bills for unused space.

Daughter and mother
Be there to listen and understand your parents.

Even though downsizing is ideal for seniors, it is not easy for them to decide on this step. Therefore, you should be supportive and have an open conversation with your parents about the best solution for them. Make sure to help them chose a new home. Consider the accessibility of hallways, staircases, and other rooms in the home that they are considering. In case they have a large home and want to move to a small apartment, propose them renting storage services Los Angeles. Do all you need so they can get through the move as smoothly as possible. Once you finish moving day preparations, have a conversation with your parents about their new, awesome home. Looking forward to a fresh start will help them forget about the sadness for a while.

Be there after the relocation is over and help you parent settle in Glendale

Once professional movers transport all your parents’ possession to the new address, be there to help them with unpacking. This is a proven way to assist your elderly parents settle in Glendale. In case they have to unpack all of their belongings alone, it may be hard for them. Even if you are not able to help them unpack moving boxes, make sure to hire packing services Los Angeles and ask your movers to do this job instead of you.

Preparing dinner will help your elderly parents settle in Glendale
Take time for preparing dinner, this will help your elderly parents settle in Glendale.

If possible, make sure to take time for decorating an elderly loved one’s new home. For sure there is a certain level of excitement and anticipation that comes with setting up a new place. This will be a special moment for them and having family memories involved in this process will make your parent feel better. For sure this will help your parents focus on the positive things that lie ahead rather than what they have left behind. Prepare the first meal for you and your parent in their new home. Eating with familiar faces will make your parent feel relaxed and safe.

Help your parents meet their new surroundings

Although it is good to be there for you parent once they arrive at their new home in the State of California, it is important not to cross boundaries. Remember, you will need to let them figure things out on their own. The best way to help your elderly parents settle in Glendale is to encourage them to get involved in activities and outings they are interested in. This way they will begin making friends and developing new routines.