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How to organize a virtual housewarming party

In order to organize a virtual housewarming party, you must dedicate yourself to the process. We are here to help you with some tips and tricks! Hire Glendale moving company, this is our first tip and you get it gratis!

To organize a virtual housewarming party, know what one is

You have bought a house, hired Beverly Hills movers to do the work, and officially move in, now you call your friends to come to your home for a housewarming party. In the virtual scenario, it is either further away from your friends or you have very busy lives and cannot organize a party in the actual house. Well, you can, all everyone needs is a camera on their phone or computer. Your friends usually send you presents and you all join in a group video call where you open the presents and show them the house. You will surely send them some photos beforehand but through a video call, you can show them how you arranged your new home!

Video call-organize a virtual housewarming party
When you organize a virtual housewarming party, your friends can be anywhere and still join!

Organizing a housewarming party, the best tips!

Now that you know how it looks, we will continue with some useful tips and tricks you will find helpful or at least inspirational. Let us start with an example of how a regular housewarming party would look like.

When to organize such a party?

You must be wondering what would be the appropriate time to organize a virtual housewarming party for your friends. Well, that really depends on you, we can only help you with the decision. Your home does not have to be perfect for you to show it to your friends. Nevertheless, we understand if you want everything to be set up before you do. You probably have new furnishing or at least new details you would like to brag about a little. Since we know that moving is a process that involves redecorating in most cases, we would like to recommend storage services as a solution. You don’t have to throw out something you currently do not want to use, just put it away for a while. The best time for a virtual housewarming party is when everyone can be able to join in on the video call.

Who to invite?

The big question, whom should you invite? Well, that one is also up to you, we can, again, just help you decide. You see, getting older means you lose some people and gain some people in your life. We believe that a housewarming party should include the people who really care about you and will share your happiness. Inviting everyone is simply a teenage thing to do. Isn’t it better to call your friends and only your good friends and share your special new home with them? To a virtual housewarming party, you should invite the people you would invite to an actual housewarming party. So, in other words, if you would not invite them into the house, you should not invite them to see it virtually.

Invite people who will genuinely be happy for you!

Housewarming presents or no housewarming presents?

It is somewhat a practice to give presents when someone buys a new home and invites you for a party. This does not mean that a virtual housewarming party must include presents. It just means that it can and that it usually does. We recommend not mentioning any presents unless your friends ask you if you want some. If they ask you, answer them honestly. If they want to buy you something, tell them what you need. Maybe you are missing something that you were planning to buy anyway. Now, if you strictly do not want any present, just tell them, that is also ok, it is your party. In the scenario where no one asks you anything, do not mention it yourself. Let them decide whether they want to give you something or not.

Organize a virtual housewarming party with a theme!

To make the party more interesting, you can always add a theme! Imagine, you and your friends, all dressed up and laughing at each other with each other! If you wonder what your theme should be, we can give you some interesting ideas that are cool and can make you laugh. Maybe the theme can be some kind of an intern joke between you and your friends? Here is a list of our ideas:

  1. The new posh house theme You can all pretend to be millionaires and snobby. Take plastic pearls from your kid and pretend to be filthy rich. This will make you laugh for sure! If you are a millionaire, do not get offended, join in on the fun! This is all healthy laughter!
  2. The ”who is more tired from life” theme- We all have bags under our eyes and wear pajamas when at home. You can emphasize your tiredness with makeup and compete to see who is the most tired adult! Making a joke at your own expense is actually very healthy and really funny! Everyone can relate to being tired.
  3. PJ party- Speaking of wearing pajamas, you can organize a late at night party when everyone is at home and you can all wear your pajamas. It will be just like in high school and college.
  4. Drinking party- Do we really need to explain? This is a great theme when you organize a virtual housewarming party!

All of these themes are just something we would find fun and amazing. You can make everything a theme, or you do not even need a theme, life can be funny as is!

Showing around
You can have a theme or you do not have to. It will be fun either way!

Organize a virtual housewarming party, is it fun or is it fun?

Well, we have reached the end of our tips but we know that we gave you some ideas for when you organize a virtual housewarming party! We hope that you like them and will use some of our advice, it all came from the heart. Hopefully, you are excited about your upcoming party and you will have a great time showing your home to your friends. We wish you good luck!