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Things to Ask your Movers if Moving During the Coronavirus Outbreak

There are a few things that you should ask your movers if moving during the coronavirus outbreak. Of course, you can always rely on movers West Los Angeles to help you relocate. Here are some things you should consider while moving.

The moving company could contain the following official recommendations:

  • They must disinfect vehicles often – it means after every transporting, or even during it;
  • Keeping distance is something that we used on during this pandemic – you should know that workers in moving companies should respect it;
  • You should ask your movers if moving during the coronavirus outbreak how they check symptoms on their workers – it is not well if they do not have any conversation about it with their employers;
  • Culver City movers usually do not hire freelancers – meaning their workers have adequate insurance and follow the rules about checking their health;
  • Moving companies must learn how to protect themselves without your advice – so, you should inform them about their measures after this pandemic started.

When all of this you have in mind, you should make a final decision. Do you want to cooperate with the company or not? You have the right to refuse to organize moving with people that do not seem severe. Also, do not hesitate to ask them whenever you need to know about their business.

Person with mask
You should inform about measures the company uses to protect from corona

What to ask your movers if moving during the coronavirus outbreak before hiring them?

You still have the right to reject or delay moving before starting the cooperation. There are no reasons to do something that you feel not right. To control the situation and inform about it you should prepare questions. Those you can ask before hiring the company. Every company must answer or provide a detailed explanation. It should be enough to estimate how professional they are.


It is essential how often the company organizes sanitizing. Do not forget that you will use a lot of their things during moving. So, they may be disinfected trucks, but how often they change wardrobe or face mask? It is especially crucial if they use special services, like storage services in Los Angeles.

Ask for social care

You should be able to inform yourself about social care for the workers in the company during a pandemic. It should not be a secret. You should especially be careful with moving services in Los Angeles. Some of them presume to be close to workers the whole day. When people have adequate health insurance, they will use them and take free days for sick leave.

Do they have virtual assistance?

The excellent moving company indeed has resolutions for every occasion. They must go online as much as they can. So, do not worry if you need to avoid people contact. They will recommend to go online and resolve the problems there.

How do they inform their workers?

Moving companies, like any other company in the world, had to read the guidance for behaving during the coronavirus outbreak. American Moving and Storage Association have made a perfect manual for moving companies. You should ask a moving company how they informed the workers.

The company must inform their workers about disinfection

Ask your movers if moving during the coronavirus outbreak for advice

There are no reasons to avoid serious questions when organize moving in this situation. A good moving company will provide advice on how to ack when this is happening. It is for sure that they have much more information and could help. Also, you should ask them if they advise delaying the relocation. Maybe it is a better option.

Boxes and packages are essential

Every moving company had to change its common behaving. It is essential when using boxes and packages. We know that environmentally responsible behavior includes using recycled containers. Unfortunately, this time they must forget about it.

How they will act in case of delaying

When the situation is serious like this, companies had to offer to delay the whole process. However, it is crucial how much they will charge in that case. There is a typical contract with a standard guide on how to act. It is something that you should arrange before.

Ask for their advice

Although it affects their business, the moving company should organize the whole process to protect themselves and clients. So, you should ask if they advise you to manage relocation during coronavirus outbreak. The right moving company will give you honest advice.

Ask your movers if moving during the coronavirus outbreak how they organize the moving day

It is for sure that people have changed many things during this pandemic. One of them is how to organize the moving day. In situations when people must keep distance, cannot visit a barber or go to a restaurant, we must ask how to organize moving. Good moving companies have a procedure for it, though. You should ask how they have planned it.

World has changed because of corona

Ask for the protection they use

If the company is excellent and trustworthy, they already have severe and professional protection. They will protect their workers and others included in relocation. However, if they do not have the right answer, you should know that company is not that serious and professional as you need.

How they control workers

It is not the time to be shy or take care of people’s feelings and rights. Unfortunately, it is a moment when we have the right to ask for people’s health. However, you should be able to ask if workers have one of the symptoms of coronavirus. Also, the moving company should follow strict rules about checking their health daily.

How they control the distance?

It is not easy to watch at 2 meters of distance with other people. We have learned it during this pandemic. So, you have reason to ask your movers if moving during the coronavirus outbreak for it. They simply have to ask how they control distance during packing, loading the truck, or traveling.