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How to pack carpets and rugs for relocation?

When you decide that it is time for you to move, there are many things that you have to plan ahead and eventually execute. The most important one is packing. Among all your stuff, there are always those bulky heavy ones. One of them is carpets and rugs. When the time comes for you to pack carpets and rugs you should take some things under consideration. Advice is always to hire the best movers Los Angeles has, to do it for you. They are far more experience. Another way to do this is to do it yourself. In both cases, carpets and rugs should be packed well in order not to be destroyed. They can be very delicate and expensive, especially if they were handmade, or made of some unusual material. Therefore, all carpets and rugs should be handled with extreme care.

Benefits of hiring professionals to pack carpets and rugs for you

When it comes to packing and eventually unpacking your stuff, hiring professionals is always the best and the right choice. This applies to packing specific goods as well. Goods like these are carpets and rugs. They are bulky and heavy and therefore difficult to maneuver. They have to be packed in a certain way in order not to damage. This is why you should hire a professional moving company to pack for you. They are highly experienced, well organized, and have the right equipment. They have packed carpets and rugs numerous times. Professional movers know what they need to pack first and what to pack last. Also, they are aware of everything that can go wrong and therefore, how to prevent anything like that from happening. They will organize everything to run smoothly, and this packing experience will be very positive for you.

Two people trying to pack carpets and rugs
It is always the best option to hire a professional moving company to pack your carpets or rugs for you.

If hiring professionals isn’t an option here is how to pack them by yourself

However, if hiring a professional moving company like Culver city movers isn’t an option, you can always do this by yourself. To do this, you should prepare all the utilities that you might need. The first thing is a bubble wrap or some kind of wrap similar to that. You will use this wrap to protect your carpet or a rug when you pack it. Next is paper tape. Paper tape is a must, and you can’t replace it with duct tape or any other. Paper tape leaves no marks when you remove it and therefore it can’t damage your carpet or a rug. And last but not least, you will need an extra set of hands. If you decide to do all this yourself, you will end up pulling and possibly ripping your carpet. So, call a friend or a partner to help you out.

A man rolling a carpet
If you decide to pack your carpet and rug yourself, prepare all the things that you will need along the way.

Cleaning is always a must

When moving it is important to make sure all your belongings reach your destination undamaged. Therefore, you should know that there are some things that you have to do before the packing itself. The most important one is cleaning. It is advisable to clean certain things before you pack them for moving. This primarily applies to carpets and rugs. Even though we all regularly clean and vacuum, the dust, dirt, crumbs, hair, if you have pets, are inevitable. They can easily spread all around the van and over your other things. The best way to prevent this from happening is to thoroughly clean and eventually vacuum your carpets or rugs once more before you finally pack and load them. This way once it is time to unpack, your carpet or rug will be fresh, clean, and ready to be a center of attention in its new home.

Vacuum cleaner on the carpet
Once you are ready to pack your carpet or a rug, you should first clean and vacuum it.

Types of carpets and rugs

The importance of knowing the types of carpets or rugs is in the fact that once you do, you will know how to maintain it. You can’t vacuum all carpets. You can’t wash them all with chemicals or soap and water. Some are very delicate. Delicate because they are made of rare materials and are also handmade. So, if something happens to a carpet like that, you will not be able to buy the same one again. Therefore, when you know what kind of carpet or rug you have, you will be able to preserve it instead of ruin it by mistake. This is crucial to know before you start cleaning it for the move because these kinds of carpets or rugs are among the things that need to be transported with care. Here are some of the most common types:

  • Wool carpet, when you are about to pack carpets and rugs made of wool you need to be extra careful not to rip them apart
  • Nylon
  • Acrylic
  • Olefin

Summary on how to pack carpets and rugs

As you can see there are many things that you need to take under consideration, that you need to prepare when you are about to pack carpets and rugs. The best option is still to hire a professional moving company to do it for you. It is faster, easier, stress-free and there are no chances of ruining your belongings. However, the other option of doing it yourself is still not that bad, but you will have to be well organized, careful and you will need an extra set of hands, aka, help from someone. Know what kind of carpet you have so that you can clean it without damaging it and use proper moving utilities to pack it. Good luck.