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How to pack sensitive items when moving to West LA

Packing sensitive items for moving can be challenging. That is why we have decided to give you some tips and tricks on how to pack sensitive items when moving to West LA. We believe that you have a lot of sensitive and fragile stuff and packing and transporting them is something that can really be stressful. That is why you need to consider hiring a moving company Los Angeles can give you. These professionals will give their best to relocate all of your sensitive items without damage.

Few tips before we start with packing

You need to have on your mind that sensitive items demand some extra attention. So the first thing you need to do is to make an analysis of the risk if you want your items to get safely in your new home. If you want your glasses, plates, mirrors, or other sensitive items to transport from the old place to the new one, you need to pack them like a pro. However, if you are not sure that you are able to do it right, hiring some special packing services is the best solution for you. Take some time and carefully read and take this advice so that you can pack sensitive items when moving to West LA.

broken glass on the table as an example of what will happen if you do not to pack sensitive items when moving to West LA properly
When you want to pack sensitive items make sure you have the patience to do it right.

Make a list of sensitive items

Before you start packing sensitive items, you need to take some time and make a list of them. This will give you some kind of image of how many and what kinds of sensitive items you possess. It will also help you make a strategy on how to pack them and maybe how to combine them with some other items you are packing. There are a few types of sensitive items and all of the moving companies West Los Angeles can offer will give you the same advice. Make a list going through every single room in your house and later separate them in one corner.

Get some packing supplies

After you have listed all of your sensitive items, you should be able to calculate the amount of the moving and packing supplies. In order to avoid damaging your sensitive items, search for the nest supplies and material for packing:

  • plastic boxes,
  • newspaper or soft material for packing,
  • air bubble protection,
  • labels, etc.

All of this that is listed has an important role in preparing sensitive items when moving to West LA. And this is why.

Plastic boxes

One of the main reasons why you should choose plastic over carton boxes is that the plastic ones are more firm. This way you can avoid the box getting destroyed. The other reason is that the plastic ones you can easily recycle. Residential movers Los Angeles can provide you with some of the best moving supplies that you need. So do not hesitate to ask for them or even just for advice on where to get the best ones.

You need to fix items in the boxes

This is important because a lot of people make mistakes when packing sensitive items. You must not leave empty space in the box. You need to eliminate the possibility of moving. Do not let the weight of the box delouse you. It is really important not to overload the boxes, but more important is to get your items secured and safe. Newspaper and other material for packing are in the front line when it comes to defending our items from breaking. So use them in a bigger amount than you think you should.

Label the boxes after you pack sensitive items when moving to West LA

Make sure that all of your boxes that contain the sensitive items are labeled. This way your moving team will be aware of the fact that they are transporting something fragile and breakable. So after you have packed the box, close it and label them with red color and write down that it is fragile.

There is one other thing why labeling is good. You can label the box and write down the items that are inside. That will make your unpacking process easier. You can even find some personalized labels that will help you.

special labels on the round boxes
One of the tips on how to pack sensitive items when moving to West LA is to label all the boxes

One of the sensitive items you need to pack are dishes

When you are relocating and moving your plates and pots the damage can happen during the transportation. You can avoid this by packing them right. They need to be wrapped in the air bubble protection and placed vertically in boxes that are in small sizes. Some folded newspapers can also be very helpful. You can fill up the left space in the corner. So that the pots and plates will not be able to move during the transport. If you are able try to get some specially made boxes for this type of sensitive item.

Do not forget glasses and cups!

The best way to pack glass and cups is in boxes that have barriers. So wrap the cup and place them in one spot in the box. This type of packing is saving you some space. And it is also making the cups safer.

Vine glasses represent a bigger problem. Packing them requires some extra attention. When you are packing them, make sure you have wrapped the leg of the glass and then the entire glass. Make sure that all of them fit cozy in the box. You are easily going to fill the box with some paper later on.

person holding a vine glass
Pack your vine glasses carefully when moving.

If you want to pack sensitive items when moving to West LA, you need to have good organization skills. This is important because you do not want to break or damage your valuable items. And you want to transport them in one piece. To avoid frustration it is crucial to think about potential problems and prepare in advance. Do not forget that you are the main factor in securing your sensitive items. And with these tricks, you would not have to worry whether you will damage or break your sensitive items during the move.