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How to put your self-isolation time to better use

COVID-19 forced many Americans to self-isolate. The government and the entire world believe this is the best way to fight this dangerous virus. It does not matter if you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s, or any age group. Self-isolation is a must for everyone. Even though many people would rejoice at the thought of staying home, it can get boring pretty quickly. That is why you should put your self-isolation time to better use. If you are out of ideas, here are a couple of things you can do at your home. 

Read a book 

This sounds like a generic suggestion, but it is quite effective. Since you have to cancel your services from movers Los Angeles, grab a book. If you are a huge book lover, then read as many books as you want. You can find book recommendations from Goodreads for any literary genre. In addition to this, you can write your own book or a short story. You can think about your story and characters, rather than obsessing over self-isolation. If you need some help honing your writing skills, there are countless online creative writing tutorials. You can find them free. There is one made by Margaret Atwood, an author of the Handmaid’s Tale. Lastly, you can keep a diary. This is certainly a good way to deal with your emotions and fears.  

put your self-isolation time to better use by reading a book
Now it is the time to read all the books you want

Put your self-isolation time to better use by studying 

Since all the schools and universities are closed, students have to return to their homes with the help of Beverly Hills moving company. However, you should not neglect your studies. Put your self-isolation time to better use by listing to podcasts. If you have to take an exam in history, listen to a podcast. You can learn a lot and prepare yourself for your exams. In addition to this, you can choose to listen to podcasts about any topic imaginable. Ted Talk is yet another great platform where you can watch interesting presentations about the topic you find interesting. If you feel like some topics are missing, you can create your own podcast. You can find free recording software on google. Brainstorm about your topic, do the research, make an argument, and find evidence to support your argument. 

Learn a language 

Have you always wanted to learn a language? Now you have time. If you know how to speak a foreign language, it is a huge advantage when looking for a job. In addition to this, if you plan to move abroad, you should learn the language. For this reason, download Duolingo. This app is an online game where you need to collect points. You will learn how to read, write, listen, and even speak. Also, you can compete with your friends. However, this app has its flaws. If you are serious about learning a foreign language, you should find courses online. Many universities are offering free courses due to the current situation. Lastly, you can listen to music in a foreign language or watch movies and tv series. Netflix offers many tv series in French, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and many more.  

 person writing on chalkboard
Learn a new language during self-isolation

Put your self-isolation time to better use and spend time with your family 

Even though the modern way of life has many benefits, people have become estranged. For this reason, use this self-isolation time to connect with your family. Play board games. It is time for monopoly. Make a little empire and lead your family to bankruptcy. If you do not find this idea appealing, you can play some card games. In addition to this, you can hang out with your neighbors. You sit on your balcony, your neighbor on theirs, grab a coffee and spend time together while keeping a distance. Lastly, do not forget about your friends. You should be physically isolated, but this does not mean you should stop talking to your friends. Use all the benefits of modern technology and see your friends on Skype or you can use Facetime.  

It is time to exercise 

It is tempting to just lie around, eat a lot of food, and binge-watch your favorite shows. However, this is not healthy or good for your body. For this reason, you should exercise at home. You can download fitness apps to find some workout regime to follow. If this option is not satisfying for you, then you can work out with YouTube. Search for exercise that you are comfortable with. Since it is important to stay healthy, do not push yourself too hard. But, rather, do the light exercises every day to keep yourself in shape. In addition to this, working out is a good way to relieve stress and anxiety. Do not forget that cleaning is also a form of exercising. Therefore, declutter your home. Clean every room, especially since coronavirus can survive on the surface for some time.  

woman doing yoga
Do yoga to relieve stress and anxiety

Other ways to put your self-isolation time to better use 

There are even more things to do in self-isolation. For this reason, you should stay at home and practice social distancing.

  • Netflix and chill – as mentioned, you can binge-watch all your favorite shows and some more that you missed. 
  • Renovate – not exactly a full renovation, but you can rearrange some parts of your home. 
  • Dance – learn your favorite dance move and have a house party for yourself. 
  • Prepare your favorite meals – now it is the perfect time to try to prepare all your favorite meals. In addition to this, you can experiment with food and try out some new receipts. 
  • Camp out – not outside, but in your backyard. Pitch a tent, cook marshmallows, relax, and enjoy your time outside. 
  • Attend a live stream concert – many musicians stream their concerts mostly for free. You can enjoy listening to your favorite singers or bands while cleaning your home. 
  • Visit the museum, art galleries, and more – the most famous museums are also doing virtual exhibitions.