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How to transition between your old and new home

Moving is hard, especially if you are moving with a family. There are so many things you have to worry about such as packing everything up, getting reliable residential movers Los Angeles, moving to a city that is safe for your children and yourself, picking the right home for your family, etc. This moving period is not easy at all and many people that move a lot throughout their lives are here to testify that. We realize that this is a huge matter that we need to address. So, we created an article just for that! How to transition between your old and new home? What are the things you need to do to make it easier for your family and yourself? Without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Transitioning between your old and new home? How to do it?

When you want to move your whole family to a new home, you need to be prepared. Your movers Los Angeles are going to transport all of your stuff, but there are many more issues you need to take care of. A move has a hard psychological impact on people, especially children. Having to leave a home and a city you have known your whole life can be devastating. You also have to leave your friends and family and everyone you have ever known. Except for your nuclear family of course. Therefore, you need to prepare your children for the move, and make them feel like they are part of a team. It can feel really hard when you know that you will probably never see your favorite playground and your best friends anymore. Having to enroll in a new school and meeting new friends will not be an easy task for a child that is in a new environment. So, let’s list what you need to do and talk about it in detail!

Transitioning from an old home to a new one can be a hard experience for a kid
Transitioning from an old home to a new one can be a hard experience

Give your children moving tasks

In order to successfully transition between your old and new home, your children need to feel like they are a part of a team. They need to be involved in the moving process and they need to feel like they are making a positive impact. This is one of the most important things when moving long distance and your children are going to feel like the whole move is a game. Another step in life, and maybe even the stepping stone for new great adventures.

One of the best ways to involve your children in the move is to give them packing tasks. Packing tasks may include packing their own rooms or whatever else you may see fit for them. Under your supervision, of course. You can also make it a race. Who packs their toys first gets their favorite piece of candy or something like that. Just make sure not to make the race decrease the quality of packing. Their stuff needs to be safe during the move so they can use it again in their new home. So, packing everything correctly is of utmost importance.

Talk to them about it

You will probably stumble upon a situation where your kid is crying or just being sad in general. If you see that, make sure to talk to them about it because it is probably move related. Your children will probably ask many questions regarding your move. That is why you need to be there and be the positive light they need at that moment. Try to be as affirmative as possible and try to answer each of their questions in a positive manner. You are their beacon of knowledge blazing out across the black sea of ignorance, and you need to act like that. If they feel positive about the move, they will take the whole change much easier.

children in a box
Give your children moving tasks!

Take them to say goodbye to their friends

This is another thing you need to do as a parent when you want to transition between your old and new home. Take your children to their friends’ house and have them say their goodbyes. Do not pressure them to leave if you are in a hurry. They need to take their time. This is maybe the last time they will see each other again. However, you never know. It is a small world and maybe they will meet someday. But it is still not wise to pressure them into leaving early.

Check out new playgrounds and schools

When you finally make the move, you need to check out the new playgrounds and schools. This is an important fact because your kid needs to know where they are going to play and this will let them choose their new favorite playground.

Check out new playgrounds for your kids

When it comes to schools, it is best to let your kid choose their new school. With your guidance of course. You can do this by going to several different schools in your neighborhood and talking to the faculty. The faculty will most probably make your child feel welcome and help them with transitioning to the new school. You can also do so by visiting a website School Finder. On this website, all of the schools your child can enroll in are listed, and you will be free to choose.

Create a routine

People love routine. This is relevant both for your children and yourself. When you move into a new home, try to maintain the same routines that you had before you moved. This will make you feel like your life has not changed a lot when you moved into your new home. Your children will also like this notion because they will know when it is to eat, play, go to school, and sleep. This will make your transition into a new home a whole lot easier. With all that said, good luck with transitioning to your new home!