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How to use paint colors to boost your home value

Do you feel like your home is past its prime? Like it is not up to the modern standards of style? If yes, then you should consider remodeling it. Remodeling your home will add to its value if you are planning to sell it before relocating with professionals like JB moving company Los Angeles. However, remodeling your house can cost a lot. Hiring workers, getting the right materials, and the sheer amount of time necessary to complete the endeavor can be quite costly. So, whether you are a realtor, or someone moving away to a new home, you need to know how to reduce the costs of remodeling your home. The best way to reduce the costs is by using paint colors to boost your home value. We will now talk about all the colors that have shown great increases in selling price after being added to the house.

How can paint colors boost your home value?

This is the simplest, yet still challenging, thing you can do to boost the value of your home. It is simple because of the amount of work needed, and the cost attached to it, but still challenging when deciding which color should go where. There have been many studies on how specific colors affect people. With all this in mind, let’s dive in!


Blue is the color of the sky and the sea. It is something that never changes. Something that reassures you. It is a soothing color which reminds you of that vacation on the seafront. It is also used in health care buildings because of its soothing effect. If you combine blue with gray, the effect is even stronger.

use blue paint colors to boost home value
Soothing blue sky, just like your rooms should be!


Gray is sometimes called a non-color just because it is achromatic. Other than gray, other achromatic colors include black and white, and some variants of gray. In addition, gray is a color which can be mixed with light hues of warm or cool colors such as red tone grays or blue tone grays. Both of these have their own uses and pair up with some other colors perfectly. For example, a gray with a blue hue will be a perfect match with a regular or light blue color. Furthermore, gray with a red hue will be a great match for your red-colored room.


Although it is not a trendy color, it is great to have your house painted green. Green has a long wavelength and it is amazing for your eyes. Your eyes see colors through the muscles adjusting to the wavelengths. Long wavelengths relax your eyes and give you a soothing, natural feeling. It is also great for your eyesight!

Painting the exterior

Curb appeal matters! Fact! It is something that potential buyers will see first when they arrive at your home. If your home is not painted well on the outside, it may deter people from even entering the house. Sometimes, the realtor’s page only has one photo of your house, and that is the exterior of the house. Some people may not even get to the point when they actually come to your house and check it out inside. You probably picked a great looking house before calling residential movers Los Angeles to take you to it. This is why the first impression matters and you want to use paint colors to boost your home value.

Painting your front door

Your front door is the first thing people see when they look at your house after the exterior. You want your front door to separate your house from other houses in the neighborhood. Something unique. Another thing that is important is that the front door contrasts the exterior of the house. If your house is white, then you should have a dark-colored door. Black front doors are trendy right now and may increase the value of a home for about $6.000. That is a lot for a simple paint job, right? A lot of people also opt for unusual colors such as yellow, red, and even timber (so you can pair it with the antique furniture you purchased), if you want an old-school stylish look. Just make sure not to paint the front door in the same color as the exterior of your house. White door on a white house is a big no-no.

two front doors
Your front door should be of an interesting color

Painting your kitchen

Your kitchen is a place of nourishment and health. The colors in which it is painted should represent just that. The most important thing when it comes to painting your kitchen is to be consistent. You do not want to have too many colors to draw unnecessary attention. If you are consistent then everything will blend and give your kitchen a smooth look. The most popular colors when it comes to kitchens are brown, wood, light yellow, light blue, and even some darker colors such as navy blue, and black. Something you should consider when painting your kitchen is giving it a “tuxedo look”. A tuxedo look means that the darker color is on the bottom and it gradually becomes lighter as your gaze ascends. Tuxedo kitchens add up to $1.500 in value! It is one of the best household improvement trends right now!

light blue kitchen
Your kitchen should be painted in light blue

Painting your bathroom

Your bathroom should not have a lot of variety in color as well. It should be simple and the best choice is light gray colors. There are many bathrooms on the market that are yellowish and do not fare that well when it comes to house prices. The best colors that add up to $2.800 to your house are perry winkle and light grays according to Zillow.


Think about these colors to add to your new home. Careful use of paint colors can add a lot of value to your home, and cost abysmally low when compared to the added value. With all that said, good luck with painting your home!