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Household improvement trends in California

if you are moving into a new place, or you’ve owned a house for a while, chances are you want to do some remodeling. And we don’t blame you. Many Americans feel the same this year and plan to spend from $5000 to $35,000 on making their home modern and stylish. We are there to help you out choose some of the most popular household improvement trends in California and improve your home sweet home.

Moving your home?

If you are one of those who is thinking about renovating their new home, we are there for you. Moving is an overwhelming process, so you should save your energy for making your home look better, instead of packing and carrying heavy boxes. Our residential movers Los Angeles are there for you any time.

What are the most popular household improvement trends in California?

Well, before we start, you should understand one thing. Trends change over the years, and you are renovating once in a couple of years, right? This means you shouldn’t stick to trends only. You should use these suggestions as a base, and adjust the trend you like to your lifestyle and needs. It is always better to do something that is long-lasting in terms of trends, with a touch of modern, new styles that are popular at the moment. So, when a trend ‘goes away’, you are left with a modern home with no regrets. Now, let’s see what are household improvement trends in California for this season.

household improvement trends in California
Looking for simple ways to renovate your home? We are there for you!

The kitchen is not only for meal preparation

Kitchen has changed its status. From a room made for ‘just’ meal preparation, it has become a place of social gatherings and family times. Therefore, the concept of an open kitchen emerged – and people love it. The point is for the kitchen to be spacious, but also open and connected to the outdoor area. In the wintertime, glass doors are closed, but give a beautiful look to your garden. In more warmer days, the door open and connect your home to your garden.

The kitchen can be more open than you think – one of the most interesting household improvement trends in California

The kitchen is now smarter than ever

Another household improvement trend in California is making the kitchen modern in terms of technology. Many of its appliances can be connected to your phone or tablet, so you can turn on the lights or make a coffee with just one click. Cool, isn’t it? Furthermore, it is a benefit for people of all ages, not only for the young.

Open shelves are cool

This one has been a trend for a while now, but it is still one of the most popular household improvement trends in California in the current season. Open shelves concept is not only the modern option, but it is also the affordable one. It is also beneficial for small spaces, too. It creates an illusion of a bigger, more open space.

The bathroom is a minimalistic mix of wood and tiles

When it comes to the bathroom improvement ideas, they are pretty simple. The concept of minimalism is present in both lines and color. Tiles are in bright, base colors, in combination with water-safe wooden floors. Generally, minimal, industrial design is very popular and one of the hottest household improvement trends in California.

The ceiling can be fun

This is one of the most interesting household improvement trends in California. Apparently, the ceiling has drawn a lot of attention this season. You can add some beans, or woodwork, or use different painting techniques.

Accent walls

Homeowners have become more free in painting their houses. It is a relatively easy and cheap renovating method. However, it can be very interesting and effective. Especially by painting accent walls, and adding a new depth and style to a room. Use darker colors like deep blues, greens, and purples.


Even though simple lines are very popular, there are more and more details when it comes to walls. Apart from painting a wall differently, you can add a piece of pattern, texture or mosaic to your walls. Of course, just be careful – it’s all about the details. You can also add interesting rugs, a wallpaper (easy to put and remove, and quite cheap), some colorful pillowcases, etc. Add some details to the simple base and there you have it!

gallery wall - household improvement trends in California
Add details to your walls as one of the hottest household improvement trends in California


If you have a big or growing family, a mudroom can be the perfect solution for your home. Use this room to store shoes, seasonal clothes, sports/lay equipment, etc. All the items you don’t need on a daily basis. You can also use this room for laundry! Mudrooms are usually located as a part of a garage or a basement, so you can think about this simple,yet very practical addition to your home.

Tips for moving and renovating your new home

  • set a budget – considering both moving and renovation costs, you need to have a detailed budget. You can also calculate your moving costs. This way you’ll know how much you can spend and avoid surprise costs.
  • have a realistic plan and schedule – talk with your movers and see how much time you need to move your items. Then, make a realistic schedule on how much time you need to complete your renovation plans.
  • choose a trustworthy moving company – packing and furniture delivery service Los Angeles needs to be done by professionals whom you can trust. When you choose reliable ones, you can trust them with your items and expect them to finish everything on time.
  • declutter your home – if you are moving or just want to renovate, be sure to declutter your home and remove the items you no longer need. This way you will save money on the moving costs, save time and energy on packing and finally, make your home more spacious and clean.