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Items your long distance movers won’t move

When you hire a moving company that offers a plethora of moving services, you will expect that they will do anything that might cross your mind. Unfortunately for you, they will not. There are just some items your long distance movers won’t move. To avoid this unpleasant experience and maybe some disagreements, you should search for the best moving company Las Vegas has and ask them about your items and what is going to be possible to move.

Pay attention to the details

When you hire long distance movers Los Angeles make sure to provide them with an inventory list of the items and boxes and that need to be relocated. No one likes unpleasant surprises. It is most definitely sure that not any mover will accept more items than you have agreed on. You are going to sign the contract with the moving company. So pay attention to the details such as what happens if you do not follow the agreement. You do not want to be left with some items which cannot be moved. And there is a list of common things long-distance movers just take hard to move.

man signing the contract in which is written what items your long distance movers won't move
Read carefully what you have signed and make sure there are not some unpleasant surprises.

One of the items your long distance movers won’t move – Perishables

If you are coming closer to the moving day make sure you empty your fridge. Movers do not like to transport food. You can always pack food in some large cooler, but if you are moving long-distance and you plan to hire Beverly Hills moving company, the best solution is to eat or give away your food. If there is anything opened, the best way is to throw it away. 

If you do not understand why this is, think about it. Imagine you are about to go on a trip and you will need more than 3 hours to get there. Will you bring some ice cream or a bottle of milk, yogurts, etc?

But there is some good news here. Mover will usually accept to move unopened non-perishable items such as canned stuff, soups, rice, and even pasta. So you do not have to eat all of them before the relocation.

Plants are something long-distance movers avoid to transport

If you have planned to relocate your plants make sure to get in touch with us and we will provide you with a list of items that our movers are not allowed to move.

If you ask around, most people will tell you that they have relocated their plants for a local move by themselves. Just imagine what can happen and will happen to the plants during the long-distance move. They will be in trucks where there is no fresh air and no light. If the move takes more than 3 hours, you should not be surprised if the plants end up dead.

That is one of the reasons the plants are one of the items your long distance movers won’t move. Find the alternative way. If you really cannot bring it with you, leave it to your neighbor. It will be a very sentimental thing and your neighbor will have something to remember you by.

plants on the shelves
Plants are on the list of items your long distance movers won’t move

Hazardous materials

These types of material just do not make sense to be moved. And you should not expect it. In these materials, besides fertilizer, aerosols, paints, motor oil, pool chemicals, you can add nail polish remover too.

If you read this little list and you ask yourself why you should not remove nail polish remover, think of the next. This is very flammable under the wrong conditions. We will recommend that you toss them away before long-distance moving. You can easily find the new one and buy it once you are settled in your new home.

Find a place where it is safe to dispose of these materials

If you want to take our advice and toss all of these items before moving, take a ride through your hometown and find places where you can drop off hazardous waste. Do not drop these materials in a regular trash can or in your garbage. It is dangerous for the environment.

Things that are too dangerous to transport

There are just some items and things that make no sense transporting and they represent the danger for everyone. One of those is for example your scuba gear. Scuba tanks are composed of high-pressurized oxygen and contain specialized gas mixtures. So since it can easily explode, it is not safe for anyone. That is the reason mover won’t move these items.

If this item is very important to you and you must relocate it, you can do it by yourself. The most important thing to remember is to empty air from a scuba tank completely.

woman putting on nail polish
Nail polish remover is dangerous to be transported

Family valuables are one of the items your long distance movers won’t move

This is only because those items have a great sentimental value. The movers will maybe relocate those items if you have made an agreement before the moving day. But most people decide to do something else. They tend to rent storage and relocate their valuable in storage. They usually do it by themselves.

But when you think about it, it is a great solution. Not only that you will have not to worry about whether they will break during the transport. You can also keep your head cooler because they will be safe.

When it comes to items your long distance movers won’t move, be careful how you pack. You will do no favor to anyone if you try to hide those items among the rest of the stuff. So ask your chosen moving company about anything that can cross your mind. You can even ask them to give you a list of the items that are just unavailable to move. You are, just like a moving company, making your relocation go smoothly by following simple rules.