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Living in LA suburbs – pros and cons

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Picture showing living in LA suburbs
Suburban life in the LA is definitely quieter and more peaceful than living in the city.

Los Angeles is a metropolis, famous for its film and television industry. It’s one of the biggest cities on the whole planet, but it manages to keep the suburban feel that you wouldn’t be able to find in other cities with as many people. This is a part of the LA suburban appeal – you’re away from the skyscrapers, but you still feel like you’re part of the action that happens in Hollywood.

Pros of living in LA suburbs

Are you looking for the best moving companies Los Angeles based to help you leave the concrete and noise? We’re here to help you transition to a life where you’ll be able to enjoy green surfaces, parks, and your own backyard! Suburban life in the LA is definitely quieter and more peaceful than living in the city. You get to know your neighbors and get a feeling of belonging that’s hard to achieve in a big city.

Suburbs also have less crime, and if you make friends with your neighbors you’ll be able to go on a vacation, leaving the home, the keys, and possibly the pets in the good, caring hands. Suburban homes let you have the garden to drink coffee in the morning and take care of, they allow you to have the view without the skyscraper and your kids have the place to play safely when the weather is nice. 

Cons of living in LA suburbs 

We all know that Los Angeles is a big city, and suburban areas can be far away from the city center. Suburbs may be cheaper to live in, but it’s possible that you’ll need more gas for your car to go to the job or to take kids to their acting classes. This makes for an additional cost. It might cause your bills to go up as much as they would’ve as if you lived in the city center.

woman with a laptop
If you work remotely, suburbs can be an ideal solution

If you don’t own the car, you’ll have to use public transportation as well. LA is a big city, and traffic congestions aren’t new. If you haven’t lived further from the city center already, the level of planning that one night out can require might be a shock to you. Furthermore, the action that happens in the middle of the city is something many people come to the LA for.

How to decide whether living in the LA suburbs is for you?

Whether it’s best for you to live in the city center or in the suburbs depends on many variables. The first of those variables is work. If you work remotely, suburbs can be an ideal solution that minimizes your costs while letting you have the comfort of your own backyard and peaceful, quiet neighborhood. If you have kids, the yard can be beneficial for them. They can play freely without anyone bothering you which often happens in the apartment.

If you work near the city center and feel comfortable living in the apartment, then that may be the best option. That way, you minimize the costs of travel and everything you might need is just around the corner, probably within walking distance. This way you also avoid traffic jams and being late to work. Then, you’ll have more time to do other things in your life instead of commuting.

What are some popular neighborhoods in LA?

LA is a big metropolis consisting of many cities and neighborhoods. If you need help with moving to LA Suburb, we’re more than happy to help you – just give us a call!

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Our movers are trained professionals, and their goal is to help you realize the move of your dreams.

Those are some of the neighbors that are popular but affordable:

  • Atwater Village – It’s a neighborhood where all houses look different! If you like diversity, you’ll like this neighborhood.
  • Culver City –  It’s a neighborhood that just recently started to develop in terms of fun.
  • Echo Park – It has a lot of places where you can spend your afternoons – like cafes and restaurants.
  • Frogtown – This neighborhood is on the rise. It’s developing rapidly in the past few years.
  • Northeast LA – Hikers frequently visit NELA because of it’s proximity to Verdugo mountains.
  • Westwood – A great place for families and students.
  • Highland Park – If you love a place with history, this is a good choice. You won’t regret living in LA suburbs.
  • Glendale – It’s well known for its cuisine.

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