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Open House Precautions During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Everyone who works in the real estate industry should follow open house precautions these days. We know that coronavirus has made a big mess in our lives. There is no business in the world that has not undergone some changes. The real estate industry is one of the industries that was damaged the most. However, they will survive, but only if they follow guides and instructions. The same instructions follow the best moving companies in Los Angeles, so you should not worry when hiring them.

When it comes to coronavirus, the basic guidelines are simple. It helps if you disinfect regularly, wash your hands and wear a mask and gloves. However, the open house presumes a lot of things that break these rules. In most cases, you will have a house full of people, food on the table, and strangers talking to each other. You should prepare for it and be careful all the time.

Empty house
It is hard to show the house to clients during coronavirus pandemic

Open house precautions – What to avoid?

We have learned that most of the things that we used are different now. We should avoid having friends, go to clubs and parties. Some of us have changed daily habits or even not go to work. In the open house, you cannot control many things. It is hard to control how many people will come or go out. Also, you should not forget about the disinfection that is impossible in this situation.

  • We have learned of the importance of distancing – yet, it is not easy when showing the house to the clients, so keep it in mind;
  • One of the open house precautions is to disinfect whatever you can – starting from the door hands to the tables in the kitchen;
  • Many real estate agents put food for clients when showing the house – they are full of bacteria and viruses in normal circumstances, so consider removing it;
  • People touch everything, even subconscious and it is hard to control surfaces in that situation – and there is a place for viruses;
  • Moving companies Culver City works the best they can following guidance for coronavirus pandemic – however, you will hardly prevent making crowds in an open house.

Talk to the clients

No matter which your clients are, they are aware of the situation with the virus. It would help if you talked to them about the risks and preventing them. Teach them to disinfect hands, wear gloves, and mask. It should be more comfortable when companies organize local moving. However, showing the house presumes a lot of contacts.

Consider changing the typical behavior

We had to change many things because of coronavirus, so why would we not change the open house procedure? We can turn it to the showing house, attracting new clients, changing the routine. Instead of having a bunch of the people at the same moment in the house, involve individual visitations. Since moving companies have changed storage service to be healthier, real estate agents can do the same.

furniture in the house
There are a lot of ways to show house and stay safe

Adjusting is one of the most critical open house precautions

Like in any other unexpected situation, we should learn to adapt and adjust to the new circumstances. We cannot change things, especially when our health is about. However, there are things that we can do. Some of them are to change our habits and collective behavior. In that way, we will be able to control virus spreading and save our health.

Decrease the number of people getting in at the same time

One of the coronavirus pandemic nightmares is having a lot of people at the same place. Especially if they are in a closed house, you can decrease the number of people in the house. Make a schedule and appointments for every client individually. You will have time to disinfect the house, meanwhile.

Make appointments

It is hard to control when people come to open houses, but you can force them to keep their schedules. The best way is to make long pauses between clients, so they have time to late and spend more time on the tour. However, it means that you will pay more hours and maybe days in this action.

Use protection

Doctors claim that masks protect us from viruses spreading, so we should follow their advice. It is hard to force our clients to wear a mask, though. The easiest way is to show your example. Wear a mask in every situation. Also, put free masks at the door, so they will not excuse not to use it.

Make a video tour

It is not like we use on but still could make a first step in introducing the house. Simply, make a video tour or even 3D projection. It will show basically how the house looks like. After that, the client will be able to visit the house for a short time.

Open house precautions – Warnings

Many people know that living in a house is entirely different than opening it to possible buyers. We must change it, clean, remove furniture. On the other hand, we will do whatever we can to attract new clients. It is the reason why open houses are so dangerous for coronavirus. The first you should remember is to disinfect all you can continuously.


Maybe you have felt it unnecessarily cost, but disinfection works when coronavirus spreading is about. You will decrease the number of viruses and make the infection possibly lower. However, do not forget to disinfect your hands, notebook, pencil, and phone, too.

House with swimming pool
It is important to protect your clients from the virus

Forget about food

It is not the time for sharing the food at an open buffet. Clients loved it before, and it plainly shows your hostility and care. Unfortunately, a crowd of people who use the same food and plates is not what you want to see. You can still serve a bottle of water or candies.

Put sanitizer at the door

One of the common problems with disinfecting is the lack of sanitizer in public spaces. When we put it, people will use it. So, put a bottle at the door and ask clients to use it politely. They will be happy to give a contribution to public health.

Check clients and visitors

Maybe it does not sound like an attractive idea, but you are protecting both your and your client’s health. According to the public coronavirus guide for America, you can check the temperature of your clients. Also, one of the open house precautions is to ask your clients if they had traveled recently. It will show you the risk of possible infection.