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Moving during holiday season – should you do it?

The holiday season is up! It has been a tough year, but we will find solace in it finally ending, all under the bright lights and cheery songs of the holiday season. However, a holiday season is usually reserved for, well, holidays, and therefore it is not easy to do a lot of the usual work that can be done during the rest of the year. Moving during the holiday season, for example, can present some challenges! Luckily, you found this guide. We will help you in relocating during the holidays without any problems what-so-ever. We will cover how to plan, find a good mover, and calculate exactly how much will it all cost! Therefore, let us proceed to the first step of your relocation – planning!

Plan well if you are moving during the holiday season

When you have to organize a last-minute relocation of any kind, or, like in this case, a move that requires a lot of work, you will need to start planning early. Your plan should include the picking of residential movers Los Angeles, budget, inventory, packing supplies, utilities, security, and any other paperwork that you might need. That is a lot of work to do, so it is recommended to start at least 8 weeks before the relocation.

laptop and a notebook
How to plan?

If you don’t have that kind of time, then at least start as early as possible. and remember that pen and paper is definitely the best way to handle the planning. Keeping it all in memory is not.

Choose the right mover at the right time

Choosing a mover for your relocation during the holiday season is not easy. This is because moving during the holidays isn’t exactly considered an ideal time to do that. JB Movers Los Angeles, for example, are very busy during this time of the year, as are all other movers. This is not only because of the general need for people to take a rest during the holiday season but also because of more work that has to be done. One of the ways to get a mover at the best possible price is to get them at the best possible time- the middle of the week. As far away from Mondays and weekends as you go, the better. You are far more likely to find a good price that way. But more on the cost of the move later…

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How to pick the movers who will go the distance?

But how are you to know what mover is the good one? In the times of holidays, there might be some snow or ice on the roads, and the time for moving will be tight. You want to know that you can rely upon your movers. That is why you need to choose with care when picking your movers.

Here is how to do it fast yet well: First, make a list of your local movers, googling will suffice. From their websites, you can see that they are a licensed mover with experience and dedication. Then, search their names in the reviewing platform of your choice. The review is a great way to make sure that your mover has the experience you need, and that previous customers were happy with the work they received. Finally, that should leave you with no more than five or six options. From here, call them and established communication. Ask for free moving quotes and estimates and then judge the best one based on their offer.

Additional services you might need

Moving during the holiday season can present a lot of difficulties. The biggest one is definitely in the lack of time. Therefore, it is good to turn to movers for all the additional services you might need. These can sometimes be done by you, for example packing and unloading, but some others require professional help, especially when you are in a hurry. Here we listed some of those.

Pool and pianos – Pianos, pool tables, and other heavy and valuable items require additional services like piano and pool table movers Los Angeles, for example. These kinds of relocations occur more often during holiday relocations. Be sure to stay in contact with your mover and inquire about the availability and price of these services. Furniture – Furniture relocation can, realistically, be done as a DIY. However, if you are мoving during the holiday season, you might want to hire movers in order to do that. They will move your furniture efficiently and without risk of injury. Electronics – Electronics need to be disassembled and assembled and installed again. It is definitely a hassle, and a hassle you can avoid by calling upon additional services.

мoving during holiday season - sqzeezing the cost
How much will additional services cost you?

There are also additional services such as packing material. That you can mostly do for yourself, sometimes even for free on Craiglist. Furthermore, you might find that the movers offer storage. This is a good idea, especially during the holidays.

Security, downsizing, and family relocation

When you are мoving during the holiday season, be extra careful about your security. There are a lot of burglaries in empty homes during the holidays, so be on top of your home security. Also, if you are moving with kids, be sure to contact both future and current schools about the transfer of documents. Moving during the school year is not easy.

If you want to simplify the move, you can try to downsize. Moving with less also means that the move will cost you less since the volume and weight of the items being moved significantly influence moving quotes Los Angeles.

To summarize

Hopefully, this has told you all that you need to know when мoving during the holiday season. As you can see, it is not simple, we know, however, that does not mean that it is hard to do. As long as you follow all the steps we have written here and are careful about all the possible challenges we listed, you should be just fine. Be sure to stay careful on the roads, as there might be some snow. Call in the middle of the week, be on the lookout for your safety and deal with the school if you are moving with kids. That is pretty much it.