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Office decluttering tips and tricks

Organized and clean surroundings can be considered as prerequisites of productivity. Any excess belongings can hinder the ideal atmosphere, and thus do a disservice to your professional efforts. If you want to better your business output, be more efficient and even calmer, office decluttering is something you ought to consider. It will improve all of your endeavors, and give you the extra energy to push even further. The text in front of you will prove to be just the perfect guide for this undertaking, so let’s get started right away.

Differentiate the necessary from the redundant

There are two ways you can go about this task:

  1. Write a list of all the items that you use for at least a week, preferably two. After 14 days are up, you will know what you actually need, and what you can go without.
  2. Store everything in boxes, and take items out as you need them. What stays in the box for more than a couple of weeks is a surplus.

Cables or files should be an exception. Other than them, all that is left are the items you are most probably keeping ”just in case”. Say that you received a flyer with moving quotes Los Angeles. Although useful, you can simply look them up on the Internet, and get even more informed.

A tidy and white office desk
Make sure that your desk is filled only with the items you need most often.

Getting rid of the unneeded

Office decluttering cannot be successful if you are not thorough and objective with this step. Presuming that you listened to our previous advice, this one shouldn’t be too difficult to take out. Keep in mind that storage units are also an option. Especially if you have items that are not a part of your everyday business life, but still hold value, and are bound to be useful in the future. Identify the purpose of every single item in your work area. No use means no place in your office. And get rid of duplicates as well. Now, if a donation is not an option, consider dropping off the items you no longer need to the nearest recycling center.  If you find it hard to make up your mind about certain objects, here are some tips that could help with your office decluttering:

  • Digitalize when, where and what you can. You’d be surprised at the amount of items you keep solely for the single information they carry. Things like business cards, flyers and such have been surpassed ages ago, especially with the arrival of LinkedIn. Take a picture of what you cannot get a hold off on social media, and you’re golden.
  • Items you received for free when visiting seminars and conventions do not hold a candle to awards or certificates of achievement.
  • All in one units like scanner-printer-fax, tape, and post-it holder are great for saving space. Consider replacing items with a single purpose for the ones that are versatile.

Office decluttering is especially important if you plan on organizing an office move. It will lower the cost, as well as the time it takes to handle your commercial move.

A woman at her desk, looking at her phone
While your office space is rather final, the space you have on your computer can be regarded as unlimited. Use this fact to your advantage.

Office decluttering comes with additional space


Once you are free of all the unnecessary files, equipment, furniture, and other items, you will see that your office space has a new atmosphere to it. It will seem as though the room can breathe. You can use this extra space and rearrange all of the items you have left. Perhaps there is a way you can make your work even more productive. If there is a shelf with the stuff you use rather often, but need to get up every time to reach it, consider placing it behind or beside your office desk. Also, if you have clients coming by, consider positioning a desk so that it is not between you and your clients. Local movers Los Angeles can attest to this technique being successful in making the place seem more inviting.

Make sure you have plenty of natural light (preferably falling from your left if you are a righty, and vice versa). With the additional space, you can even consider including some plants into this interior. It will make the room feel a lot more pleasant. Know that you can go even further and incorporate some fun colors and textures that will make the place seem more lively and welcome. Do not restrain from adding your personal touch.


A nice looking office space
Organize your office so that it is functional, practical and welcoming.


The importance of cleaning

Now that everything has its proper place after an office decluttering, you can proceed with the cleaning of your super functional office. We suggest that you start top to bottom, without neglecting even a single inch of space. There is this certain peace of mind and utter serenity everyone gets when they know that every bit of the space surrounding them is clean. With this in mind, we believe it’s worth putting the extra effort. After all those troubles that precede, you deserve to start anew, so to speak, getting rid of the dust from the past. After tending to every nook and cranny, don’t forget to tend to your electronics. Clean your keyboard, monitors and air-condition. Febreeze your seat cushions and see that your carpets or rugs get appropriate attention.

You can consider this last part of cleaning as putting a cherry on the top of your office decluttering. It’s the organization of your computer. Those folders with the undefined name where you hoarded files you could not classify, finally get their turn. Yes, it will take time, but it will be truly wonderful once you’re finished. Play some music, get yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee, and start with your desktop. After all the work is done, feel free to reward yourself with some nice treat and truly enjoy this new space you’ve created.