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Packing Your Kitchen For A Residential Move

Packing your kitchen will be much harder than you expect. The kitchen is an essential part of every house. Also, supplies there are in different sizes, from the smallest to the robust and extensive. It will be hard to find all boxes you will need at the same place. Residential movers Los Angeles know that and recommend starting with kitchen when packing for moving.

However, do not afraid of this. The kitchen is also an exciting part of our lives. We will find many items that do not use anymore. So many glasses, vases or old pans take place in your kitchen. The best would be to donate or sell them before packing. After all, you will start the new life, so do it with new plates and dishes.

There are a lot of fragile items in the kitchen

Packing your kitchen needs preparation

Do not afraid of packing it, but prepare for a long job. You perhaps think that it is not as dangerous as people want to show. It is because we usually use only a part of everything we have in the kitchen. We have our favorite cup for a coffee, a plate for lunch. The real number of things we usually see only when moving. There are other reasons why this should not leave for the end when moving.

  • Many items in your kitchen are fragile – some of them are made of glass, the other is sensitive ceramic plates so prepare to protect them;
  • There are a lot of electric devices in the kitchen – they are fragile, sensitive and costly, you will not want to drop them;
  • Packing your kitchen is hard because there are a lot of small items there – just think about them when choosing boxes and bags for packing;
  • There are many sharp objects in the kitchen, and not everybody could protect them adequately – JB Movers Los Angeles recommends using specialized packages;
  • Believe you or not, but the kitchen has our memories and all great moments – it is tough to leave some items behind, so prepare for emotional roller-coaster when organize moving.

Prepare boxes

You will undoubtedly use a lot of boxes for every room in your home. However, the kitchen needs an individual approach. You will need a lot of different sizes, shapes, and qualities. If you have decided to use storage services, you should prepare a sturdy and new box. On the other hand, you should make boxes for small items.

Make inventory list

It is hard to know what you have in the kitchen before packing. You will surely surprise what you have in there. It is the reason why moving companies recommend making an inventory list before wrapping. Do it even for local moving.

Small kitchen supplies
You should make a list of every even the smallest item in your kitchen

Use wrapping paper

You will need a lot of packing materials, and wrapping paper is one of them. It is hard to protect fragile plates and glasses, though. So, make sure that you have bought the most quality for them. Do not forget that paper must be immaculate and not printed.

Use sealing tape

No matter how you will transport your boxes, do not forget to protect the tables. The easiest way is to use sealing tape and protect the boxes after packing. Especially use hard and new tape. Besides that, you should prepare a lot of Styrofoam, peanuts and towels and blankets.

Packing your kitchen should start as you have decided to move

It is crucial to organize moving, as you have decided to move. For many people, it is a job that will take very long. However, we usually are not aware of it. We think that kitchen is our favorite plates and a few electric devices. Unfortunately, you will surprise how many things you have there. For many people, it is a hole with surprises.

Prepare essential box

It is essential when packing the kitchen to move. Moving could take longer than you have expected. You will use the kitchen during that time. Also, you should have kitchen supplies for days after moving. So, prepare an essential box for those days.

A teapot
There are lot of memories in your kitchen that you must not leave behind

The first pack not frequently used items

It is essential to remove everything that makes your packing harder. Items that you will not use before moving you should remove. Pack them firstly and protect them. It will save time and make packing easier.

Separate box on smaller parts

You will have a lot of small pieces and items for moving. If you put them in a large box, they will lose. So, make smaller parts in the box and use them for packing. You will have a much better organization and save time for packing.

Do not forget on unopened bottles

Every kitchen has those bottles and packages that you have not used so far. Although they are sealed and closed, you should be careful with them. Protect them adequately like they are opened. If you have plastic bottles, return and earn in recycling centers.

Warnings that you should know when packing your kitchen

No matter how large your kitchen is, you should know a few things when packing it. There is a lot of stuff there that you will pack. You have a lot of small items and dishes that you are not aware of. Also, make sure that you have protected yourself and other things when packing.

Be careful with sharp items

You will surely have sharp pieces when packing boxes. They are still not dangerous if you protect them properly. The best way is to wrap blades in cardboard and seal with the tape. You can put them in a large sponge or Styrofoam. Just make sure that they cannot fall or damage something in boxes.

Use towels for protection

You will have a lot of old towels, blankets, and pillows when moving. Use them for practical purposes. Simply put them on the bottom or sides of the boxes. Blankets could protect items from the top, too. Packing your kitchen is a good and exciting job, but with proper preparation.