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The timeline of your relocation to West Los Angeles

When moving to LA, finding moving companies West Los Angeles is the easy part. On the other hand, creating a timeline of your relocation to West Los Angeles is the hard part. Because this is so, we will be helping you by creating a universal timeline everyone should follow and use. You can always add more, but the following are the absolute essentials of moving.

Is a timeline of your relocation to West Los Angeles essential?

It absolutely is. Having a timeline will provide you with the possibility to create a perfect schedule in which you can organize every single part of your move. A timeline is just a way to keep track of everything that needs to be done and actually do it without forgetting anything. It is a way for you to organize your time and manage both your regular life activities with the moving activities. Since all activities linked to a moving process need a lot of organization and preparation, you will need to step up your game. That is why we are here to help you do everything perfectly. Starting with your local movers Los Angeles who will most definitely make this move easier and faster.

Notes-timeline of your relocation to West Los Angeles
The timeline of your relocation to West Los Angeles can be made into a list of things you have to do before the move.

The timeline of your relocation to West Los Angeles should look like this

We will begin with you and your preparations for the move itself. The first advice we will give you is to start organizing a few weeks in advance. This leaves you with the opportunity to change some things along the way without any critical damage. Not only that but it also gives you the time you need to do everything you have to without having to rush everything or doing it simultaneously. Be aware that the first thing you should do is contact your moving company and set a date of the move. Only then can you organize yourself around that date.

Getting rid of everything you do not need

One important part of every move is getting rid of everything you do not need and figuring out what to do with the things you want to keep in storage but do not own one. When it comes to storing items, the solution to your problem is very simple and it is called storage services. Many people have items they want to keep but do not want to use currently and this is the perfect way to deal with this situation. By requesting storage services, you can be sure that your stuff is safe and stored perfectly so that when you need it again, it is in the same condition you left it in. Now, when it comes to getting rid of things you do not need, here are your options:

  1. Some things you can sell online or to the people you know would want them.
  2. Other things you can give away if you do not have time to deal with the whole selling process.
  3. If you feel like it, you can always donate your belongings.
  4. Those items that cannot be given to someone or donated because they are useless or too old, you should throw away.
  5. If some of that junk is made out of materials that can be recycled, do so.
  6. This should probably be the first thing listed on the timeline of your relocation to West Los Angeles and should be done at least a month or two before the move itself. Getting rid of things and reserving storage for other things is going to take a whole load off of your back. You can just eliminate that stuff completely.
For sale
You can sell a lot of your things. A move can be expensive and who does not want some extra cash?

Announcing your relocation to everyone

This does not only include your friends and family. Of course, you will have to inform them and say goodbye to everyone but there is more. A few weeks before you actually relocate, you will have to dial several phone numbers. By this, we mean calling your utility companies and informing them about your transfer. Besides that, you also have your telephone, internet, and cable services. You will have to disconnect all of the services connected to your, soon to be, former address and connect them to your, soon to be, new address. Also, do not forget to contact your bank and inform them about the change of address that is going to occur.

Packing and similar preparation

Now, when it comes to packing and other preparations regarding packing, you may think that you should start a few days before the move itself. On the contrary, packing is something you should start two to three weeks before the relocation, if not more. Why? Because it takes longer than you think. Some things should be packed weeks before they are going to be moved. Those things are the ones you will not need at all. Pack every day a little, or pack one day of the week because you probably have work and cannot pack every day. Save the things you use often for last. Besides packing your belongings, do not buy any additional stuff for the new home because then you will have much more to transfer. Buy new things after you have moved and settled.

Things you use every day should, logically, be packed last.

This was an example of a timeline of your relocation to West Los Angeles

The timeline of your relocation to West Los Angeles should be organized according to your schedule and options. This was just an example of how it should look like. Our version is a universal one that is practical and logical. Still, this does not mean that your timeline must look like this. Maybe you have a different approach or you have a schedule that simply does not tolerate our recommendations. Whatever you choose to do and in whatever way, we hope that you have a safe and efficient relocation. We wish you good luck!