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Relocation During Lockdown – Is It Safe?

You may wonder what is the answer to this question and some will ask if relocation during lockdown is even necessary? of course, you should avoid human interaction if it is possible. However, there are situations when you simply cannot delay your relocation. In these cases, the reliable team from West Los Angeles will do its best to organize your move.

  • In case that you have planned it before – we recommend to make a plan of moving months ago, so you cannot delay something that you planned maybe last year;
  • There are situations when you cannot cancel – maybe the old owner has sold the apartment, or you have paid a deposit in a new one;
  • Maybe will your relocation during lockdown be safer than staying in the old apartment – for many reasons, like possible infection or troubles with having healthcare;
  • Sounds awful, but what if your owner had an infection or passed away – there are a lot of situations when you simply much change apartment;
  • It is a time when many people lose a job – if you are one of them, you will surely find a cheaper option – it is a reason why Culver City movers still work as before.
A person with a mask and computer
It would be best if you can organize everything online

We cannot recommend moving in any of these situations. However, if you have reasons to change your current apartment, do it without delay. It is even better to organize it as soon as possible. Try to end it without too much delaying and fast. However, it would be best if you can delay relocation itself.

Delay or change your decision to organize relocation during the lockdown

We will always recommend delaying this job to time when you will easier protect yourself. It is for sure that people who cannot avoid relocation would be the worst thing this year. However, in that case, they must it as professional they can. The first they must do is protect their health.

Delay if it is possible

Since it is not a normal situation, you should be able to change plans. Your landlord also could change plans that have made before. It should be easy to delay relocation if both sides are involved. Especially you should consider delaying long distance moving if it is possible.

Switch to online

In case that you need to proceed relocation, try to do whatever you can online. It should not be hard nowadays. Most companies have contact on their site. With social networks nowadays and online banking, you can finish every job you can. However, there will be services, like storage service, that you cannot organize online.

Prepare for relocation during lockdown properly

You are aware of the fact that this is not a normal situation. There are a lot of things you must do right now. Also, you must organize moving so as not to bring yourself and other people in a dangerous situation. It means that you must start researching. Try to learn whatever you can about COVID-19 and how you can get infected. Especially learn about disinfection and proper cleaning.

Ask for the closest hospital

It is hard to check your health during moving. Also, you should inform your new neighbor before moving. You cannot control your health, and relocation could last a little longer than you may be expected. So, check for hospitals nearby and other medical institutions.

Hand disinfection
You should prepare everything for disinfection on time

Check medical insurance

You surely have medical insurance. However, if you have lost a job recently or changed information in documentation, you should check for insurance. It would be hard to organize everything if you are in a rush and get sick.

Boost your immunity

Moving, as any other hard job, could make problems with your immunity. It means that you are open to infections. When organize moving, you will not have time for eating, practicing, and walking in the fresh air. However, take vitamins and fruits.

Protect yourself and people around yourself if you need to organize relocation during the lockdown

It is a time when you must, more than ever, pay attention to hygiene. For most people, it is a normal functioning, though. However, when moving, you have a lot of things that you cannot control. Not to mention that you will surround by people. It is hard to control things, but still, try to avoid a dangerous situation as much as possible.

Throw away everything suspicious

Although professionals have not said how long virus live on surfaces, get rid of everything suspicious. It especially is important for wardrobe and shoes. Also, do not take old bags or jackets if you must not have them. You simply cannot know if you have a virus there.

Do disinfection

There are a lot of pieces of advice that recommend how to disinfect your home. You should do it right after moving, even if nobody has lived in your apartment. It will protect you from the possible infection that the owner could leave.

Washing hands
No matter how you have organized moving during a lockdown you should wash hands often

Keep distance

It is not so easy, though, but you should follow instructions that WHO gave. The first you can is to keep distance between you and workers. Most companies have made instructions for their workers and follow them. It is hard to control how much people will be in a small space. For that reason, check from time to time your behavior. However, do not forget about the people that you meet in the building or street.


You should protect yourself with a mask and gloves. Use only disposable supplies. It is especially important when eat, drink water, or change the wardrobe. Everything you or workers touch clean with alcohol and disinfect. Do not worry about it, though. It becomes easier after a while.

Wash hand as often you can

It is maybe the hardest at this moment. Not only that, but you also will not have time and place for washing hands, you could easily forget about it. So, take dry disinfection with you when working. Do not forget people who help you with relocation during the lockdown, too.