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Should you ask your friends to help you move?

When it comes to moving, we always try to find the best solution that will help us save time and money. Some people choose to hire professional help while others decide to move on their own. If you are wondering should you ask your friends to help you move, and you are not sure if that is a good idea – we can help you. Although getting help from friends has a lot of advantages, there are also some downsides. And depending on your budget, the type of relocation you will be able to decide you need help from a moving company Los Angeles. And the decision you make will be the best for you, your budget and your friendship!

Is it wise to ask your friends to help you move?

A lot of people hesitate to ask their friends for help with the relocation. Simply, relocation is not an easy task. It can take time and a lot of effort to get everything done, and people are not always comfortable with this. So they usually end up choosing between DIY move and hiring professionals. There are some really positive sides but also, there are some downsides. And in order to make a decision, you will need to consider all the facts. How big is your relocation, is it local, what can you do on your own, etc. And only after that, you will be able to decide should you ask your friends for help!

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You need to carefully consider everything before asking your friends for help with the move.

The positive side of asking friends for help with your move is that you can get all the help you need

When you have help from your friends you will basically get all the help that you need. No matter if you are packing just a few boxes or moving heavy furniture. You will be able to count on your friends for everything. The positive side is that your relocation will be fast, especially the packing. If you have a couple of your friends packing your home, it will be done much faster than by doing it on your own. If you are a college student moving to Culver City you can even organize a fun night after the packing. You can order pizza or watch a movie with your friends as a way of saying thank you.

You will spend less money

When you ask your friends to help you with the move, one of the biggest positive sides is the fact that you will save a lot of money. Hiring professional packers to do everything might be expensive. But with a little bit of help, you will be able to do it on your own and save a lot of money. A lot of people decide to ask for help because of this since moving can be expensive. Although, keep in mind that there are simply some moving services you will need no matter what. Like moving a piano for example.

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You will save a lot of money if you ask your friends for help with the move.

You will have more time

When you hire professional help, you will have limited time. But with your friends, you might have much more time depending on how available your friends are. But you should make sure to ask them a lot in advance, so they can organize everything, and be flexible with your needs. Moving can often be unpredictable and you might end up doing something much longer. Also, this can be a great opportunity to bond with your friends since you will be together for a whole day. If they are too tired for a pizza, you can organize a dinner party in your new home and say thank you to them.

Are there downsides if asking your friends to help you move?

Although there are a lot of positive things when you ask your friends to help you relocate, unfortunately, there are some downsides. Depending on the type of your relocation, sometimes it might be much wiser to search for Culver City movers than to move on your own. Especially if you are moving long-distance and you need your items to carefully packed and loaded. 

Packing is an important part of moving

Although it might seem that you can simply throw items in boxes, unfortunately, that is not the case. Especially if you have delicate items or fragile items that require additional protection or custom made moving boxes. Your friends might be willing to help you, but professional movers and packers simply know how to pack fragile items without risking their damage. Sometimes it is much better to spend a little bit of extra money and avoid damage than to end up with broken valuable things.

A person packing moving box.
Packing fragile items can be tricky.

You have to be careful with carrying and loading items

It might seem like an easy task – pick up a box, load it into a car or a truck, and unload it. But if you do not do it in the right way you are risking injuries or damage to your bulky items like furniture. You can not simply put your furniture into a truck. You need to secure it and pack it in a truck in a safe manner. Also, you need to lift heavy boxes rather carefully and load them. You need to keep your back straight and you need to watch your step.  And when you are a senior moving to Culver City, you need to be extra careful. So, you need to talk about this with your friends before you ask them for help with the move.

You will rely on your friends

Moving is a challenging and complicated task, that will take a lot of time. And even if you ask your friends to help you move a lot in advance, they still might be too busy or they can not stay long. Simply, there is always a chance that your friends simply can not make it. But when you hire professionals, you don’t have to worry about it. They will be there when you scheduled your move and they will assist you with everything, no matter how long it might take to relocate you!