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Small indoor plants for apartment living

There are a lot of things one can do to decorate the apartment. This is especially true during the time of the holidays, but it is also true generally. Everyday apartments still require a little bit of decoration to feel like our own. After all, this is not just a place to sleep and eat. It is our home, and in our home, we should feel at ease. The best way to easily decorate your home is to breathe some life into it… literary. Put some plants into the mix! Now, it can seem challenging if you are living in a small apartment, but here we will show exactly what small indoor plants we recommend for your apartment.

Ficus tree

We will begin by a plant residential movers Los Angeles encounter quite regularly. You might also do it too, as the ficus tree is a typical decoration in many apartments and offices. You might think that we should propose something more exotic, but why not the humble ficus? There is a reason it is so common!

Ficus leafves
You can never really go wrong with the classic!

As for care for this lovely plant, they enjoy bright indirect and filtered light and should be kept in temperatures above 70F. Cold is an issue! They also grow quite rapidly!

Get a Succulent!

Succulents are also seen regularly whenever JB Movers Los Angeles deals with apartment moving. They are a great indoor plant and will make your place feel alive! These plants are of generally modest requirements and are therefore perfect for the apartment lifestyle. They shouldn’t get direct sunlight when they are young at least. Instead, introduce them to the full sun exposure gradually, with care. Furthermore, after they get used to it, rotate them regularly so that every side will get their equal share.

Much like sunflowers, succulents are known to lean towards the sun, so if your plant things that there is better sun somewhere else in the room, it will actually tell you! Just be sure that you are listening, of course. They require different amounts of water depending on the seasons. During the spring and summer it will require more than during the fall and winter. . Just make sure to not overwater. That is a good way to kill your plant inadvertently.

Cacti – perfect small indoor plants

And what kind of a list of small indoor plants for your apartment to get after moving with your trusted local movers Los Angeles would it be if we didn’t mention the cacti!

small indoor plants - cacti plants
Fuzzy and cute!

These are not typical plants, as they do know how to sting and require a lot less water. After all, their natural habitat is somewhat hot. However, they are also a pretty adorable and great decoration for one’s home. They also, very often, come in miniature sizes, so they will often be perfect smaller apartments! Here is the list of the ones we think are best!

  • African Milk tree -This cactus, also known as Euphorbia Arizona, are very robust and will persevere in your apartment with ease. They are also strikingly beautiful. They require watering rarely and produce a great effect on their dark leaves.
  • Bishop’s Cap – These tiny, beautiful cacti hold the name of Astrophytum Ornatum, and as they imply, they are beautiful small indoor plants to serve see ornaments. They are largely spherical, with ridges adorned with several spikes. They also have small white freckles that protect them from the sun!
  • Christmas Cactus – Highly appropriate in a time of Christmas cheer, these cacti are harmless and have beautiful pink flowers. They are best placed at high surfaces as their branches will fall over the plot producing a beautiful ornament.
  • Barrel Cactus – Spikey and round, these look like pretty angry hedgehogs. They are, however, also very cute and fit perfectly into small ceramic plots. Therefore, these are perfect for being indoor plants to serve as decoration for your apartment home.

Bonsai trees

Ok, so we are now moving from the cases that would be considered rather unique among the inventory taken in order to calculate moving quotes Los Angeles before moving to an apartment. That would be the bonsai trees. These plants are, well, actual trees that are conditioned to grow small, with the tradition originating in Japan.

However, most Bonsai trees are not actually outdoor plants! Only some are. They are resilient and require low amounts of water, and of course, look amazing, but if you are to put them into the apartment you need to focus on the ones that are adaptable to such conditions. That would namely be the Sweet Plum, Fukien Tea, Jade, and Hawaiian umbrella bonsai trees.

A bonsai tree.
Bonsai trees are always an interesting choice.

Spider plants

Finally, there are the long, arched, elegant leaves of the spider plant. Sure, its name is somewhat unpleasant, but they are actually great and will be found quite often, and for a quite long time! They were popular far before the time you could buy cheap backyard tools from the famous Craiglist, all the way back to Victorian households.

These plants have small offsets that do look like tiny spiders, but they are pretty pleasant to look at. They are also pretty good for the apartment. This is due to them growing pretty quickly and are pretty agreeable when it comes to the amounts of water you need to give them. They, however, are not all too happy about direct sunlight, so are best tucked away somewhere in the living room.

In summary

Well, in all hope this has been all that you wanted to know about small indoor plants for your apartment. Know, of course, there are a lot of good options out there. We, however, wanted to stay as much as possible within the limited selection, or this whole article would turn into a novella. That being said, be sure to take a few takeaways from all of this. Find a plant that is best suited for your climate. Be sure to follow the natural light intake your plants will have in any given place and to read about watering.