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Is sharing a place with a roommate a smart thing to do in 2021

Given the current situation with Covid-19, you are probably wondering if it is at all wise to be sharing a place with a roommate in 2021. And otherwise, sharing an apartment has its advantages and disadvantages, now maybe more than usual. JB Movers Los Angeles will try to help you find the answer to this question. Also, when it comes to moving into your new place, contact moving company Los Angeles. That way, moving will be much more pleasant for you.

Sharing a place during COVID pandemic

Having a roommate during a COVID pandemic can be a blessing and a curse. Sharing a place with a roommate can help you to go through these times easier. If you have someone to talk to and share your hopes and fears. The downside is that if one roommate has Corona everybody else needs to be quarantined too. There is then an extra procedure that you need to follow to protect others if not already infected. If you are infected, you should avoid leaving your room if not absolutely necessary. You should then disinfect everything you touched: the kettle and the faucet, the refrigerator handle, the light switch, or the toilet flush. Take care and wear a mask if you are leaving your room at any time, no matter if somebody else is in another room or not. You should not be scared but you should definitely be careful.

Woman holding wine glass sitting beside table.
When you have a roommate, it is necessary for your relationship to be harmonious.

Tips for harmonious coexistence

You should define some rules that are important to you. Cleaning schedules help to keep an apartment clean. But a cleaning schedule alone is not enough. It must also be followed. Find a solution that everyone pulls together and that there are also punishments (beer for everyone!) if some flatmates consistently avoid cleaning the house. Another point of contention is the organization of shopping. It is recommended that everyone buys their own stuff. However, some consumables like oil, flour, spices, etc. are worth sharing. Either you buy the things again one after the other, or the person who has bought something again enters the sum in a booklet, and the costs are divided among each other after a few weeks. You should define together when there is a certain night’s rest and whether it is ok to just walk into the other person’s room.

The advantages of a shared apartment

Sharing a place with a roommate has many advantages. You are not alone. Especially at the beginning of your studies, you can quickly make friends in a shared apartment, get tips from older students, and get to know many people. Since you share many costs in a shared apartment, it is a good solution especially for students with a small budget. This also includes furnishing with furniture, kitchen and etc. Mostly such things are often already available, or you only have to bring them apart. With common cooking, movie, and game evenings you can pass the time and often have something to laugh about. When studying for exams, you can also ask for help from time to time. Also when you move, if you and your roommate are moving at the same time, you can share the cost for packing services Los Angeles.

The disadvantages of sharing a place with a roommate

If you live in a shared apartment, you have to abide by community rules. Putting away used dishes, not leaving hair in the sink, and much more – for untidy people this can be exhausting. But also salutary. Disputes can arise over things like electricity and heating bills or back payments. Other popular topics of contention can be whose turn is it to clean the bathroom. And who took out the trash more often? Who ate the last yogurt? You’re not alone. What is, on one hand, an advantage, can also be a disadvantage during learning phases. If you urgently need to finish a chore and your roommates are making noise, it’s hard to concentrate.

Sharing a place with roommate
If several roommates have to leave the house at the same time in the morning, it’s important to arrange bathroom usage the night before.

The costs

The rent for a shared room is of course much lower than for a whole apartment. In addition, in a shared apartment you share most of the costs with your roommates (e.g. operating costs and internet connection).  Often, most of the furnishings are already available and you only have to bring the furniture for your own room, or you move into a furnished room, in which case these expenses are also eliminated. Definitely, it is a good solution for people with a small wallet or if you want to save some money. As we have mentioned. when you live with a roommate. you can share the cost when hiring affordable movers in Los Angeles.

Tips from JB Movers if you decide to share a place with a roommate

Of course, it is important to have a quality relationship with your roommate because that is the person with whom you share a living space. Set boundaries at the outset and share responsibility with each other. That way you will avoid conflict. We have another tip for you. Find a hobby that will bring you closer. That, for example, can be meditation.

Woman meditating in bedroom
The key to a good relationship when sharing a place with a roommate is definitely good communication

So, all in all, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to having a truly relaxed life while sharing a place with a roommate. Empathy, tolerance, cleanliness, mindfulness, and commitment are qualities that support and promote harmony. And if problems do arise, talk about them openly. A fixed flat-sharing evening once a month is also a good way to do this – in a pinch, you can just drink beer without any problems. Life in a shared flat can make your time as a student really unforgettable, and some stories will last forever. And if you want to move into your own place after a while, residential movers Los Angeles will help you move. Have a good time in your new home!