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Tips for hiring the best moving companies Los Angeles

Everyone would like to hire the best moving company in LA for their move. Where most people are wrong is believing that the best moving companies Los Angeles offers must be expensive. That is not always the case. On the contrary – finding quality service at affordable prices is not that hard if you know where to look. On the other hand, high moving fees do not guarantee first-class service. Some moving companies charge a lot without offering enough in return. This is why we want to help you make a wise decision. We’ll help you find the best movers Los Angeles has, and by “the best” we mean the full package – trustworthy, proficient and affordable.

The best moving companies Los Angeles offer various services

Since moving includes a variety of tasks, you need a one-stop shop. That means you need a company that can meet all of your moving needs. So, find out what it is that a certain company does. Why go through the unnecessary trouble of hiring two or three different companies when you can hire one? This is only logical, isn’t it?

For example, ask if the company offers special services, like piano or pool table relocation. Also, all good LA movers provide packing and unpacking services, as well as quality packing supplies. Moreover, the best movers are not limited in terms of distance – they execute both local and long-distance relocation. In case you wish to move your home and your business at the same time, hire movers who can handle both.

Look for a company with experience

Although quality tools and extensive training are extremely important, nothing guarantees success like years of experience in the moving business. A company with over 30 years of experience, such as  JB Movers Los Angeles, would be the best choice. Working in the same field for a long time gives you the opportunity to experience every moving scenario and meet all sorts of clients. Movers with experience are already prepared for any challenge they may face along the way. Therefore, there will be no unpleasant surprises.

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Ask if the company is a member of any moving association such as the American Moving and Storage Association.

Moving rates and estimates

Ask the movers about their rates. There is usually a rate per pound and a distance rate. Do not hire those LA companies that offer rates based on cubic feet. For shorter distances, some movers charge a per hour rate. On the other hand, for moving long distances, the estimate has to be based on weight.

Do not forget to ask about additional fees, too. A company may charge extra for awkward items, stairs, elevators, narrow streets that won’t fit a moving truck, etc. The price may also depend on the day of the week as well as the season. For example, moving in the winter is usually cheaper than a summer move.

Read the documents carefully

Neither of the rates will change, but the company estimate might. The estimate has to be in writing, signed by both you and the company, and you should get a copy of the agreement. It has to include all charges. Also, the payment method must be specified. The best moving companies Los Angeles provide accurate estimates to their clients, free of hidden expenses. Finally, an honest mover would never ask you to sign a blank contract.

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The best moving companies Los Angeles never ask for cash or a large deposit.

Types of moving estimates

Moving estimates come in three types:

  1. Non-binding estimate – The payment cannot be higher than 10% of the original estimate.
  2. Non-binding to exceed estimate – This estimate is the maximum amount you will be required to pay for the move.
  3. Binding estimate – If you hire one of the best moving companies from Los Angeles, this is a guaranteed price.

Request a free in-home estimate

Getting an online or phone estimate is not enough. Reliable LA movers should send an estimator to your home to take inventory of all your belongings. The purpose of this visit is to determine the bulk and weight of your move. A thorough survey means checking cupboards, drawers, garages, etc. An estimator you can trust will ask questions about the items you are taking as well as the building itself. On the other hand, a bad estimator will do a quick walk-through without noting any details and asking additional questions.

The best moving companies Los Angeles are licensed and insured

A reliable moving company must be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). It should have a registration number which is called a USDOT number (US Department of Transportation Number) unless it only travels within the state of California. So, when hiring local movers Los Angeles, a USDOT number won’t be necessary. You should be able to find information on licenses and registration on the company’s website.

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Do not hire a company without a physical office or a website.

Movers are obliged to assume liability for the value of the items they transport. Research the types of insurance they provide and ask about their costs. Normally, insurance coverage is based on weight and the standard coverage is 60 cents per pound. Since this probably wouldn’t be enough to cover the damage, we suggest you purchase additional insurance.

Take other clients’ impressions into consideration

Feel free to ask the movers for references. Moreover, ask them directly if there are any unresolved complaints or claims against them. Honest professionals will show you a history of complaints and claims, and how they were resolved. Of course, take this with a pinch of salt since some companies are likely to hide the truth. Turn to online forums, friends, and family for advice, too. There are several websites specifically dedicated to mover reviews. Visit websites like Better Business Bureau to check how the moving company you want to hire is assessed. FMCSA has a consumer complaints hotline you’ll find useful as well.