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The cost of furniture delivery in Los Angeles

Moving costs are something that scares all the future moving clients. Sometimes they are not sure what the total cost is going to be in the end, so they are afraid of even thinking about hiring professionals to help them. However moving your furniture by yourself can be overwhelming and above all, dangerous. And by no means cheap. You risk damaging your valuable items and hurting yourself. But, if you have a clear idea of your moving costs and you plan everything, there will be no surprises. You should be able to know exactly what is the cost of furniture delivery in Los Angeles, and today we are going to help you with that. Then you will realize that investing in professional furniture delivery in Losa Angeles is a good idea.


furniture delivery in Los Angeles
Furniture delivery in Los Angeles can be expensive

Why do you need your furniture delivered by professionals?

Thinking about moving, it is not difficult to pack and move small items and smaller boxes. However, big furniture pieces are quite a challenge for an inexperienced person. Professional residential movers Los Angeles can safely pack and transport your moving boxes with minimum risk of damage. Here are some advantages of spending money on professional moving assistance:

  1. your items will be safe – transport and delivery will be done professionally and your boxes will stay protected during the trip.
  2. it’s less time-consuming – professional movers are quick because they know what they are doing. This means more time for you.
  3. minimum risk of damage – when handled by professionals, your items won’t end up broken or lost. Even if something happens, there is moving insurance to cover the damage.
  4. packing will be easier – especially if you need to disassemble some furniture pieces, or they are big and heavy – professional help is more than necessary.

What are the factors that determine the cost of furniture delivery in Los Angeles

When you think about the moving costs of furniture delivery in Los Angeles, you should be aware of a number of factors that determine the price. Sometimes, we don’t consider all of these and the final price surprise us. That’s why you should think about the following factors when taking professional furniture delivery.


calculating the cost of furniture delivery in Los Angeles
Learn how to calculate the cost of furniture delivery in Los Angeles

Number of items

Well, this one is obvious. The cost of furniture delivery in Los Angeles usually depends on the number of items or moving boxes you have. If you want to cut the moving costs, think about this one when packing.

Moving environment

The costs can be increased if the movers have troubles reaching your home. Also, the number of floors can be a factor, too, if you are living in a building. Furthermore, if there are many staircases, corners and other obstacles – you can expect a higher price point.

Size/ Weight of the items

Naturally, moving a TV and moving a sofa is not the same. Therefore, different prices apply to different furniture sizes and weights. Consider the weight and size of your items when calculating the moving costs.

Number of movers

If your items are hard to reach, very heavy or there are many obstacles – the truth is, more people will be necessary to do the task. If you need more movers, you will also need more money to pay them.

Special equipment

Sometimes, special tools and equipment are necessary to move some bulky furniture. Very often, using the special equipment is included in the price. However, you should check with the moving company if maybe that is considered as an extra fee.


calculating the cost of furniture delivery in Los Angeles
There are a couple of factors you should consider when calculating the cost of furniture delivery in Los Angeles

How to cut the costs of furniture delivery in Los Angeles?

When you start calculating the costs of furniture delivery in Los Angeles, you may get a panic attack. But don’t you worry. There are a couple of effective ways to cut down the moving costs. You just need to be organized and think about all the details of your move. Here’s what you can do to decrease the moving costs.

  • downsize the number of moving boxes – when you start packing, try decluttering your home at the same time. This means you can get rid of the items you no longer need and reduce the weight of the load. We are sure there are things you can donate or sell, or simply recycle if you can’t use them anymore. Just be sure to start the decluttering process at least a month or two before the moving day.
  • choose the moving season wisely – if you can be flexible, choose the less popular moving season. You can move in winter time, choosing a mid-month move when prices tend to be lower.
  • use free packing supplies – you can save a lot if you find free moving boxes. Check out the local furniture/electronics shop, a liquor store or simply ask your friends and family to save you a couple of boxes if they are moving as well.
  • choose the moving company wisely – choosing reliable movers Los Angeles can save you a lot of money. With trustworthy movers, you will not risk damaging/losing your items, your moving estimate will be clear and precise and you will avoid all the stress.


As you can see, moving costs don’t need to be a problem. If you plan everything in advance, and think about every detail of your move, the cost of furniture delivery in Los Angeles shouldn’t come as a surprise. The most important thing is to hire a trustworthy moving company which will make your moving experience smooth and easy, and leaves you satisfied at your new home. Be sure to find professionals whom you can trust your valuables but also pay the reasonable price. You should also remember that a price that is too low and way below the average is a suspicious signal. Furthermore, expensive services are not always the best services. Just be sure to do the research and choose the most reliable company you can find.