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Understanding Moving Contract Details

There are a lot of moving contract details that you should know before organizing this job. If you want to hire a good company, JB Movers Los Angeles would be glad to help you. However, there are a lot of things that you should do alone. Some of them are connected with your goodwill to organize this job properly. On the other hand, preparation and good information is the key to a successful relocation. Moving contracts, like any other document, should have standardized parts. However, most of the companies add something that is adapted to your particular case. You will see that most of the contracts contain parts that define special services or alternatives in case of problems. Contracts, also, should define the rights and obligations of both the client and the company. Therefore, pay attention to the following.

Basic moving contract details that you should know about

  • There are moving contract details that are defined by law and legislation – companies must add in the contract those parts, too;
  • You should prepare for details that the contract must contain – for some of them performing of the quality service is only a first step in a long list of services company offers;
  • Every company must offer special services – they will say what you have paid for in the contract and must perform quality services;
  • It is for sure that the company will have a lot of obligations defined in the contract – local movers Los Angeles, though, will do their job perfectly in any case;
  • Every contract must include alternatives – since nobody can predict if everything will be done properly and on time.

Every good company should have standardized contracts that contain the same parts. In that case, you will not have trouble organizing the job. However, many companies could add something to the basic document. In that case, you will be even better protected from possible problems.

A man signing a contract.
You should know that contracts consist of many details. Each one is important as the other.

Contract ensures obligations

Even though you have paid for the service, you also have some obligations that you should do to finish the job professionally. In case that you must pack your stuff alone, the company will mention that in the contract. So, in the case of delaying you cannot blame the company for it. It is especially important for long-distance moving.

Bill of lading, claims, and full or partial services

Although it is not a contract, the bill of lading is a document that connects the shipper, company, and the client. The company has possessions of your goods and you accept that in the contract. In case of special services, like storage service, they will add it to their list and include in the price.

You know that in any case that something goes wrong, you have the right to complain about the service and avoid paying. However, the contract precisely defines when you will have the right to complain and which claims you as a client can make. It is very important for both sides included in this process. There are situations when you will demand and pay only partial service. In that case, the company will make excuses for the common package of services and offer only things that you have asked for. On the other hand, full service costs more, but you can rely on the company and wait for the job to be done.

Moving contract details include the final price that consists of additional charges as well

You surely know that price of the services that the company offers depends on the services and their quality. However, you cannot predict if the company will do the whole job well and with the same quality. To avoid possible problems, you should inform about that on time. The contract is a document that should define all those facts. It is great when you can have a price list and calculate the final price of your move. However, there are situations when you cannot simply calculate how much you will pay at the end. It would be best to rely on the company to calculate how much they will charge you. However, you should know that it will be added to the contract.

A boy considering moving contract details.
A lot of moving contract details define services and costs.

One of the most common ways to make a scam in relocation is to add things that the company has not performed. It is the reason why you should define all additional services and charges in the contract. You have the right to ask the company for each of them before signing. To avoid scams, the government have established legal information for moving company when calculating costs. Usually, it cannot be higher than 110% of a non-binding quote. They called it “a 110% rule” for that reason. So, make sure that they have fulfilled that rule when calculating costs.

Gross weight and values

The company must include weight and values in the contract, so both sides have information about that at every moment. Based on that calculation, they will make the final cost and charge you the price. You should be able to understand all of those parts before signing the contract, though.

Workers are a part of the moving contract details as well

If you are not sure how the company’s workers are well, you should rely on the contract. It will define their obligations and type of the jobs they will perform. In case that they do not end the job properly, you should have the right to claim. All of these details, and even more, are parts of the moving contract.

A man signing a contract with a moving company before the relocation.
Pay attention to all of the details before signing a contract.

Companies have agents that do their jobs according to the part they have in the company. However, you as a client must be informed about their jobs and involvement in the job. The contract should also contain several agents and their duties. The contract should make their jobs easier in that way, so nobody can say that they have been scam. However, not every company in every situation will include this part.

Types of services

One of the most important moving contract details is which services the company is obligated to offer to you. Sounds easy and obvious, but not always possible. Some companies avoid this part or try to make it different. However, as a client, you have the right to change this part or add something before signing.